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  • Posted on 23 March, 2023
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Foreign, hey guys, I'm back today with another video. This one is going to be brought to you by the company, the Doula hair, and today I will be showcasing an affordable Bob unit. Now, of course, you guys know I'm going to make sure to leave all the details Down Below in the description area. This is their 13x4 lace, frontal Bob wig. This one is in the length 14 inches. This is 150 in density. This is what it looks like straight out of the package. You can definitely tell that they went ahead and plucked out that hairline, because it's looking real good and then, as far as your cat construction goes, you get two Combs on the side, a comb in the back, your adjustable, strap and a removable elastic band did go Ahead and bleach the knots on my unit and I didn't have to bleach them very long, but I was already bleaching other wigs that day. So I was like hey. Why not so, as you can see, this unit does have a slight wave to it, because once I washed it and I scrunched it up, that's how it dried down. So the ways look really cute, but I am going to go ahead and straighten this out. So this is an average cap size. Also, I'm gon na go ahead and cut off some of that lace on the side by my ear, so I can meet up a little bit better and you can see how natural that looks, and this lace is a little long. So I want to go ahead and get this cut off, so I can see what I am doing. Thank you I installed today I will be going in with my Spritz. I want a very light hold, so I'm just going to take my time and work in sections, because one thing that I noticed with this Spritz is that it is very runny, so you do not want to spray too much at all. You want to work in sections and be very patient when you are working with this and I'm just using the end of this Edge brush. It has a little retail at the end and I'm just kind of pressing the lace down and then on the side. So I don't have to spray too much. You do see me spraying some on the lace and then I'm just going to use my blow dryer to speed up the drying process. All right, I'm gon na just go back around the front of the hairline with a little bit more Spritz, but I just sprayed it on the end of this comb and I'm just kind of pressing everything down, because I did see some areas were rolling up and Then I'm just going to place my elastic band on, so everything can dry down all of the way and just kind of melt and settle in I'm gon na Place. Some of my wax at the top of this unit, just to kind of get everything to lay down, and then I'm going to use my hot comb to press everything out. I'M also going to go around the hairline area. Now this unit does come pre-parted as a middle part. However, you can park this on the side and I am going to show you guys two ways to rock this unit and how easy it is to kind of switch between The Parting space area. But, as you can see, everything is laying down really nice and flat. Like look at that one side yeah this taco place no games. It goes up to 450. You got to be really careful now I don't have mine up that high, because I'm not trying to burn myself I've done that a few times, but yeah I'm just pressing everything out, because of course I want this to be really nice and flat. Now, if I was going for a more wavy look, I wouldn't try to press it out as much. But since I'm rocking a straight look today, then I want it to be no humps and no lumps, as I did scrunch up the hair and it does have a nice wave pattern to it. I need to straighten this out, so I want to kind of work in sections I do have my flat iron turned up all the way, so I did have to do a couple of passes just to knock those waves out, but I do feel like it's straightened. Really well, foreign, I'm just going to clip this hair back, so I can take my elastic band off and look at this hairline just to kind of make sure that everything is looking good now. This is Swiss Brown lace, so it's not HD lace, but it came off a little bit lighter and I thought I was going to have to go in and tint it for a minute. But after everything dried down, I feel like it still looks good. So I also went around the hairline area where I couldn't reach it. Since I had my elastic band on, and I just went ahead and kind of pushed everything back, I'm also going to cut out a little bit when I cut out pull out a little bit of hair in the front to create a little swoops. Now, as you can see, I'm not doing anything heavy because I feel like the hairline area looks good. I didn't have to go in and pluck this hairline at all y'all feel like for Straight Out of the Box. They did a really really good job, so this is going to be great for a beginner who just is not a fan of plugging or they feel like. They don't want to mess it up, but, as you can see, I'm just doing light swoops. I don't want to take her away from the front of the hairline area and then I'm going to go in with a little bit of my powder into The Parting space, just to kind of open it up a bit more and just put a little bit on The side I'm not going to put any powder in the front area just because I don't feel like it's needed since I had the hair clipped back. I need to retouch up that very front area and it just kind of had like a little Bend to it. That act like it just did not want to go away. I was trying to really press it out, but it was being really stubborn, especially on that one side. Now I'm just going to put a little bit of my Sleek and Shine Serum throughout this hair, and you definitely are gon na need it because I did notice some frizziness going on not a lot of flyaways, but definitely some frizziness. The final look as a middle part - and I feel like this came out really cute. I am loving the length on this and the density on this is also really nice. Now addition does come in 130 density. If you feel like this is just a little bit too thick, but I feel like the 150 percent, you should definitely go with it. 130 might be a little bit too thin. Also, you can get this unit in 10, inches and 12 inches had no issues with bleaching the knots on this unit because they already came off small and then the hairline, like I said I didn't, have to go in and pluck out anymore. Now you only get 13 by four parting space. I do wish it was 13x6, but that's okay, because I feel like The Parting space is at least nice and open, and you can kind of Tuck this behind your ear and make it look even more natural. So now I want to show you guys what this unit looks like as a side part, so I decided to do a curved side part. If you've been watching my channel for a minute, then you know that's just what I prefer when it comes to the side parts now I did have to kind of go in between The Parting space area and then just use my wax and take my hot comb And press it out a little bit more because I want this to lay really nice and flat as a side part. Also, I don't want any humps going on. Definitely didn't. Take me long at all to do. The density in between The Parting space area is not high at all, so you're not gon na have to worry about it. Looking Lumpy since I was looking pretty good still so I'm gon na just tuck it behind my ear and then I'm gon na make sure that I'm not going to be showing any tracks. I'M going to cut that side, hair down a little bit more. But I'm not going to swoop it, because I still want it to look really natural and I'm going to take my powder and go into The Parting space area. You see how well that opens up when you put a little bit of powder. Not a lot is needed. This is the final look as a side part, and I don't know which one to pick the middle or the side. I don't know the side is giving a little bit extra wire shedding and tangling goes. I received a little bit of shedding not too much and then just a little bit of snags in the nape area. Let me know what you guys think about this unit. If you are feeling it, I'm gon na make sure to leave all the details down below. Please do not forget to subscribe to my channel once again turn those notifications on share and, like this video and I'll, see you guys next time bye guys. Thank you.

Simply Sherelle : Who doesn’t love a bob wig???? This one was VERY EASY to install and wear and of course the price ain’t bad at all! Let me know what you think about this one

Love Yourself: Happy Thursday This is really cute. I love a good Bob wig. This looks so nice as a side part. Hairline looks very natural. Enjoy the rest of your week, and God Bless “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.”

crysten brooks: I see you want and got a silk press cousin!!!!! Because girl this unit is giving "this my hair " vibes!!!! This length on you is hittin just right. Also I love the side was given something extra, just like you said! Thank you for this review!!

Lady Young: Yasss! This unit is nice and affordable too. Of course another slay by you. I've been looking for another good affordable company to get my units from...tfs!

Pyt G: This looks so pretty! I'm all about that side part. ❤ Tfs

Adriene Denise: Such a beautiful unit so natural looking both styles looks great. Very versatile.

Precious Beautyj: I love this one and that side part totally did it for me.

Tina BlackberryRose: Very Pretty bob style. Love the side part looks so natural and realistic. Tyfs

Daniel Simpson: I love bob units. That curve part was making it pop ❤.

patrice moore: This Bob looked cute both after you washed it and after you flat ironed it.

lneal2800: Evening Sherelle this is beautiful sis! Slayed per usual!❤️

PYT-Tame: Love it beauty as always. Can these wig companies please bring back 13x6 !

d b: Love the hairline, very pretty

Cassandra hunt: Very beautiful love the length

Debra Mitchell: The hair looks really soft and natural!! Can you recommend a wig company with this texture that carries small wig caps?

Jackie Randolph: Hey Sherelle beautiful as always.

Amber Worthy: Okkkkkkkkk I might need this

Marva Lane: Nice . Looks great on you! But, you lost me at the bleaching of the knots.

Shaquana Nesbitt: what was the lace? hd or swids

Peaches Royale:

Linda White: I like the middle part on you best

Ashimary Hair:

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