Trying A Kinky Straight Affordable V-Part Wig For The First Time Ft. Wiggins Hair

  • Posted on 05 January, 2023
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hair details: 24inch kinky v part wig 180 density

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Hi, you guys welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl, lonnie24k and, as you guys can see today, we're here with a hair video. So today's Hair video is sponsored by Wiggins hair. Thank you. So much Wiggins here for sending me this lovely V, part kinky straight wig, so I have never tried out the kinky straight wig. I was kind of against it, like you know, trying it out and when I agreed to do this collab with Wiggins hair, I didn't really know what to expect right. So I've been looking at literally all of the kinky hair videos and, like I was like okay, I can do this. I can make this cute like okay, I'm Lonnie 24K. I can't I feel like I can make anything cute like even the synthetic wigs. You know what I'm saying: it's almost like: let's test it out so here I am just braiding, my hair prepping, my hair for the V part wigs. I am in love with the V part wigs. I really want a straight one for after postpartum, and this is why I love this kinky straight wig, because I feel like it'll, be good for after postpartum, when I don't really feel like doing my hair. I could just slip this on and then I can just straighten my little piece of hair and then go about my day. You know what I'm saying I can throw it in a cute bun and a cute little hairstyle. This wig is very versatile and when you're maintaining like your real hair, it's just a lot. So the V part wigs, I'm here for it, the sew-ins are coming back. The tapings, I'm like totally here, for so here's the wig guys. I don't know why it was sewed like that. You see that part where it's closed in. I end up cutting that, because I don't think it was supposed to be like that, but I put it on and once I put it on, I was like um. Maybe I should cut this, so I ended up cutting it. The wig is very easy to install you literally just put it on your head and then there's Clips in it to secure it. There'S Clips in the back. It definitely felt very secure. It also didn't take long at all to install so here I'm just gon na go ahead and get to put in the wig on my head, where it feels comfortable and then I'll begin to straighten the wig just to make it a little bit more flat and Make it blend with my hair now here you talking about me a lot: you speak French now right now come and see me and if you guys are wondering this hair was super soft and easy to straighten. It definitely didn't. Take me a long time as I thought I would. I thought that it would take a long time because it gives you like natural hair, but it's so soft. It feels like your hair when it's blow dry, so after straightening it it came out so stinking cute foreign, okay y'all. So here, as you can see, my hair is like definitely a blunt cut and the hair is longer so instead of cutting the hair, because I was going to cut layers into the hair, but I didn't want to manipulate the hair so instead of cutting layers into It I just did this cute little pin back style, which you guys will see in a minute, and then I also could have like tucked my hair underneath, but I was like, let me just pin it back see like this like this was cute. This was super duper cute, but I just did a little pin back look, so you guys will see that in a minute I hate you salad, my finished look, isn't she giving natural and cute yes giving me Pocahontas Vibes they all know. I love me. A good curl, so I added a little curl in there foreign

Lillies and love: You look pretty ❤ as always. Love it! You did well! That’s a lot of hair lol

rowan timmermann: That wig looks so awesome.

Bernie: Hi, I’m new to your channel!! Btw congrats on your pregnancy!! I’m so happy for you!!

Wiggins Hair: Amazing job!

Carmen Solis: love love love this look on you

Bernie: Here is a fun video idea, can you do the pre pregnancy clothes try on Lol it would be such a fun video to do

rowan timmermann: Will there be an update on baby Honey next time? Still really happy for you.

Dalerika Johnson: ❤❤❤❤

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