Let'S Finally Have An Honest Conversation About These Type 4 Natural Hair + Beauty Products

  • Posted on 28 January, 2023
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  • By Anonymous

Hey yall! Let's finally have an honest conversation about type 4 natural hair products, and well as skincare and beauty products.

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00:00 | Introduction

00:50| Natural Hair

07:13 | Skincare

15:48 | Body Care



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► The Ordinary: https://howl.me/chZlt03BS6w (Ulta) | https://howl.me/chZluRTtGLF (Target) | https://howl.me/chZlvnp6ESb (Sephora)

► Garnier Fructis: https://go.magik.ly/ml/1qe55/

► Skin Fix: https://go.magik.ly/ml/1qe56/

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► Caress: https://go.magik.ly/ml/1qe5y/

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Hey y'all, it's Sheree! What'S up back with another video today I'll be bringing y'all another product mt's video y'all, I have been going through my stash. Okay fingers are just flying off the shelves. I'Ve been buying some stuff, but we'll talk about that in another video. But today I did want to go through the body care Hair Care, skin care that I've gone through we're going to start with natural hair, because that that is what this channel was built on. But if you are new here and you've never seen my face, but she liked my face definitely be sure to subscribe, so you can stick around give this video a thumbs up. It left it. Let'S girl, it lets YouTube, know that you're liking this type of content and yeah, let's get into it, so so we're gon na start with cleansers. Let'S actually start with a pre-poo. We only have one pre-poo to talk about today. It is the serenzo beauty, caramelized onion, pre-poo sorenzo Beauty has amazing products. I do have a coupon code with a Sorrento Beauty. It is BCL H20, where you can save 20 off. This was an okay pre-poo. I can make something better. I still prefer the fenugreek and rice water pre-pool, that's still my favorite from serenzo beauty. This isn't bad um they're, just others that I like more, and I can also make something that's a little bit better. So I wouldn't necessarily purchase this and I would really recommend it. I have two clay washes also from serenzo beauty. I have the carrot and pumpkin clay wash. My lights were maybe kind of bright, but hopefully you'll be able to see that and I have the Elderberry and blueberry clay wash as well. Hopefully those are picking up a little bit um. I did really enjoy the carrot and pumpkin one. These two products are part of their limited edition, fall collection if they're still available. I definitely recommend that you pick up the carrot and pumpkin the Elderberry and blueberry. It was just okay, but I really did enjoy the carrot and pumpkin the fenugreek and rice order. One also is still my favorite with from all their clear washes. There are some that I haven't tried, but of all the ones I have tried and I've tried plenty. The fenugreek and rice water, one is my favorite and then the carrot and pumpkin, which is this one. This is my second favorite so yeah. Hopefully that helps. Let'S talk about a few shampoos. The first is the rhyme and reason Quench and curl shampoo. I did not enjoy this whatsoever very stripping on the Hair. Richmond mostly used this, but I did use it once and it was 100 regret. So I don't recommend this. It strips the hair, so the answer is no. For me. I, like natural, Caribbean, coconut milk, shampoo. This was something mostly used up by Richmond as well, but I didn't want to try it out and I did and this not for me personally, it's not the type of shampoo that I like it does kind of strip, but also leaves your hair feeling soft. It'S a unique feeling that I've never felt in my hair, but I still don't want to feel it again because I don't like my hair feeling stripped. But if you like a strip feeling, but you still want softness, then this is something that you may want to. Try but it's just not particularly something I enjoy now. Let'S move on to treatments, I have three type of treatment products, the first being the not your mother's rice, water and Himalayan Moringa super strength, protein rinse. I did a dedicated video on this. If you haven't seen that video, you can definitely check it out. This is a very nice lightweight protein. It'S not going to give you heavy protein like an apogee, but it's going to give you that nice balance of protein a schmickle of moisture. I really do enjoy this highly recommend it. I would definitely pick it up again: Little Creek Botanicals keratin repair formula conditioner. I also have a dedicated video on this. It'S probably all washed out I'll, definitely link it down below, because I really do enjoy this. I really do love this. I definitely enjoy this more than apogee two-step protein treatment. It does give me that same feel, but I really do enjoy it. I highly recommend it. Let'S move in to like leave in conditioners, moisturizers. The first one is the serenzo beauty, fenugreek and rice water, leave-in conditioner. I'Ve talked about this before on my channel. I definitely really really do enjoy the sleeping. I enjoyed it more, the first time I used it than the second bottle. I think it's because I came to find out that it really doesn't have as much slip as I thought. The moisture is there, but the slip could be better. I still recommend it because most people do not apply products on damp hair like I do so. If you apply some soaking wet hair, obviously the water would help. So this is great for moisture. The slip is just kind of lacking for me um, based on the second bottle. I didn't feel that way. The first time I don't know if my hair has changed or the product has changed or some way, but that's just how I felt about the second bottle and then the S secret smoothie. I do not enjoy this product. This is from Selena zinchak a YouTuber on here. She did send it to me. I am grateful. I do love the rinse out conditioner as a leave-in. That'S spectacular, so impressive. I didn't really care for this smoothie. We got some oils. We have some cold pressed, castor oil y'all know I love castor oil. On my hair um, I use it in my DIY oils. I use it in all kinds of things. Obviously I go through one of these like every six months. I go through this quite often, and I love it, so I will keep I'll definitely keep buying it. I love to infuse that, with like ayurvedic herbs, it's delicious use up some Jamaican black, castor oil, which has been one of my favorite oils lately to apply on my ends. I haven't been doing it lately because I've been applying heat and I want my hair to be like light and fluffy, but for my curly hair top tops, I have a few status in front of me. Let'S first start with the Chisel confusion. I love this as like a styling serum for heat, styling um, but most of it's Spilled Out which I'm annoyed about, because if you all know this, this is not cheap. I definitely will repurchase this. I have so many heat protectants right now that I'm not gon na repurchase it anytime soon, but once I get low on the other things I'll repurchase this, because I love this, it's so smoothing and like moisturizing - and the answer was just for this - I just can't Repurchase it right now, I just I've got heat protecting crazy with my blown out hair, so I'm trying to reel myself back in several days glossy shine gel, which you all know I love I've talked about this before this is great for wash and goals um. It'S great to also wear on your leave out if you do like a curly sew-in or a curly, u-part wig, or something like that, and then the man Choice ancient Egyptian gel. I finally use this up. It gave me a decent wash and go um, but you have to use it on soaking, wet hair. I don't love this honestly. I didn't really love any man. Choice, gels when it when the dust settled - and you know man Choice - has since changed their formulas anyway. So what have I said we gon na move on now, let's go into skincare. I have quite a few skincare things because I be going through skincare just like hair care. I have quite a few cleansers. Let'S talk about my first cleanses, so that's like all bombs. Um cleansing bombs, uh, cleansing cream stuff, like that, I have two products: one is from materium. This is their purple ginseng cleansing balm. I purchased this because I was I'm really into cleansing bombs. It'S so bright. I was really into cleansing balms, I'm still really into cleansing bombs, and I had liked some of the products. I'Ve tried from Material specifically the salicylic acid body, wash love that to this day I was like. Let me try the cleansing bomb and honestly it was just okay: it's a cool cleansing balm, but after you've tried like Clinique, unique or elements, you know, like your standards, kind of get kind of high and those textures are just so superb. So this was just okay for me and of course I love the um, the ordinary squalene cleanser. It'S like a traditional cleanser, but I use it like a cleansing, balm and I've raved about this before my channel as well um and it's so affordable, especially if you get the bigger size, so I highly recommend the ordinary one highly would recommend it. This is my second tool above it and I'll definitely get a few more tubes, so so good, I should probably should have put this in my first lens as well. This is a Garnier if you tease micellar cleansing water. I like using this. When I'm lazy, I don't use micellar water every day, because most of the times I use a cleansing, balm or cleansing oil. The one I'm super lazy and I don't feel like doing much. I go in with this as my first step at night or as my only cleanser in the morning. If I'm being super lazy and I've tried this one and I've tried the blue one honestly, they all work the same to me. You can't go wrong with some Garnier Fructis micellar water also have the skin fix barrier plus foaming oil cleanser. I think I've talked about this on my channel before I've talked about using this as a first cleanser, not first cleanser. I thought I use this mostly as a morning cleanser, because it is like a creamy oily cleanser if you have dry skin, especially or like dry sensitized skin. This is going to be so gentle, it's so amazing, highly recommended it is pretty pricey but totally worth the money. I probably did mention this in my top products that are worth the money. If not, you should check out that video, because I have a video on expensive products that are worth the money and if I didn't include this, it should have been in there. Maybe I included the moisturizer because they're they're both pricey, but this is so good. I love this definitely plan to pick up another one and also the revectin skin Essentials conditioning cleanser. I'Ve heard some really good things about this in, like the K, Beauty space, but I like this and it was just okay. It was kind of basic. I wouldn't recommend. Let'S talk about toners and Essences, I have four in front of me. Two are Staples. Well, three are Staples. I'Ve talked about three of them on my channel before, of course, the beauty of joseon ginseng Essence. I talked about this in my top five toner video. If you haven't seen that video, you should definitely check it out. I talked about some bangers, this included, as well as the hero Harry wander toner. Both of these toners are amazing. Uh use this one up as well. Finally, had these I think I purchased these in 2021. I use them up at 2022, so I got my money's worth of them got every drop would recommend these would pick them up again highly recommended raved about all that stuff. These are so good. Also something I read about as well is sk2. This is my original bottle that I bought during the Sephora. Vib sale used it up. I love this. I bought a bigger size. That'S how much I love sk2, I raved about it. I love it so definitely recommend it. I did pick up on dupe for it um. This is a Time Revolution, first treatment, Essence by Misha, which is a Korean brand. It'S supposed to be a dupe, but I want my second duper sk2 and I'm sorry babe but like just if you got the money for sk2 just buy it because the dupe saying duping to me the dupes ain't duping. This was cool, but once you've tried sk2, you just can't go back so spend those coins. Let'S talk about some serums. I have several in front of me. We have the stradia liquid gold. This is more marketed as like a barrier cream or like a moisturizer. I like using it as a serum, because it's one of the lightweight side, if you have issues with barrier, if you have barrier issues, so you have issues with moisture, your skin is really dry. You don't know. What'S going on with your skin, it's flaking! This is something that you can apply. That'S going to restore your skin, of course, of course, of course, working with other products in your routine. I highly recommend this. I miss this, I'm so tempted to go out and buy it again, but I have so many products. I'M trying to get through, but I love. This is something I highly recommend and something that I will 100 buy again: the nurturium as a leg, topical acid. 10. Honestly, I don't really think I need a separate azelic acid serum and I also just don't like individual serums any more. I prefer just a complex of ingredients in one serum versus like a single ingredient, type of serum, so I'm just stepping away from that. Overall, that's why I'm not also that's why I'm also not going to repurchase the ordinary Alpha arbutin and the niacinamide. These are my second bottles. I went through like the small one ounce ones and then I upgraded to the two ounce ones. But honestly, I prefer a more complex serum that has an acetamine in it that has Alpha arbutane, that has vitamin C and other ingredients that I look for versus layering a whole bunch of serums. We'Re not doing that in 2023. We'Re not working hard. So I rather pay a little bit more for a more robust serum that I will just like, buy all of these cheaper serums and laying on a bunch if that makes sense. Let'S talk about some moisturizers. It takes me forever to go through moisturizers, but I finally finished these two. This is the cost of X, Advanced, neo92, all-in-one cream. That'S my ring alarm going off because my neighbors are playing in front of my door, so I actually really do enjoy this moisturizer. I don't enjoy the packaging, but I did hear that uh Casa Rex has upgraded this to a tube oil. They have the option where you can also have a tube as well. Maybe I'll try that out, because even though this was amazing, I didn't like the custom. You know you know, application is important to me. The customer experience is important to me and this was annoying to apply, so I may pick up the tube in the future, because this is actually amazing for moisture and for barrier care. So I do recommend this. I just didn't like I didn't like the packaging, it annoyed the hell out of me and, lastly, is the proteiny polypeptide cream. This is actually an expensive product from drunk elephant um. It was I I definitely prefer the one from skin fix. I don't forget the one from skin fix um just emulsifies into the skin better. This was sent to me in PR and I wouldn't purchase it with my own money. Let'S go over some sunscreen. I have a few in front of me. The first is the Dermalogica Dynamic skin recovery sunscreen. This is what it looks like it's an expensive sunscreen. It'S like eighty dollars for 1.7 fluid ounces. So not one that I would really recommend just because you can go through this in a week and if you got the money, then go for it um this kind of burned my eyes a little bit. So it's not something. I would 100 recommend if you are looking for a nice American sunscreen and your eyes aren't sensitive. This is a good sunscreen. I can't even lie to you and it's not greasy at all fruity of sunscreen um. This was cool. You can't really see it. I feel, like I'm wasting my time holding any of these products up this left the white cast. It would have been good, but that white cast just it wasn't um, it wasn't a horrible white cast, but I don't want to have a white cast at all like we're beyond that point, and that's why I also will not repurchase the sun prize SPF 50.. This is the mild air refinish, they do have a chemical version, but this is their uh, mineral or physical version. I didn't know that when I purchased it so be careful that you make sure you're purchasing the right one. The mineral one is going to leave you like Casper, the chemical one, is going to blend into your skin. This is a no for me as well. Let'S go into some body products. I have four in front of me. This video has been way too long. So, let's just go through it. The first is the nuturium, the smoother glycolic body wash. I purchased this because I really like the salicylic acid one. This is completely washed out, but it doesn't even matter listen to the words in my voice. I prefer the salicylic acid one that one I much prefer. So I wouldn't pick this one up again: um it wasn't a waste of money. It just wasn't a love like the salicylic acid, one, the method, coconut and rice milk, uh body wash. I know people love method body washes, I like the smell of this, but I wish this one had a bit more moisture. I do have another moisturizing one that we'll talk about a bit later, um and another empties, because I've used that one up too the caress Tahitian, pomegranate and coconut milk. I love the caress formula. I'Ve mentioned caress on my channel before in favorites videos. If you haven't seen my favorites playlist, you can definitely check it out. This scent is yummy as well, definitely will repurchase and the Salt Air uh Sentai Bloom body wash. This is going viral on Tick, Tock right now, Saltair actually sent this to me. Unfortunately, Richmond used most of it, so I didn't really get to experiment with it as much as I would like to. I do have another scent that I will experiment with with more, but this is very moisturizing and this scent is delicious. I definitely did not purchase this this with my own money, but I definitely would it's very affordable, even though it looks very luxury ambushing expensive. It'S like 12 dollars, it's so damn good. Lastly, I have two body scrubs and not really a body scrub type of girl. I did prefer a like body wash scrub all in one, but I did enjoy these scrubs one even made it to my face: favorites the paraji, the Taraji P Henson baby buffed uh scrub, like when I say this makes your skin feel so soft. It contains Fitness. Physical and chemical exfoliant, so you have the physical sugar, but you also have the chemical exfoliation from the lactic acid, which is going to gently sloth off that dead, skin cells, skin cells, Slough off those that dead skin, to remove to read to reveal child tired. This is my second video of the day two and I haven't eaten today, I'm hungry to reveal amazing Skin. So This is highly highly recommend this. This is so good, definitely would repurchase that I also was sent the Kate Somerville body scrub in PR. This is the exfoliate exfoliate scrub. I don't like how this kind of gets messy like this. One is not messy this one's kind of messy because it like gets everywhere and then it's hard to get down the drain, so the customer experience not the best. This is is also physical and chemical exfoliation, I'm pretty sure um, but this works great on the skin. When I say this softens your skin, if you have dry rough skin outside of like the messiness, this is so dangled. I prefer it over the the tree. Hot I've been experimenting with tree Hearts so far, not a fan, but I am a fan of both of these. I probably wouldn't purchase Kate Kate with my own money unless it was on sale because that that drain thing is kind of annoying. But when I say my skin was soft, my skin was soft child Charlie, but that's it y'all. This video has been long enough. So I'm going to shut up now, if you have tried any of these products. Definitely let me know, let me know what your favorites have been out of this Bunch. If there are some products that you're interested in trying out from this video, definitely let me know, let me know what you've used up. Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see. Y'All later, peace bye, all

Denise.Adore: Hair is thriving this would not be a SheRea empties with some cut open products I love it here! ❣️

Carolyn Dye: Sis the hair is looking Gorgeous and healthy. Yes

Reservechic: I’m a product junkie, so I swear anything that peaks my major curiousity, i times out of 10, I’m gonna i buy it. I’ve actually shopped with most of the brands or bought numerous products that you actually featured individually within this video whether they were hair or beauty products and had the chance to experience them as well. I have fine textured wavy hair, but, hey, I have found success with products that individuals of a large variety of different hair types and hair textures do as well. As, I love keep my eyes out for something that sounds really good and then I prepare my debit card to get to working . Whatever ends up working well, I will buy a ton of backups of, and for the stuff that don’t, I will eventually either end up bringing it back for a refund, or eventually tossing it at sometimes anyways. And, yes, I’m actually in declutter mode right now too. I’ve got stuff in my stash from last year and probably the year before that been should have gone into here ️ a long time ago. I know I haven’t been hiding under a rock, but somehow, I just recently found out about Saltair and I definitely am very intrigued in giving the line a try. I don’t all what they offer, but I am gonna for sure check it out. Hopefully, you will be able to do a video dedicated just towards that line in the future to come. Happy Saturday and I definitely hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend, beautiful

J Lew: You look amazing, sis!!! I haven’t tried Alikay Naturals in forever. I was an OG subscriber to their founder but the products never did much for my hair. I’m down to try again though. Now that my hair is healthy, things work better.

Carolyn Dye: You know I am a supporter because I even say the intro with you.

Ashley Kirby: That ginseng toner is amazing. I'm currently working on a lot of acne on my forehead so I can't use that at the moment but I'm working through it. If you have any advice on how to get rid of forehead acne I would love a video on that. Because what I'm using currently just isn't doing it for me

Natmari: Your hair looks cute I’ve been enjoying peach and lily glass skincare line. And thanks for the biore sunscreen recommendation I use it and used your link too.

Cece Love: girl have you tried the saltair pink beach body oil??? everyone on instagram LOVES IT

Coco Plears: I’m here for a good body scrub! Maybe I’ll try my Dermalogica sunscreen since you said it isn’t heavy lol

CammyjOfficial: Your hair looks beautiful!!! That blue looks great on you too!!!

SuperSweetness1986: That hair is giving girl!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maxii: Wow, I’ve never been this early! I really like dermalogica but I really don’t have dermalogica money right now lol. I’m almost done with my free sample of the dermalogica daily microfoliant and am in desperate need of an affordable dupe . Thank you for your videos! You’re the only YouTuber I follow with recommendations that actually give what they’re supposed to have gave. I’m still in love with the Dr. Teals conditioner and NYM matcha green tea masque!!

S Maxwell: .. luv these empties

Sandra Crockett: I use the ordinary squalene cleanser in morning. And Krave gel cleanser in evening. I got sample sizes of SK 11…and, yeah, love it. Darn! Friends have actually been mentioning to me (unsolicited) how good my skin looks! Of course, I also use Avene retinol at night. And a vitC serum in am ( after an Essence). And lastly, sunscreen. I think I finally got my facial skincare routine dialed in. Oh! CeraVe in am. SkinFix in pm.

Eva Bright: Enjoyed the video. Hair looks so cute!

Divine Moon: Your hair is gorgeous! do you have a video on how you do it?

TressesOfAlexis: I really need to see what Naturium got going on. I haven’t tried anything from them yet

Eva Bright: Ordinary Squalane cleanser and the Garnier fructis micellar waters are definite go tos for me.


TressesOfAlexis: My good sis gone get every single drop out of these products

Lauren Kirby: Can you show us how you did this twist out? Your twist outs always be bomb!

diamond: I bought the Not Your Mother’s Rice Water and Himalayan Moringa Rinse because of your review and I’m gonna try it out tomorrow!

PumaS6: Luv that blue on you

Rachel K: That hair

Tajha Grady: Hey SheRea , maybe you talked about this before but do you know why TheMainChoice got rid of the “Do it Fro the culture” line, I’m so pissed

Neo Tumza: I like your face

studmuffin416: I can't see your products. It's is not showing

Cece Love: omg first lol

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