Dying My Affordable Aliexpress Wig - Ft. Unice Hair

  • Posted on 25 February, 2017
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Then the funny one and another dive so stop. Can I get it bunnies? I guess echidna cannot, okay guys so for this process, you will need your level forty or fed to developer, I'm using the high test cream peroxide. We also need some powder bleach and I'm using the coral powder bleach so to achieve the pink color like that, pastel pink, you need to add or semi-permanent color in the shade cotton, candy and pink petal. These are two shades. I'M going to be mixing together to achieve my desired. Look, I'm going to start off by scooping out some of the powder bleach, I'm putting it into an empty container and there's really no measurements for this. I'M just you know freestyling this right now. I usually don't measure anything, so that's what I'm doing, I'm just taking some of the powder bleach and putting it in a container. So the next step is for me to pour in my level 40 developer that I showed you guys earlier on. I'M just going to put this in with my powder bleach and mix it until I have a very, very nice consistency. Mmm using is the you nice Brazilian on with straight hair as they get to concede. The bottom part is already blonde, but I'm still going to go ahead and bleach the whole hair starting from the darkest parts of the hair, and I'm going to work my way down words after about 15 minutes. This is what the hair looks like and I'm just adding in some of the mixture again, then, I'm just going to flip the hair over and gets in some extra mixture on the darker side, so that the hair is extremely blond by the time I'm ready to Dye it so right now, I'm just going to keep on adding that and I'm going to cover up the hair by folding of the aluminium foil, I'm going to leave that to process. So I shampooed and conditioned my hair and I'm going to put in the semi-permanent color into a clean Bowl like you guys can see, the ball is clean, so this is what the hair looks like after shampoo on conditioning the hair. This is how blonde I could get it. It can get your own hair to be more blonde. That'S good for you, because the more blonde your hair is the more developed take well yeah is what the hair looks like now. Then I'm just going to go ahead and stop put since I'm calling the hair. You know just using my brush to strip in the color I'm to get it as pink as I possibly can. So I'm going to leave the hair to process for about 24 hours and I'm going to shampoo condition and make it into a wig, and you guys should stay tuned for the styling, hey guys. So now that my week is done, I'm going to wear it. Of course - and I already have a week making tutorial on my channel - that's why I didn't make one but yeah, I'm just going to pull on the big to make sure it's nice and snug, and I'm going to come out the hair to detangle using a wide Tooth comb and I'm using my small rat tail comb to sort of make sure my part is clean and that's what I'm doing yeah. So as usual, I'm using my heat protective umber Herbal Essences. I'M just going to apply this all over my hair. You know there is extremly process and I'm going to try to preserve it as much as I can so right now, I'm just taking up a section and I'm using my tail comb to sort of detangle it before I go on with my stroke there I'm destroying I'M using is my battle: Sassoon hair straightener, I'm not going to straighten my whole hair, pretty much yeah, sighs es can see. Half of my hair is already straightened and I, like the results. You'Re not actually feels, doesn't feel too dry. So now I'm just going to trim off the split ends. You know to just have an even cut and yeah. That'S pretty much it for this video guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and this is just means. If I go to spring wig, I love the color. I love how like it has the blonde and also the pink and yeah. That'S just the gossip. You guys enjoyed it, not see, I'm catch. You guys in my next one

Sandra Olojede: Omg this video literally came at the perfect time I just was thinking about getting pink hair doneyou've convinced me

myah xoxo: OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS ! I've been rocking the unice Brazilian curly for a couple weeks , and now I want to try the straight hair but I wanted it pink ! Thanks so much , this is perfect timing .

Anita Washington: Hi Beautiful colors!! Toni you never seem to amaze me those techniques are a true talent!! I wouldn't bleach anything! Let the pros like yourself do it! Thanks! God bless hugs ❤️

MissErin Yvette: I want to try this color so bad. It's pretty!

LivingLifeMindless: Hi, is this dye lasting or does it wash out every time you wash your hair? Thank you xx

Amy: Every hairstyle suits you so beautiful xx

YVE Shinen: you inspired me to buy wig. this colour mixed with your stunning face is gorgeous magnetic.

Tolu Adepoju: Love the colour !

Kairo Toys Review: Yaas I love that color combo on your hair!

LaneCity: Yesss I was waiting to hear about this hair

Super Senpai Nova Blaze: I just started watching your videos and i love them all, i had a question, how can i learn to make units? those look far more convenient then a sew-in

Afeeyah FBM: Love the hair colour!

Owanari Bob-Manuel: Finaly! i have been waiting for this video i am so in love with this color !!!!! yassss!!! teamsnapchat

Queen-lee Mi...: I love the look girl and where did you get the shades

shanillia b: love love love you slay everything

Moji Akins: I thought it was just my mom who says, "Aluminium"

Yogurl Alvarez: So dope I am going to do this

Mushiat Abdulhamid: Slay on girl! Snapchat fam!!!!

Jada N: where do you get your eye contacts? i love it

masule lydia: love love love love love love love looooooove this video

Vicky Oluka: Yassssssssssssss Snapchat fam Love you toni, you're amazing

keli udogwu: i love this

Uche Ugonna: Toni Olaoye I love you so much, you give me so much inspiration, listening to your house gives me one sort of upliftment. God bless you baby, so much. You're A blessing, much love❤️

Ronkeraji: I love this color

Stephanne Normil: Omg your make up is so beautiful

9iCEQUEEN: Nawa o lol I am thinking of doing a teal color for spring especially easter this is cute

Kaybee Vlogs: Where do you get your contact lens from

MIMICITY: yesss Snapchat FAM!!! the pink hair is lit

Lade Hector: I love youuuuuuu !!!

Rebecca Williams: Where did you get the glasses you have in your thumbnail

fifiluxe sparkles: slayrific

Mariatuamor: Slay girl slay yassss

Promise Paul: SNAPCHAT FAM ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lov u toni

Aquarius Goddess: GIRLLLLLLL

Foreign Baby:

Chelsea Carmenn: Urgh Snapchat fam!!! Here for this

Abigail Fagbayi: #snapchatfam <3

silveria Silveria: Toni that's true I haven't seen you with braids...do you not like them?

Yogurl Alvarez: Damn she is beautiful

Zainab Ramon: Looking like a fine black barbie

1zcbm11: holy fuck slayed my life

Noella Richmond: What's the intro song??? Someone please tell me

Lade Hector: Snapchat fam !!!

Laolu's Corner: Snapchat fam !

Kene E.: Yes

yettytube: there is something different about you....looks like you have lost some weight. .you look slimmer...

Harry Sarfoa: snapfam

Mary Pennoh: 19!

xoxoRaji: first time am actually early

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