Installing 13X4 Lace Front Water Wave Wig Dyed Brown | Aliexpress Bundles + Frontal | Hair Review

  • Posted on 04 December, 2020
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous


Excuse the over exposure at the beginning of the vid

I spent £106 pounds on these bundles and frontal from aliexpress, the vendor is called Maxglam. I got the bundles made into a wig for me by @hairallureuk on insta. The frontal is a 18" 13x4 and the 3 bundles are 20" . The hair was bleached then dyed like 3 times it’s been through a lot that’s why there’s diff tones etc I can get away with wearing it at night but it’s acc not that bad in daylight etc, my ring light is exposing all it’s insecurities fr xx

The bundles are fine and the frontal is Okayy however the frontal itself can get a bit tangled and matted not sure if it’s cos it’s been bleached etc - personally I wouldn’t purchase this hair again tbh just cos of the frontal


Products used:

-Cantu - Super Shine Hair Silk

-Creme of Nature Argan Oil - Curl Activator Creme

-Eco Styler Gel

-Got2be Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

-Got2b Ultra Glued Styling Gel

-Pantene Defined Curls Mousse

I asked for a side parting instead of middle hence why I was struggling so much creating a middle parting

Friend's Wig Page- (based in London)

Connect wit meh-


Wow, my god, i just want to look a bit more presentable before i say, hey guys, welcome to my welcome back to my youtube channel, in fact, damn this top. I thought i should change it. I just put eco styler. Basically, you want your hair brush. All of them hair bags - you know the baby hairs all day brush it all back again, i'm filming this video and i'm in a rush to go somewhere. Do not do it. Don'T do that because you know how many times i film this video, you don't even want to know, i'm now putting gummy gummy wax and then yeah. I don't know why i'm out of breath - oh my god, but um literally yeah. I filmed this video like yeah. I'M not gon na lie. I'M gon na have to put a top on or something because this time is not safe, so yeah i'm back with a more appropriate top, because i don't know where i was trying to go with that. Anyways um, the back of my head, is gon na look bumpy, so i'm gon na just like retire a little bit because yeah i realized it was looking like a whole helmet. I even forgot: hey guys, welcome back to my youtube channel um, it's nice to see you here again if you're new, here hello, subscribe if you're not and you've been here, hey how you doing so yeah. As i was saying before, i filmed this video, probably like four times, because i don't even know if i'm gon na put in the previews, because it's just, i only have myself to blame i'ma, try to do it right this time. It'S like every time. I try to do it either. The middle part is not straight. The baby hairs aren't on point, the lace is all messed up and each of those times yeah. I was literally running late to go somewhere all right, so this is the wig. I'M gon na give you guys some details, so basically i got it from aliexpress. I ordered it from alex press and it's from max glam the front all is 18 inches and then there's three bundles 20 inch. 20S they're all 20 inch yeah, and i got my friend to make it for me. Um i'll link her below she actually made the wig and she plucked it, and it was really like the plucking, the plucking and everything that is good. The only problem with it was that we tried to dye it because obviously, the original hair came black and i wanted like a like in my previous video that type of brownish like color, but you know we we were struggling. We were struggling with that. So you know i mean in the end you kind of got somewhere and we ended up with this but yeah. So it's you know it's nice. You know what i'm saying, but yeah that dying hair is just another type of job. I don't know. Diane has a different type of job. It'S got a different texture to the actual bundles, so the front wall is actually kind of like a tighter curl texture, you'll see when it dries, but yeah um yeah. You can see it's a bit. It'S a bit more. You know curlier than this straight button, but sometimes when it looks like that it kind of looks like natural hair. I can't lie. You know when it's like not perfect, like it looks more natural like knowing that artificial color was showing she got fake hair on. But you know when you slap on something like this. It'S like is that your real hair, you know you got the damage. You know it looks more realistic, so it could be a win-win situation. I mean, if you don't like it, you can cut the ends off and you know happy days right so yeah, oh yeah, in terms of shedding, and all of that, of course, it sheds it's a curly hair um. This middle part in here is this: the middle part is kind of a job for me, so i feel i'm i feel like i'm gon na deal with it at the end. I'M not gon na deal with it now because it will just stress me, so i'm just gon na glue it down and then yeah do all that. Then here we go okay, you know what that will do. This is about to fall off and i'm not trying to pay it's about to fall off. Yeah, i'm not trying to play balance games with the wings. So i'm just going to put it down. You know i should put things out the way we gon na come back to that. Maybe cold um, uh, uh uh, i'm just gon na wet the front wall um. Yes, the frontal appears lighter than the rest of the hair. Don'T ask me why it's a bit dry damn, so i got this. Let'S see what this will do, i'm not going to use a lot of it, though, because obviously just like that much if you can see that on the top make it dry with this, i'm gon na add a bit more because it kind of feels soft on That side, so let me just add it here as well. Why don't i think of this earlier to just put serum? I know you guys are that huh look at the front of the hair. It'S still looking all tight like i don't even know the house just to moisturize it a bit more, but it must come: hey out, um, um yeah, it's actually looking okay, it looks okay right so yeah. This is the final look guys if you guys like it. I know the parting, i don't know how that's right now, but i apologize again um um yeah. Let me know what you guys think if you dye this hair, maybe think think about it. First, because i don't know, obviously you guys might have a different you guys might have a different experience to my experience with diana anyways guys. This is the end of the video. I hope you guys liked the video obviously comment down below if you liked it comment down below. If you also want more vid wig videos i'll do them anyways, even if you guys don't want to comment down below if you've got any questions, and let me know what y'all think if there's any tips, you guys want to share with me, because you're going to Need some help because i can't keep embarrassing myself like this, like damn. I can't keep embarrassing myself like this. Like i'm trying to be, you know i'm trying to be up there and i can't even do a middle part girl, please so yeah subscribe down below. I hope you like the video, that's all i can say goodbye guys, you

Savz B: ‼️For anyone who wants to purchase this hair.. don’t I just washed it after soaking it in shampoo etc and the frontal is just matted it only lasted a month — I’ve had my tinashe wig for 2 years and it’s better than this

eowitsa 111: honestly im binging the vids u have and u are so under rateddd u have such a good personality and ur vids are soooo entertainingg

Sharlene Gore: Yess girl keep doing your thing‼️

eowitsa 111: yess id love more wig videosss

Tahzsa: lovely stuff girl

BriSlay Henry: Love your intro song ❤

M.mxrii_: The pictures in the video what filters are those omg youre so pretty

Life with Modamz: loveee this , dunno why im just seeing this


Ceanne Thompson-Deane:

__dxl: What colour is the hair x it looks good

LuchsiasLife: Yass girl

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