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  • Posted on 18 April, 2023
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous


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Need to get myself together, I'm a man: okay, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel. So today I'm going to be installing this 30 inch loose wave wig by Hermosa hair first things. First, I'm going to be taking some alcoholism 915 and I'm just applying it. On my skin, where I'm going to be applying my wig just so that it sticks better to get rid of like the oil and makeup, that's on my skin and then I just pop the wig onto my hair, y'all um, and I did dye this wig jet Black by the way, I also bleached the knots on this wig, and I plucked it just a little bit, and here I'm just cutting the lace off around my ear, just to get rid of that excess lace. And I'm also going to be cutting this little slit down the middle, because I do like to install my wig um by section. Well, I like to split it into two sections. I do one half of my head and then I do the other half and I'm going to be using my boho Liquid Gold to inside this wig. I love this gel y'all. It'S not a glue, it's actually a gel and it actually works really really good. I love the bottle. I think I say that in every video, but I really do look like the applicator bottle. It just makes it so easy to apply it and I'm gon na take my blow dryer and I'm just going to blow dry this on a warm setting until it gets sticky. So you want the gel to be sticky or like kind of like tacky before you actually apply the lace into it. So after that, I just go ahead and I apply the lace and I'm just kind of pressing down on the lace and I'm trying to make sure that the hair doesn't stick to the lace. So I'm kind of like pulling the hair up as I'm combing. If that makes sense, and then I just do the other side, so I get a lot of questions on how long this gel lasts. For me personally, I probably can get around three days of like wear out of it before the light starts. Looking crusty um if they start looking crusty, I can just take like some spray or something and like re-melt the lace so that it doesn't look crispy anymore um. So that's basically how I maintain my wigs whenever I do wear them and now I'm just cutting these slits into the lace, because I'm about to cut the excess lace off and I'm just using an eyebrow razor to cut the lace off, you can use scissors um. I personally like to just use an eyebrow razor. I feel like it's easier and you just get like more of like a like a less blunt cut. If you use scissors you're going to have like a really straight cut, sometimes I do have to go in and cut like excess lace that I didn't get off with the eyebrow razor um, but pretty much. I just used the razor um. Now I'm going to be pulling out some baby hairs because your girl loves her baby hairs. Okay, I just love me a good baby hair on a wig um, so I'm gon na be doing it this side and I'm going to be doing like this little baby. Hair into the part type of baby hair over here, I know, y'all be seeing it um. This is actually my favorite way to do baby hairs with my side parts and I'm also gon na - have some sideburns as well ain't going to change. Then I'm going to take my Evan wonderlace adhesive spray and you got ta use the black one. I don't think that the other ones work as good as the black one, and I'm just spraying this along the lace just to melt the lace even more and also just create more of like a hold on it as well. And then I'm using this little elastic band that came with the wig and I'm going to tie this down. So now, I'm about to get this wig black girl. So I'm going to take my sheets bomb, a wax stick and my Andes hot comb, and I just kind of hot comb it in sections. I just think it makes it get a lot flatter if you do it in sections, instead of just doing starting at the top of your head um, and I just used my hot comb and I'm literally just putting the wax stick on and then I'm going over Top of it with the hot comb and this hot comb gets super hot y'all. This is one of the best hot comes I've ever had it's at Walmart or you can get it at Walmart or Target very inexpensive, and it works super good. Another key to having a flat wig is by making sure the foundation under the is actually flat. I personally like to do braids. I just feel like my wigs are so flat whenever it's braids underneath um, so whether you slick your hair back or do braids, you just want to make sure it's flat um. So I'm just kind of plucking some of the sideburns. I feel like it was a little bit too thick and to cut my baby hairs. I like to use an eyebrow razor, and I just kind of cut at a slinky angle, normally doing baby hairs on a wig. Give me such a hard time um with my closure. Is there a little bit easier, but on my frontals, for some reason it just be difficult, but as of lately, I've been eating the baby hairs. Oh okay, I don't know, I think it's my little method. My new little method that I use um with my products that I use, but the baby hairs, turn out great every single time, so I'm just taking this little pencil flat iron and I'm curling the baby hairs um. This just helps make it easier to actually lay them. So this is the trick. Y'All you want to use mousse any mousse, you got it doesn't matter, it could be cheap, it can be expensive, whatever I'm using Auntie Jackie's the frizz Patrol mousse and gel any gel. It doesn't matter any type of gel, I'm using the Argan Oil Eco Styler gel, and you want to mix them y'all. This creates such an easy, like I don't know what it is, but it's just so easy to lay them when you just mix them together. Like I don't know, but um, this is my new method to lay my baby hairs. I don't think I'm gon na go to anything else. For my sideburns. I actually only use gel. I don't feel like using mousse if necessary, but yeah they be eating every time. Now and I can never get back and then you want to tie that down with an elastic band um, I actually like to tie it down for at least 20 to 30 minutes. You want to give it enough time for it to actually dry and just form if that makes sense. Um, but yeah comes out great every single time. So I decided that I wanted to do crimps on this wig, so I'm using this ion crimper. I will leave the link to this in the description box down below this is such a great crimper. It is a little bit expensive, but I personally think it works really good for the price and before I crimp each section, I just add some of the icy hair Fantasia hair serum on each section, and then I just go in and I crimp it. This hair is actually like a loose suede hair, but personally I feel like the curl just wasn't giving at all. So I had to go in with some creams, but I'm actually happy about it because the crimps are so cute and they just turned out so good and I was actually on the phone with my sister y'all. I look like I was talking my ish, but yeah. I'M gon na just let y'all watch me crimp, my hair. This is what yeah boys, boys, yeah, real, quick and as y'all can see. I was so proud of how it turned out. I mean I'm gon na. Take some Maybelline Fit Me. This is in the color coconut in this little fluffy brush and I'm just gon na pounce this on. Why did I say it counts? I'M just going to um dab this on the lace and just kind of make it more of like my skin tone, so that it Blends better and then I'm also going to take some La girl Pro concealer in the color warm honey. And this little slanted angle. Brush and I'm going to Define my part and make it super sleek and clean to the end of the video, and I just want to say lately - my frontals have been hidden a lot. I don't know what's up with P what I've been doing different well, I know I would have been doing different, but the phone has been hitting like. I normally can't even closure up, but the frontals usually give me a hard time whatever. Lately girl I've been eating. These things up and it looks so good. I honestly think that this is one of my favorite hairstyles like side part with crown. This is loose deep, wave hair and I actually thought that this hair was going to be a little bit more curly on a curly side. But I had to do crimps because it just wasn't in the crush just wasn't really popping. So I had to do clamps, which is okay. It is 30 inches again. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video this week is by Hermosa hair, great hair. Great lace have no complaints about this wig. It fits my head perfectly if y'all are interested in preciousness wig. I will leave the link to this Hermosa link down in the description box down below and I'll definitely catch you guys in the next one.

Desiree Cazio: That lace is melted hunny

Kiara Danielle: you did that so pretty !

Loving Lisa: Beautiful!

Mary Wigs: I love it

Namps: Is the bold hold better than the ebin adhesive spray to lay a wig? Which makes the wig stay longer

madi budgets: giving as usual

Tina: ❤❤

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