Trying Amazon Wigs | How To Style Amazon Wig #Amazonwigs

  • Posted on 01 January, 2023
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Trying Amazon Wigs | How to Style Amazon Wig

Okay yall so I wanted to try this big curl wig that my girl Slim Reshae tried on her channel. Let me know how yall think I did with styling. It took a lot of work trimming and brushing but I got so many compliments wearing it out.

Here's the wig link:

All right YouTube fam, so it's the new year new Vibe, so I want to definitely try some different hairstyles this year. I want to like step outside my box a little bit what's up YouTube fam welcome back to my channel. So in today's video, as you can tell by the title, we are doing an Amazon synthetic wig like try on review one of those right, so I've been seeing all of these videos of people trying these synthetic Amazon wigs. These super cheap, synthetic Amazon, wigs and making them look super bomb. So today's video is my attempt to do the same thing. I saw my girl, slim Roche. I love her Channel shout out to her. Do this wig and I think it's the exact same wig I'll. Add the link in my bio I feel like I might not have been able to get that exact wig. She got because I wanted it in a certain time frame, but it's very close so I'll link it in the description - and I will do an attempt today to you know make this look good. I'M pretty straightforward, simple! You know minimal makeup, minimal, hair. You know drama here and there, but like real minimals, so I'm going to experiment a little bit this year. I'M gon na take out along that Journey with me. So let's get into this end of my wig. So this is the bag is box is super cheap. I don't even know if it really has a brand name. Oh, it's called Queen's choice, Queen's choice, all right, so I'm expecting the worst. I literally have not opened this. Yet I was going to do the video a couple weeks ago, but life just got in the way so yeah I haven't even opened the package until just now, so they take this up super good as if somebody puts one like steal it, but okay, so foreign Comes out okay in post, because it's kind of bright right now, I'm using my additions to my lighting setup I'll link that video, but for some reason that video it looked better than it does right now. But it looks a little Overexposed right now, but I'll try to fix it in editing. Some things fell out the box - okay, oh okay, so the box came with the wig. Obviously a wig cap, and the oh that I was talking about is like these tattoos. That'S kind of strange, usually you get like with the Amazon, wigs or certain wigs. You order. You get like a wig cap, maybe some bobby pins, maybe like some scrunchies, but this came with tattoos. It'S a it's a jalapeno like, I guess it's giving spicy, but I was also thinking like with my nails today, the red and then the pink fancy homebody outfit. It was given Valentine's Day, and it just so happened to have like these love tattoos um, but yeah. That was that threw me off. It took me for a surprise, so yeah it's a wig cap. Hopefully my focus is given what it's supposed to okay. So this is the wig it's in the hair net. I'M not I'm like so nervous, so scared because y'all know those synthetic wigs be given like super Wiggy and it's number shade and some other good YouTubers have done some good transformations of these wigs. So I'm hoping I can give y'all something like that too. Oh another surprise, they gave me some hoop earrings. They didn't gave me some gold faux gold hoop earrings, so they gave me we kept a little tattoos, some earrings, with stuffed up under the wig. Okay, little perks see this right here. I saw this on Slimmer, shade video too not to keep calling her out, because hers looks really good, but I saw this too. I was concerned about the part right here like the white, it's like and then my skin tone and then it's just a little card. Okay, so I'm excited I'm nervous at the same time, but let's give this synthetic Amazon wig again. So my hair is already just back in a bun, but what I'm gon na do is oof my hair, looking real stale real still, but still won't be like a little ball back here. I'M gon na just do like a a little braid, the kitchen ain't, giving nothing back here. Okay, I don't know I'm gon na do this and I got this little. I normally hate putting rubber bands, but it's a little rubber bands still won't come off and I'm gon na just tuck it under here. Okay, all right, let's see I'm gon na, take the little tag off. Okay, I'm nervous, okay, y'all. So this is the wig. It has these two Combs on the side and the little adjustment in the back to tighten the wig. I'M put I'm pushing the uh wig cap back to a little bit, so you don't see it like on the edges and then I'm just putting the um the wig on. So it's looking real real Wiggy right, real flat, real. You know just straight out the box like I wouldn't wear this like it's not too bad, but I wouldn't wear this out like this. So first thing I'm going to try to do is figure out. The bangs, you know, definitely needs some trimming and brushing out to really achieve the final Style so yeah. This took a lot of like playing around to see. You know how I wanted the final look to be. I you know try to take some tips from other people who did did these like Amazon wig reviews whatever so I'm just like starting by making the bangs a little thicker um. I thought it wasn't enough hair in the bangs, and I also wanted some volume in the bangs too really to cover up that um. The part that's in the middle, because I wanted to distract from that because it's not my skin, so it looks very Wicky. So I wanted to just like pull some of the hair forward and, just like add it into the thing. So that's what I'm doing right here, just brushing it forward. Until I get to a certain um, you know making sure the curls are consistent and then like just trimming it some more, I will say so. First of all, I know this video is long, but I hope y'all stick it through definitely skim through the parts that are more interesting to you that you want to see, but it took a while like this is the 17-minute version of like an hour of me Trying to figure out this wig, because I really wanted to leave out the house - and you know be having my little hairstyle whatever. So it took me a minute, so I just kind of like played around with the hair a lot finger through it brush through it. Um really just trying to figure out how to make this work and the video the lighting looks. A little dry makes the curls look even drier, but I'm gon na fix my Lighting in a second. So don't worry, but I really just did you know the bangs? Are looking better right, but I also just try to frame my face with some of the pieces in the um front, just because the the issue with this wig fresh out the box is that it's really no real shape to it. So I had to do some trimming around as far as around the face. Um then also in the back, just to really give it some shape. It'S like round shade, because otherwise it was given, like I don't know, Rick James Vibes a little bit. So I'm just brushing it. I try to brush it um and do the curl with my fingers to create this new shape of curl and then my goal was to like pluck it out, but it didn't work out too much. So I just wanted to kind of play around with different options: different ideas, but at the end of the day I will say about this: wig is that you can brush it and like manipulate it, and then it'll go back to the you know. It can still like you won't from me so far wearing this week. It won't be like okay, I brushed it out now. It'S just like to the point of no return like you can manipulate this week. Quite a few times to keep different looks so right now, I'm just brushing it out a lot to try to see what type of volume I can get without the curls looking um, just like, like I don't know, just like knot Style just looking like a bush. Almost had to take me a little coffee break, because I was getting frustrated with this process like I said it took me like an hour to make this look like something make it look like wearable and then, when I did go out, y'all see as y'all saw In the beginning, clip like it came out pretty good, so just stay tuned to kind of see the process a lot of, like you know, wrapping the curls brushing trimming like a lot of that. Thank you and y'all can see this part keep trying to peek through. I hate it so bad. I hate this part so bad, so my goal was really to not only like shape this wig and brush it out, make it look um, like a nice little shape as far as the bush, but more so to cover up this. You know Stark part that is nowhere nowhere, so once I plucked out these curls a little bit and I started you know trying to see if it gave my my hair, the volume I want it, I realized I really needed to do some more trimming, especially in The back to give off this round shape versus this flat, shade foreign all right. I had to fix the lighting, because the curls was just looking dry and washed out, so I had to fix the lighting. Now I can see better now. I can see better foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign work on tweaking it, but overall overall, actually let me get a lip okay. So, overall I like it, I posted a picture on my Instagram, so make sure y'all check out my Instagram page. I did a little short on YouTube, but overall I like it. It'S cute. I always use a little work, but let me know what y'all think in the comments below I'll see y'all in my next video

iNekol: Happy new year fam! Be sure to like this video and leave me a comment to let me know how I did

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