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  • Posted on 23 February, 2019
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Hi guys today, I'm going to be doing a wig review. This is another company. I'Ve never tried before, but I always see them popping up on my Instagram. So I'm like why the heck not let's, try and see what this hair is all about. It is, then, move, I guess that's how you say it um. I don't know, I think it's an Aliexpress kind of company, but I went off the website and I got this hair right here. I actually took what it is off um. This is my hair that I got um. I literally took off the little tag to tell me what it is, but this is what she looks like. I did wash her because I did bleach the knots because that's how you make it look more realistic, um I'll show you guys the clip of me doing like bleaching the knots as I'm like talking. So basically, I just got some bleaching powder and then I got some 40 developer. I believe it is, and then I mix it to like a thick paste and then I put it all over the lace part. So I could bleach the knots I could show you guys what the hair looks like. I think I didn't bleach it enough, because there's still some dark knots going on situation. I was scared to mess up this wig. It did cost. I think it was like 120 dollars, one hundred and something dollars, so it isn't a cheap wing, it's not synthetic, it is human and it isn't 18 inches. I would have gone longer, but the price was going up like crazy, but this is what the knots look like, like I said I probably should have bleached it a little bit longer, but it is what it is um I feel like you can see that the Knots are bleached, maybe not the best, but we're still learning. This is the first time I've ever bleach knots in my life so and then, after that, I washed it with a neutralizing shampoo, and then I did the that purple shampoo just to get the brassiness out of it, even though it's still a little bit brassy. But what is so now I have argument we cap on. I added some of my foundation because I realized that makes it look more natural, so you have like that seamless blend um, so I'm gon na put the wig on my head and then I had to figure out where I wanted to part this week, because I Did not look, I did not know where I wanted to part it, but this is what the wig looks like she is so soft, like literally my hands run up through it. I feel like it looks better since I watched it like the wave pattern. Is a lot better because before it was like crazy-looking, it didn't look cute. I should have showed you guys what it look like right out the packaging, but I feel like it looks better once you get it wet and combing out and like the wave pattern, is a lot lot better. So this is what the natural wave pattern is and all that good stuff also you have to get it wet to get your parting situated, because in the beginning like I could not figure out a party because it was a very humpy so yeah. So I figured that out so now what we're going to do is cut the lace, so I like, where it's laying right now, so I'm gon na cut my lace. This part, I'm so scared cuz. I have never cut my lace like on my head, but I see and it people do it so we're gon na try it I'm I'm learning like this is like you're gon na see me to grow. I guess because I'm learning everything this is new to me. So we're gon na cut in the middle. I am so scared cuz, I'm used to like just cutting it off my head, so we're just gon na cut it as close as we possibly can. I are supposed to do like zig zags because it makes it look more natural. So well basically just cut like this, so you guys don't have like a straight line and I'll be right back because I need to like concentrate to get this perfect. So I'll be right back with the least cut off of my head. Okay, so I finished cutting the lace and then I added some got to be glue to glue down the edge parts, I'm not the best I've gluing wigs down, so I didn't show you guys me gluing, my hair, maybe I'll do that when I get better at It later down the line, but there's a ton of videos on YouTube where you can check out to see how you glue your wigs down. I only glued the edges. I didn't lose a whole lace, but then I added a little bit of baby hair just to hold the wig down, but I think it looks super nice. I didn't add any powder to the party because I did bleach the knots, but I may add a little bit just to make it even more natural, like cover up the little holes and stuff um. Let me see, I can show you guys what came in the box, because it came with a couple of things. It did come with one of those little. What are these net stocking caps or whatever? I never use these because that's just not me, and then it has these little lashes that it comes with but yeah. So this is Z, hair. She is Gor Jess, I didn't add, not anything. I didn't like put any products in it. Of course, if you had product the little waves would probably look a lot better um. So if you had products or like a curl enhancer, the I think the waves would be pop and pop in I'm probably gon na wear this hair more often so like. If I change up a style or anything like that, of course, I'll make a video on like what I did, but this is the first time to be trying it actually on, and I think I did pretty pretty well. I know my first human hair. I didn't do that well, but I am learning I'm trying to take more time and doing my hair, because I'm very lazy, that's why I wear wigs to make it a lot easier, but it is okay to take the time to make your wig look phenomenal. But I think a day pretty well. The lace over here is kind of. I guess it's: okay, yeah! I guess it's okay, but we're still learning, but it's the first time I really like it. It'S not too much. Shutting it sheds a little bit. The hair is super super soft, like I said this is the 18 inches, so it's not too long, but it's not too short, which is perfect for me. I probably should pull up the specs, because I really want to tell you guys what hair this is because I'm just like. I don't know what hair this is. Okay, so it is the venn love lace, front, wig, 150 density loose wave, human hair wig. This is what she looks like on the Zee website, very, not appealing, but I was just like why not let me try it. Maybe I can be cute or whatever it does have pre baby hair in it. I believe I got the Brazilian and I got 18 inches. So when I hit Brazilian 18 inches, it comes out to be 2606, but I used the coupon code. They have like a coupon code for like five dollars off, so I ended up paying like 120. Basically so yeah did you did you do it says 100 % human from donor without chemical mix um? I think it bleached pretty well, like I left my bleach on for hour 20 minutes. If I should have left it on even longer or like pushed it in more, but I think it bleached pretty pretty well, it probably takes a while to bleach his hair. I don't know I've never really like died, it died it, but it was alright. It doesn't smell crazy when I washed it it kind of still has that smell. It doesn't smell like soapy, so after a while probably will go away but um yeah. This is the hair. I hope you guys liked the wig review. This is the thickness. I think it's that thick. Actually, that's why I was surprised. It said 150 density, but I don't know how much that is, but it doesn't seem like hella thick, but I'm used to synthetic hair where I have like Bou bought tea, but it's still cute so hope. You guys enjoyed the likkle review and I'll see you guys in my next video see ya.

A B: I feel like I want to get this unit hun. It looks good on you.

Ashley B: You did a good job with applying it. Keep practicing and you will master it.

Ashley B: I love this unit

ledne2022: It looks really good!

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