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  • Posted on 17 August, 2014
  • T Part Wig
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Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner

Chi Silk Infusion

Smooth n Shine

Tresemme Heat tamer spray


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Hey guys, I'm back today, because I'm going to be coming at you with my final review on my gray hair products, hair from Aliexpress. Now I've been wearing this hair for a month a complete month. It is installed on a part wig. I got this hair, probably sometime in July, and I haven't colored the hair anything I haven't done any type of processing, so the hair haven't cut it. I just literally installed the hair on till: u part wig and water. So I watched the hair about three or four times and I do call wash there. I did not shampoo the hair. I use my Tresemme moisture, rich conditioner conditioner that I have been raving about for probably two over two years now. The conditioner works really good. In my hair I rinse my hair get it wet, then I use the conditioner run a conditioner through us. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then I rinse it out. You know I do scrub to hear like it has shampoo in it and I screw up, but you know wrong fingers through it like I would if it was shampooing it and then I rinse it and normally I air dry, but recently I did blow dry. My hair and I don't blow dry my hair - often I just like to do it because I was kind of crunched for time um, but the hair is beautiful. Like I love this hair, I will recommend this hair to anybody a month straight normally aliexpress hair. Here, a lot of bad stuff, depending on what type of vendor like what they do you order from, but grace hair is definitely a go-to, because it's literally flawless white, it looks exactly how we did when I when I made my first video. This is 22. 24. 26 and 28 - I use all four bundles now when I straighten this hip, because this here is body weight. This isn't a normal pattern. I do use my smoother shine, polishing gloss, strain and gloss. I use this and then I use my Tresemme heat tamer spray and then I will use she's so confusion, but right now I don't have it with me, but she's so confusion for everything on my real hair. My leaves all of that. So I do that and then I use my flat on here, but the chasing thing, I'm pretty sure everybody knows what that is you just used to Flatiron. They put the comb right behind it and you can follow it through so but it'll be smooth all the way down to the ends. You have to worry about the ends being long, straggly ends are still holding up nice. No one time I did watch this hair. I use shampoo and then I used a deep conditioner by elastic Yuki, but that was very bad because I don't think I rinsed all of it out and it left a really bad product build up on the hair and a hair tangled a lot. At that point I was thought I was gon na come see you guys on a video telling you guys that the hair quality of the air just went down the drain, but come to find out. I didn't rinse all the product out of the hair, so the product build-up did contribute to they hear tangling and acting like acting up, but when I call washed it out, rinse everything out with this it just went back to this is silky smooth on the shine. Is still here in the luster I Flatiron his hair. I can wash it in two ways right back up. Normally, I wouldn't expect that from a body wave textured hair, because the pattern is I would called body wave the loose. But it doesn't look tight enough to the point where, after multiple flat irons, but the curl patter would still maintain, but it does. Even though I really don't where the hair, I don't really hear in a body wave texture at all cuz, I just like straight hair, better, I use by the way textures straighten my hair. I mean I use, I would get a body wave texture and I was straightening out a pulse to actually just wear nan and buy you a texture. But the fact that it does revert back to the natural curl pattern is a plus for anybody dead doneness where their hair and both you know the straight in the natural wave pattern, but hair blends really nice with my hair. This is the Brazilian body wave again. I use the same products that I use in the weave in my hair because it just works for me. I don't really do much to this hair. I wrap my hair. I don't wrap it. I just animate. I literally pull my hair up like this, and I put my body on it and then I just call it the day and then I wake up and then literally it literally looks like this. I have not flat ironed my hair at all. Today, it's just straight out of the body, that's it, so I really am in love with this hair. This is like overall, because I feel like I can actually say that since I have them in there for a month, I've been washing it and you know styling. It and doing all of this other stuff, so I feel like me coming to you guys and give you guys my final opinion on it. It'S very you know factual, because I've been doing a lot with this hair and I haven't been swapping it out. Normally, with my new part, wigs I'll swap out with my real hair for a little bit - or you know I'll swap all other wigs, but I actually have been so infatuated with this hair that I kept it in the entire time um. I don't plan on taking it out until I get the little hair which might be sown, but still the hair still won't, it hasn't lost left catch of all the hair is still long still at about my hips or pass my hips very soft silky, and I Really recommend it to anybody who was looking for a reputable vendor on Aliexpress. All the information will be linked down below, especially the link to this hair, in particular I'll link, the store and this product in particular. Now getting back to another thing, my Instagram's I've been getting a lot of questions about it. I did delete my own Instagram, but I have a new one and I have been posting my Instagram name in the description box. I don't know if you guys have been reading it or not, but I have a new one. It'S called L die ee XX, l dot x, basically to ease into exits for anybody. That does want to follow me and keep up with um. What I'm gon na do it? I really don't post as much as I used to on my old page. I don't know just kind of falling. My Sophie game isn't as strong because I would like it to be, but I new post pictures and if you guys do want to see anything in particular, you can't go on my histogram page and ask me and I'll be sure to get back to you guys With that both right now since I've been getting so many requests in both time working on this hair, I just thought that I go ahead and give it to you guys, but I'm gon na leave through like this hair, and I'm happy that I found a vendor. Well, I leave depressed. I can give me quality hair. So again, just I'll show you guys shiny, literally run my hands through with tangles. What angles do you see? Nothing, hair, it's giving me life, so yeah, that's pretty much it and I will again. I will link all of the information to this company below, along with my Instagram, so you guys can follow me if you guys want so what whatever but yeah, that's pretty much it, and I'm happy that I got this video out to you guys and I will See you guys in another video bye,

brianna cook: I ordered this hair after watching your videos because it looked so BEAUTIFUL but I'm so dissapointed my hair sucks!! When I first got it it was really soft and had a pretty wave but as soon as I co washed the hair the wave went BYE BYE o_O I have had this hair all but 2 weeks and its so dry and frizzy at the ends and ut sheds extremely bad (and yes I sealed my wefts) I frequently co wash it and use a serum to keep it mousterized but my 26 inch bundles get tangle and Matt up!!! The ends look horrible it shouldn't even be called virgin hair. Order at your own risk because her hair definitely looks good but mines is another story #MoneyWasted ;(

LaNayia Cribbs: Thanks for the review! I'm a mother with 2 jobs and going to school. The last thing I have time for is caring for natural hair... and you cannot be impatient with natural hair unless you want to see it falling out. A sew in sounds great right now.

Crafting with Angie: I am so proud of you Lexxi for reaching 11,000 subbies ( of course I am one of them).  I love you hair reviews and I am so glad that you are honest in your reviews about the hair that you either buy or are sent.  Keep doin what you are doin girl. God bless you Lexxi. :)

missMonroe: 1 month? And still looks like that ? I'm ordering. Thank you, and it looks gorgeous. #newsubie

clnj2: Just wanted to let you know that I ordered this hair on 12/07 sat and received it Thursday. I loveeeeee loveeeeeee this freakin hair. I've only co washed it but it's still looks & feel great. The only thing that I did not like is the flyaways. Just a few I hope it don't stand out, but the hair is great. O I got the Brazilian wavy 18,20,22,& 24.

Daijae Monae (MONDAI): I really appreciate you taking the time to do these videos! Quick question though. Why do you prefer body wave instead of straight if you don't wear the hair in the body wave state? Is jt because body wave holds a curl better or?

Kourtney Shiloh: Just got this hair today!! Installing on Saturday praying mine looks as good as yours!!

tubes200708: This is some really nice hair. It looks exactly the same as your initial video just like you said. Love your floral top.

CHANELKISSES89: im definitely ordering this hair because i trust all your reviews

Brianna E.: Omg thank you so much for recommending this hair because I just got it in the mail today and it feels & looks so nice can't wait to install it

Kadaay: I got hair from this company but in brazilian straight, its been three weeks now and I really like it. Only thing is it sheds quite a bit. I see a lot of mixed reviews about this hair,hopefully it lasts me a long time.. 

oracle4eva: Everyone's getting good hair from this company thankfully it's not one of the companies that just sends reviewers good hair. But everyone order while the company is new an not well know because when hair companies get popular they can't keep up and their quality goes down !

Mickey C: Ur video is so helpful I've been looking for an Ali express vendor to buy hair from & ur honesty made a huge difference. Thnxx alot

Javonie Hansley: Do you recommend bleaching this hair? If so what products can I use to maintain the luster? I am considering investing in this hair. BTW , I love you :)

Jennica McLean: I'm a new sub :) Love your videos! Did the hair have a corn chip smell at all( Washing it or applying heat to it) ?

ASHLEE HYMAN: you are one of the main reasons i picked this hair  can't wait until it gets here

hotgiial101: Look at all these thirsty ass comments. If you aint here for the review, get outta hair. Anyways, damn this hair looks good. I've been stuck on getting it from queen hair but their hair is very thin and doesnt have that lustre like this one. Love it

sara Benjamin: @ Richard yes it was from the same vendor. The problem with Ali express is that you just don't know which vendor to trust it really is the luck of the draw. Good luck with your search

Marie Korbin: I love this hair ! I've always tried to find some good quality hair and this looks really good , but my question how hair are you so I'll know about how long it'll stop on me

AsToldByLee: i would really love for you to try their kinky curly hair please!!!!

kattie Jerome: can you curl/ wan the hair? and can you dye the hair?

bunniex: Its beautiful <3

cierra marshall: Pls reply, how long did this hair last? Which is aliexpress best vendor to you?

Brittany: I read where you said you would give grace hair and Rosa hair a tie but just being real between the two which one would you recommend out of the two. I am on the fence between both companies.

clnj2: I really want to try the peerless and elfin hair, I'm just waiting on your reviews. I've watched other vids on them but you will be my last conformation on these two companies.

Alexzandra Yvonne: If I were to color it would you think it would really effect the hair ?

Destiny Stewart: Please do a makeup tutorial on your eyebrows

VaBrielle Thompson: do you prefer this hair or she's happy hair? I'm really torn between the two.

kyramclinn: Can you please show a video of you flat ironing the hair from it's natural state.

Tanisha Sturdy: Thanks girly

K. Latrice Baddie'N'Training: How much did you pay for it?

Mira Rae: Is it possible you will ever try Juliet Virgin hair from aliexpress? I always get there's because that's the only Virgin hair I ever tried lol but I'm curious as to what you'd think of it.

Iam Rxnnie: Have you had any problems w. This hair as far as shedding, tangles, or anything like that?

Shontay Williams: Yes I'm def. buying this hair

Hannah Adams: im ur hieght so i look at your videos for examples of length. doesnt wen you straighten body wave hair it gains 1-2 inches? how come the 28 looks the same flat ironed? just askin cuz i cant decide in a length. either 24 26 or 28 but i cant decided the difference.

Pay'ton Blyden: Is this hair still nice ?

Layah Frazier: I want to get Grace Hair Kinky Curly would it be the same quality even though it's a different texture?

𝓏𝑒𝓃 🧚🏼: can somebody answer my question ? I'm 5 feet , I just wanna know where would a 24 inch stop for me ? can anyone guess or let me know ? thanks

Micah Griggs: Awesome Lexx! What do you mean by co wash?

Elle P: Do you prefer grace hair or she's happy hair?

Tanisha Sturdy: Hey... What hair company do u like the best? I'm tryna order some hair for my bday

Letycia cyntia: s il vous plait j aimerais avoir le lien pour acheter les cheveux parce que quand j vais sur aliexpress et clique grace  hair  j ai plusieurs qui me sont présenté et je ne sais quelle prendre

Tayah Nicole: How do you take care of your weave hair

Markus S: What color is the hair?

Azarmiah Joseph: how many bundles

Relaxation Sounds: how tall are you?

Luckencia Orphee: this hair is a nightmare..please don't waste your money.

B Bloss: that shit way to long and 1 side higher than the other love.. cute thoe just too long

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