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  • Posted on 08 March, 2020
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Abby Hair on Aliexpress!!

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IN VIDEO - Peruvian Water Wave 26inch 180% Density 13x6 Lace Front Wig

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. So today I am wearing hair from Annie Abbey hair, so they're like a new company on Aliexpress and they reached out to me to try out their hair. So yeah, I'm going to show you how it's still there. I just tied it up into this half-up half-down. It was not really hot. It'S like half the fun, oh yeah, okay, cool. So, in regards to this hair, I really mean like the pattern on it. I feel like you know. Sometimes you want curly hair, but you don't want it too tight. You don't want that high-maintenance hair. This is def only minutes hair, because the calls are so light and airy. The only thing I put in this hair was water and conditioner standard brushed it out with a wide comb yeah. I really mean like the hair in regards to the actual front or the front, always a bit gray. That'S not my favorite and I feel like it sits on top of my head. I'M not sure if that's coming across on camera, but in person, but I think that's just because I'm very like Atilla team and like I've experienced the best or the best. I just a.m. but if you're just someone that just wants something really quick, you know something just a change of style. I for that. You can get this week, cuz it's pretty affordable as a proper, proper checks out the prices, but I do recall it being affordable. I'Ll show how that presses again, but I feel, like you, get what you pay for and a bit more blonde hair, it's quite nice. Of course. This is not like a review or anything. That'S I've only just installed the hair. So far, I don't have like any major red flags, the only meant of like I have it's the front or but it's quite hard to find a premade wig that has that good quality, fun or and everything patterned. I'M gon na put some olive oil over a specimen. Has me, I think my head is big. I'M gon na do this hair. I really do like the texture, so I do believe it is a water wave texture. I think I wanted like 20 inches. I, like the hair quality, like it's actually really soft like genuinely when I go up the pad feels really soft which handle me is when I washed it that was Karm, didn't have any issues with snagging or anything. Yeah, like I didn't, have any issues really dying with a lot, so it died and stuff some of the best hair in the world. But, like you know, I think you'd get your money's worth. Um yeah, the fun cool colors, not my fave. Even I feel like the materials, not my favor, because you can actually see the front all that staying on top of my lace, but that's just medium PE because, like Colosseo pepper pesto, I know buddy. But if you're, just someone that just wants a quick, wig, quick hairstyle like you, don't care top them, you

YGMT: This wig is cutee, can you do an update vid when you’ve had it for a few months

Mariee Che: How long did it take to ship?

Pearl Gabatlale: I totally love this hair

E K: Wow this hair really suits you omgg

Nystasia Washington: Would you still recommend the hair ?

Coco Bean.Beauty: Hey love how did this hair hold up ?

Bria Michelle: Did you bleach the lace?

GROUP THREE: can we have a link to the hair please x

Tumelo Ntsewa: Hi can you please make a video on how to revive old bundles or wigs... thanks

Soléil: What’s the density?

Jessie Wright: Is this a medium brown or transparent lace ?

E K: 7 months later is it worth it x

SuperSmillez: What is the last song, that was playing

Ria Pink: What’s the name of the second song?

YGMT: How is the wig now?

Waffles: Did you pluck the hair or it came like thst

Db. Yasmine: Hey girl update of the wig ?

Mysedi M: Is this a Jhené/kaytranada mix ?? What’s the name of this song!? Love the hair too

leisha landry: Is this a 20 inch ?

Latoya Andrews:

Natalie Foley: Where is this wig from?

StayFaithful: How’s the hair girl??

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