1 Month Update | Aliexpress Wig (Worth Your Money?)

  • Posted on 13 November, 2017
  • T Part Wig
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Hey GlamFam,

Today I have my 1 month wig update on this Aliexpress unit I've been wearing. I just wanted to update you all on how the hair has been holding up over the last month and a half.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Sequoia if you are new. Thank you so much for joining today. Today'S video is going to be an update on this unit that I'm wearing right now, so this hair, I bought off Aliexpress now it'd be about a month in a couple weeks ago. So it's a little bit overdue for a one month update, but I still wanted to update you guys on how the hair was doing how it's performing since I bought it. If it's worth your money, I mean it was very affordable unit. I only paid about 6070 dollars for it. It really depends on the length. I got 12 inches and I did cut it because I wanted it a little bit shorter, so I got 12 inches and it's natural color. I didn't really have it to find a part when I got it, so I kind of kept it in the middle part. That'S just kind of my go-to, that's my favorite style, so I think it's. The most flattering on me was just probably always seen me with the middle part, so um as far as an update, I think that the hair has been doing really really well like for the price for how quickly I got it. It took only about 3 days to get to my house, and it was shipping from China, so just with everything as far as customer service price and how quickly I got it definitely thumbs up. It'S totally worth. If you want something, that's quick, easy! You just need something: maybe for a holiday party, you know the holidays are coming up. You want a different look, but you don't want to really splurt. I really think that this is something you can get very quickly and it'll hold up for you at least through holiday season. I'M gon na do more updates on it, because I think that one month really isn't enough to let you know if it really is a good unit. I'Ve washed it since I've washed it twice actually and every time it kind of goes back to its natural state. It'S really silky, it feels really soft. I will say that since initially getting it, I have gotten sick and a pretty significant amount of shedding. It does shed quite a bit now from when I first got it like. Actually just got them just got a strand right. There so I mean, if that's an issue for you, if you really don't want to deal with that, it can be a little bit annoying, but it's not something that it's like. Oh my god, I can't so. I really just think that's a preference thing. I can kind of tolerate it if it's not too excessive. So it's not really bad, but it does after time start to shed a little bit more. So I think that is natural, but for only have for a month and to get as much reading as a doob, it could be a little bit of a downside. It just kind of indicates and lets. You know like hair, isn't gon na last you forever, but I think just you know, short-term temporary. You just want to change our style a little bit kind of play around with some hair. I really do think it's a great option other than that. I don't really see any changes in the hair, I will say when I washed it from the first time I watched it to now because I have been straightening it putting curls in it. The natural wave isn't the same. It'S a little bit looser. It doesn't have really a significant defined curl, so if you did want to wear it in its natural state, I would say not to straighten it or do anything to the hair that much because it will change how the hair the natural hair texture is because you Are straightening out those curls and honestly, I really think that, that's probably all I'd have to say comment down below. If you have any questions for me off the top of my head, I can't think of really anything else to say about it other than the fact that for one month I think it's great it doesn't tangle like you can see, I can run my hands through It this has a lot of body, it's not stiff. I think that it feels great. It looks good when you wash it. It definitely has that kind of bounce back to it, which is what I really enjoy like. I don't want my hair being stiff and like sticking out to the side like it doesn't maintain its shape. So that's definitely something that is important for me with my hair and I think just for the price and everything that it is, I totally say, go for it check the description bar down below I'll leave the link to the hair link to the store. I definitely do think I'm going to try some more units from this store, particularly just circular. I just kind of want to see what other things they have to offer if their hair is pretty comparable, all the brown or, if it's really just kind of a hit or miss thing, because it's fall now fall winter. I'M ready to get something a little bit longer, so I'll probably try another unit from then and then I'll do an update or I'll do a box akin tutorial for you guys again. If you want to see a little bit more in depth, it was a little bit of a struggle last time but kind of learn from those mistakes. So if you guys want to see something on that give this oh and yeah make sure you comment down below. If you have any other questions for me and I'll answer them for you down there, but overall I say it's worth it: it's really a portable for now. I think it's great. If you don't wear your hair that long, it's even better, you can wear it for a couple months and then be done with it. So yeah, that's pretty much all I have for this particular video. Sorry. Last week my videos were a little off. It was just last week when was one of those weekend's I kind of just want to take a little bit of a break a little bit of me time and now back so stay tuned. I have really awesome videos coming up, for you guys make sure you thumbs up this video subscribe to my channel. If you are not subscribed already - and I will see you guys in my next video bye

Mary Ann: Great video looks great on you girl

Bailee Pilon: It looks really nice!

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