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  • Posted on 02 September, 2013
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Wig Info:

Price: $119

*16 in

*Medium Brown Lace

*Bleached knots only around the edges

*Wefted stretch cap

*Adjustable straps

*Light to medium Density

*Can be dyed

*Can be bleached

*Baby Hairs ( Only in front)


*Very Soft

*light weight

*Very easy to detangle

* Easy to manage( In My opinion)

*Very versatile

*Every day wear


*Sheds Horribly

*Not all knots are bleached

*The Hair is dyed and every time you wash or wet it you will get dye runoff

Direct Link to this wig:


Sellers store:



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❤TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Qu33nnika



Hi guys, i am back today with another aliexpress.com Hong. Yes, I know that experts.com home. This is actually a wig that I got. It is a kinky curly, Indian dreamy on lace, front, luminous cat, we came from DHL and the shipping was super super super fast. I will post a link down at the bottom to where I got this weird from. I also am going to come back to you guys once I watch this wig and tell you guys whether they um have run off whether I got any a lot of shedding or whatever the case may be, and or anything else like that. The wig is supposed to be 16 inches. It'S a medium density with a medium brown lace. I didn't email, the seller on my recommendation, request for what I wanted. I wanted bleach nuts. I want it um medium brown legs and I wanted my hair yeah. Basically, medium brown legs which not um, but nice is supposed to already be bleach and they're, not but okay anyways. We don't email them about it, but anyways the kinky curly wig, like I said it is 16 inches. I have already measured this week as well and it is 18 inches. So you know yeah, there's that and like I said, the knots are not leech. They are supposed to be look like just the knots in the front, but like that is my tip in some bleach, like the knots and the fine i'ma show you guys, but anyway, this is a low E. It is a beautiful Kong texture week. I absolutely love the texture of this wig. I'M gon na come back and show you guys a full review on how to swim. So my head, um and everything, but it's gon na, be like the second half of this video because I am going to wash it. But anyways this is the curl pattern in the hair, really really really pretty curl pattern and right now I'm getting some old it so yeah. There'S that I'm not sure if you guys can see. I don't think you can see that but anyways I'm getting just a little bit of shout out a few strands here and now, but um it's okay density is like a natural density of whoo. That'S me, um, it's not horrible. I'M pretty sure. Once I pick this hair out, it will get bigger and it will be nicer but anyways. I buried it like. I said, from root to tip, and it was actually 18 inches instead of 16 inches, and you guys can see. The lace is a medium brown and, like I said, some of the knots are bleach around the edges of it like around the edge of the hair. The knots are bleach them see. If I can show that if y'all can see like some of them, bleached um. No, no, oh, no, what they call itself moon, but anyways. Some of the knots are bleached around the edges of the hair and this week does have baby hairs, which I'm not so fond of baby hairs. But I don't care whatever baby hairs, and this is a number one B and they did diet, so you can see that they died. Is we're gon na want to show you how I know cuz if y'all see these straps? Oh all the colors not coming up. Well, I'm sorry the colors not coming out, but it's crap, the straps are green. So that's a indication that this week has been dyed to fit this color, because the inside of the cap is um green, like when you die black hair and gives off like a greening whatever you guys, cannot see it and that sucks, because it's goods, green and They'Re, like you, can see where they dyed it anyways. This is how much lace that you get for parting down the middle right there. It'S a nice amount of party, let's party on the sides, it's not that much! I'M gon na come back and show you guys all this stuff. It has the wefted cap in the back. It just has one comb and it has the adjustable straps. As you guys saw, the lace is from ear to ear. It has on two cones on the side which I am going to cut off and I'm going to cut the cone a bit because I don't like the columns because they pull on my hair, so yeah I'm going to cut them home. Oh so, like I said, I'm gon na go watch this week and I'm gon na come back to you guys and show you guys how this week looks. That'S weird: I'm gon na come back and show you guys how this week looks once I washed it and stuff like that so yeah. I know back to do with the second half of my video for my and Express comm kinky curly in their mini wig that I purchased. This is the week now i have co wash this wig on. I co washed it. I did conditioned it and um to get like kind of the curls back and stuff like that. I'M sorry, I didn't show it to you guys when I first um finished washing in the stuff I did, but I have been wearing this week for, like I wanna say a week and a half almost two weeks now, if you guys saw me on instagram, you Guys would have saw this week already when I was at work um. I just learned it up in a bun and stuff, I did you guys, saw the baby hairs and things like that that I put on there myself stop baby hairs. Just I put them there. Hi, you know the moon shape of the weed in this hair. The only thing that is in his head right now, if this curl controlled by beautiful textures, I do have the entire line of the there is going to be a product line review coming up. I guess, if you want to say I use these products on my own natural hair. My own natural hair absolutely loves all these beautiful textures products, the shampoo, the conditioner they're softening everything, but anyways. That'S the only thing I have in here, besides um some water. So I co wash it and when it was wet, I just got like handful of this and rubbed it through the hair and I let it dry and it came up with these curls right here. I will tell you guys right now, this week, shit's, like nobody's business, I mean this week shaped a lot um, but the good thing. I don't really get any tangles bad, tangles and stuff like that with it by being curly hair. But I also do not do I'd not go home to like this dude um when the hair is curly, I just leave it plainly alone. I do mean I leave it alone. I don't run my fingers to. I don't bother it. I don't do anything with this hair unless it is wet. So if I'm going to run my fingers through this here, I get a spray bottle. Spray spray well spread of hair spray, bottle Indian brush it with a brush. Now, I'm going to show you guys what I did. I did not bleach too, not just cuz. I just didn't feel like it. So I was like you know what I'm not bleaching or not so in a week. So you know it's if you say guys see my color going in out that it's the Sun, that's out there. The Sun is going down. So it's doing that weird thing under the skin when it goes down um in the week you guys I did not bleach. Do not know that, but the legs does bleed very, very well with my skin, so there is that also I sold an elastic band inside of this week. Now I sold my Leicester, been in totally different from anybody. I have ever seen on YouTube so in there like that, you guys I'm sold unless the panty, like normal people, do one side here and one side here and this side was loose and then I stuck it on top called the wig head that I customized and I just so the back part of it down to the actual wig cap in this week's it snug. On my, I think no I mean on my new yard, I put the back on, we get down first just so I can get it in a correct position and then i just pull the front forward, and i do not have to worry about this week going Anywhere - and I do mean it's not going nowhere off my head - y'all see this I'm yanking and it's not going no, where it gets nice, it's not over. So this was. I saw the last event in there like that, because I didn't like the fact that the back of the wig, you know if you saw the less it being down the backs of y'all weeks, they'll, be kind of on loose, and I like to wear my stuff Up it's hot in Florida, I live in Florida and I'm not on it with the heat in here and stuff like that, so I just sold it so I can put it in a high, ponytail and stuff like that, and I wouldn't have to worry about it. What I'm doing now, it's just like pulling your hair, some up on a little wig cap and stuff like that, and these are the little hairs that I kind of cut in myself, because the week only had these little hairs right here from here to here - and I wanted to pull my hair up all the way in the ponytail, so what I did is, I just got some of the hair on the sides and I just pulled it down and cut it like that, and I'm gon na try to pull some of the Pictures that I post on Instagram, I'm gon na try to put them inside the video. So you guys can see how the hair looks when it is up in a ponytail, but what I'm gon na do is, like I said, I'm gon na fix the back. There are some baby hairs in the back. It'S one that I cook in here, but this is the hair. You guys - and I also know you know this hair. This hair is super soft. When I say it's super soft you guys this hair is like super super SuperDuper soft, the party in it. I don't know if I got to show y'all the party, but the party doesn't go back that far. It only goes like about two right there, but I really don't part the week like that and stuff anyways. I just like winning like you know, kind of like this and stuff like that and up in my little pony feels and things of the sort. This week I told y'all hum how long it was. Let me show y'all how long it is like that and if you pull it or straighten it, it goes further. So there is that, let me show you guys the sides in the back. I have gotten so many compliments on this, like so many people absolutely love this week, and I absolutely love this week. I'M gon na see if I can show y'all baby girls and stuff in the bed that I put in a bit like because, like I was saying, I don't think y'all gon na babysit since well, I put some baby. Hair is back there in the back. In case, I wanted to put it up in a high ponytail, which I have been wearing for work today. This is a very easy read, so just get up and go and if you guys can see that's why I put down elastic band on there. So it'll leave some nut right down to my head and it won't go anywhere in it all the way down that, let me see you back. I hope great you guys, conceiving on baby here stuff like that that I put in the week but yeah you guys. I absolutely love this week, I'm going opposed to leave down in the body to where I got this week from and the vendor. I will say: I'm gon na tell you right now this week, shit's like nobody's business, I mean it shit's, like nobody business. Every time you get ready to detangle this week, you are going to get a lot of hair a lot of here. It'S a good thing that this week it's big and it's fluffy, and it's curry because, like as much as this week, it's like I'm glad that it is a full curly week, but I absolutely love it. The wig is very, very soft, very very soft. I don't have any issues with it at all, but I do not rub my hands to because I don't want it to get bigger. I actually like the density of this wig. It is very lightweight. It does not make me hot but, like I said, I live in Florida, so you guys know any hair over your ears or anything like that. It'S going to make when it makes me hot, I put hair over my ears or something it makes me hot. If hairs on my neck, you know you get hot. So if I'm at work, I just put it up in a ponytail. But again, this is my own review on my kinky curly wig that I got from aliexpress.com I'm going to post a link down in the bottom of any of you guys are interested in getting this hair and yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching and you guys go check me out on instagram. My instagram name should be somewhere within here on um the video. So thank you guys so much for watching. I absolutely adore all of you guys and thank you guys so much. Oh, I am coming up with a giveaway video too, because I have over 10,000 subscribers. I am so happy y'all. I have no idea so I'm coming to put another giveaway. Thank you guys. So much absolutely love. All of you guys bye,

TwinGodesses: Firstly I wanna thank you for telling us your method for sewing on the elastic band! I'm gonna use your method on my next full lace wig, cuz i hate how the back becomes extra loose when I attach it only on the sides lol! Oh and I love the wig! Very nice! :-)

Yasmin Shiraz: I'm always searching for new ways to style my hair. Thanks for producing your videos. Peace, Yasmin

TaQuanda Taylor: When I purchased my wig and put it on it had these low sides around the ears that lift when you raise the hair. Did you cut that off? How did you manage to secure that part?

The Beauty Shanika: Awww thanks so much luv(^_^). I really appreciate it.

The Beauty Shanika: Thanks hun ill go check you out(^_^)

The Beauty Shanika: Thanks hun(^_^)

abitofpassion: Can you do a tutorial on how you sew the band

The Beauty Shanika: Thanks hun. Will do=-)

ladydon2009: Can you do a tutorial on how you sew the band

rose vaneck makamdem: Hey could you do a video on how you saw you elastic band please Hun. Loving the hair btw

Ann morgan: Nice love it..

T T: Can you please do a video on how you sew in your elastic band method every time i put the elastic band the back of the wig just hangs.

Shirley Rowland: Hi there, I like the hair you had on before this one what is the name of it?

S M: Looks nice on you

Theglamjesus: it looks thin im kind ify of buying anything on aliexpress

R Redict: Yes, can you explain you sew in your elastic to your wigs. I hate using the combs. They pull out my hair in the front. I would love to know how you sewn elastic to your wigs? Thank you

MsNY2TX: What type of hair net do you wear underneath your wigs.

The Beauty Shanika: Thanks hun

The Beauty Shanika: Thanks hun

The Beauty Shanika: Ooooh hun I totally forgot its a synthetic wig that I have had for like 7 months and it was waaaaayyyy longer. I have plucked cut and shaped this wig to my liking. It looks nothing like the original lol. I purchased it from my local bss. Its by a company called red carpet I just can't remember the name sorry.

Krystle Whitehurst-Mitchell: What hair are you wearing in the beginning of the video?

b: whats the song used in the beginning?

The Beauty Shanika: Thanks luv

The Beauty Shanika: All the information is in the bottom box

The Beauty Shanika: Its not a net its a knee high hun

The Beauty Shanika: Medium

Vincent Yuan: Eclacewigs   com----from factory,same kinky curl lace front wig

The Beauty Shanika: Sorry to hear that hun.

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