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  • Posted on 19 January, 2019
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Hey everybody!

Here’s a giveaway from vip beauty hair. Follow the rules below to be entered.

I got this wig from vip beauty hair it’s 22 inches the type is water wave it’s a lace front wig in the color natural black.

Wig I’m wearing in this video

Malaysian curly wig

Kinky straight wig

Kinky curly wig

bundles with closure

Water wave

Deep curly

1.Follow On IG @VIPBeautyHair

2.Follow VIP beauty hair store on Aliexpress

3.Give this video a thumb up and leave your comments with the hair texture & email or instagram.

4:Choose your favourite hair texture from VIP beauty hair store on Aliexpress.

write down the hair texture and add the hair to your cart.

Don’t forget to leave your Instagram and email that you can be contacted at if u are one of the winners!!!


1st place winner - 12 inch wig, same as in the video (1 person)

2nd winners- $30 store coupon (5 people)

3rd place winners- $10 store coupon (10 people )

The winner will be chosen from those ones who really click the links and leave a comment with their favorite hair type & email or instagram on this video.The winner will be chosen randomly by VIP beauty hair and will be announced on instagram so make sure to follow them.

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[email protected]



Water wave wig

Human hair wig

Affordable wigs

Affordable human hair wig

Aliexpress wigs

Cheap wigs

How to wear a wig

Styling my wig

So here's how the hair looks straight out of the packaging, as you can see it has some baby airs laid down already. It is also pre plucked, so you don't want to do any extra plucky and you can part it anywhere that you want it's pretty easy to just pluck a couple of hairs and you're good to go. Here'S how it looks in the sunlight - and I wanted to show this because it's in the color natural black, so it definitely has some like brown strands in there, and it just makes it look more realistic. It doesn't look so witchy if you know what I mean: here's how the cap looks underneath comes with some combs and then also a clip in the back. So here I'm just washing the hair because it is human hair and I just like to wash it if it's human hair, so I'm just shampooing it and conditioning and conditioning it and then I'm going to let it air dry. So this is how it looks, wet and I'm gon na apply a little bit of oil to it, just because I don't want it to be too frizzy. So I'm using this garner Vitesse oil to apply to the ends. So here I'm just plucking it a little bit because I decided to part it on the opposite side of the way it was parted and it was a little bit too thick in that area. So I'm just gon na pluck a little bit and then I'm gon na add some foundation to the part that way it blends in a little bit more and you'll see in a second. The way that it looks in the sunlight is so natural. You can't even tell that or you can barely tell that, I'm wearing a wig right. So this is my current hair color and, as you can see, it's really light, but my roots are dark, so that's easy to blend in with the wig, but for the light parts I add a little mascara to darken it. So this is how the hair looks. After I brushed out all the way - and I decided to straighten it because I like how it looks curly, but I just wanted to see if it could actually straighten and how it was and everything. So when I straightened it, it was so soft it didn't shed. It didn't tangle, it didn't have static and the most important part is. It was thick enough to cover the wig cap a lot of times. You can see the wig cap in the back and it's just like too thin, but this definitely is a lot of hair. But it's not heavy to like weigh you down or give you a headache or anything so definitely high quality. So because this is human hair, I didn't want to cause any more heat damage that i already was. So I put my straightener on low. So it's not straight straight, but it's straight enough for me, and here is the length difference from when it's curly to win it straight and here's how it came out. You can see a little bit of wave still to it, but that's alright. So here is how the part looks in natural lighting. As you can see, it looks very natural and now on to the giveaway there, the Express door down below they are doing a giveaway, and this giveaway there's a couple of people that could win like a lot of people that could possibly win. So the rules are followed VIP, Beauty on Aliexpress and also follow them on Instagram. Give this video a thumbs up and comment down below leave some comments. How do be entered to win is Aliexpress store. Add the wig that you like to your cart and then be sure to leave your email and your Instagram, so they can contact you if you are the winner, so the first-place winner is gon na win a 12-inch wig, just like the one that I have won In this video, but it's exactly like this one, sorry for all the noise, it's exactly like this week. The only difference is it's 12 inches, so we'll come right about here and for the wig we'll have one winner. So second place is gon na go to five different people so for second place you get a thirty dollar off coupon off of their Aliexpress store. So that's 30 dollars off of anything. You want and store. Third-Place winner is $ 10 off coupon to 10 winners. So, like I said, there's gon na be a lot of different winners. The winners will be chosen by VIP beauty, hair on their Instagram, so make sure to follow to see if you want so make sure you follow the world because we will be checking and don't forget to leave me comments. Give me a thumbs up subscribe.

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Glitter Eyez_queen: U loook gorgeous

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