Brave Attempt: Quarantine Ponytail Haircut Diy

With zero experience, I'm cutting my own hair! I'm testing the ponytail haircut method. Is this a DIY hair hack? Or a hair disaster? Either way, I'll be glad to be rid of these split ends!

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Oh, I'm actually gon na do this. Oh it's quarantine day. I have no idea. We have descended into madness, hey wild things in Cyprus. I need a haircut look at these split ends. I mean look at them desperate times call for desperate measures. I'M going to cut my own hair and no, I have never done this before. Is this a terrible idea? Yep, you have any idea what I'm doing nope. As I've said. I have never touched my own hair with scissors before this could go very badly but hey. If I'm not gon na, do something stupid ly risky with my hair, well, I'm in lockdown for several months with no way to get help. If it all goes tragically wrong. When will I so if you want to see this train wreck happen, keep watching what was it that brought me to this phenomenally bad decision? Let'S go back a few weeks, it's been over 18 months since a professional has touched. My hair. I finally make my mind up that I'm going in for a cut and a color, maybe even get my nails done correctly and just get this wreckage cleaned up, maybe turn this Salle's ear into a silk purse. Okay linen, but still all I was waiting for was the first of the month so that I would have the cash that's exactly when the whole world came to a screeching halt and everything shut down. So here I am with a rat's nest at permanent tangle velocity. At this point, it's so hard to deal with that, I'm wearing it in a knot at the back of my head. I have ceased to wear it like it's actually hair. Basically, I'm at the freight and split ends of my tether: I'm ready to take a bad hack job over these mutinous scraggly tips, and I thought why not share this obvious mental breakdown behavior with the entire world. What could go wrong so there's this ponytail haircut trend that went viral about four years ago and somehow I never saw it until a few days ago. So it seems to work pretty well, but I've also seen some epic failures with a nice bug that was so fun. I'M actually really shake it out, shake it out tonight. Can I brush it okay, so there is definitely some high risk here in the interests of not mutilating my hair, I have watched several tutorials and I'll be using a mash-up of that advice in this experiment. The tutorial I'll be most closely following is one by Erika Murray and I will include a link to her video below. If you want to see this done successful and then get your trusty scissors and then kind of go again. But at this point you are now free to remove all said things that make you look like a 19 either Gorge and look at that. I have come and now a quick disclaimer for those of you watching at home, with your fingers creeping toward the scissors, even at best outcome. This is not going to be a professional cut. It will still require clean up by someone qualified. This is how I know I've gone off the deep end, because I have no idea how long it will be before I can. Access emergency hair services, in other words, do not try this at home unless you are prepared for possible likely devastation right start right. Getting a little bit of moisture on the hair does it have to be sopping wet, but I think the damp helps curly hair go more straight and it'll certainly help us have a more tidy mess to clean up afterwards have almost no hair, so it doesn't take Much I need to clean the water in my spray bottle something smells like burnt popcorn, so my first order of business is to separate the front part of my hair from the back part of my hair, because apparently that's the thing I don't have a mirror. So I may have to go: do this we're gon na stir it with hair, basically parted down the middle start at the crown and aim for the edge that was too far aim for the edge of the eyebrow see. I can't do this without a mirror. The viewfinder is not good enough. There we go. Okay, I'm pretty a novice at parting. Here that didn't work, I think am i doing it helps to have a mirror. Obviously there we go one sec, I'm gon na go double-check this in the mirror, make sure it's all perfect I'll, be right back way way way easier to do with an actual mirror. Oops I just sprayed you guys knew I was gon na. Do that. I knew it I knew I knew it knew it knew. It also don't use your sweater as a lens cloth, dagnabbit yeah that left streaks; okay, hopefully that's better alright. So basically we just have a triangle from the crown to the outer edge of the eyebrow. Yours might be a lot wider because I have a tiny itty bitty face. We want to be absolutely certain. All the hair is moving smoothly forward with no bumps, because if it's not evenly distributed, it is gon na cause. Problems in the epic fails that I saw people rushed getting everything even and perfect, and then they just cut before it was perfect. Now we tie this off in a ponytail right at the hairline in the front and center. Don'T let this go back at all. That could also from what I've seen cause trouble all right. I'Ve got some whispies that are not playing long, but they're too short they're, not gon na be anywhere near getting cut. So it's fine look how much hair I don't have. This is just don't grow. Hair. Now, where do we want this? My hair is curly so as it dries putting the dead stuff off, it's gon na be free to move, and it's just gon na. I want to be super careful, it's harder to feel the damage when it's damp, I'm gon na go with the just above my collar bones here. You can always cut more off right, but if I go too high up it's over as risky as this is, I would rather not overdo it with the riskiness man. There'S like nothing here all the tutorials. I watched people have a lot more hair than this tiny head thin here. Okay, that's way too high, so I pull it down. I don't know that feels good to me. I want to get rid of the dead stuff here. There are two ways to do this from what I understand: we can either cut it off the top of the tie and then point cut, or we can point cut right at the bottom. That seems like the safer plan. For me. I don't have hair scissors cuz. I'Ve never cut my own hair. I thought fabric scissors would be the next best thing and for the point cutting I don't know how. Well this is going to work fingernail scissors. This is the best I had. So this is what we're gon na try. You know what this is too scary: let's get centered first, oh mighty Venus patch on us of, among other things, all that is beautiful. I implore thee to take pity on this awkward, mortal and steady my unskilled hand. Please smile upon my effort here and stay thy wrath. Oh I'm actually gon na do this! Oh okay! So first we just make a cut to get it close. I know this isn't that dramatic, but I have literally never done that in my life. Oh I'm losing a lot of that blue dagnabbit. I do not want to lose the blue. My understanding is, then we do this thing called point. Cutting we cut, wrap vertically, get just a nub. Sticking out of that rubberband in my hair is so thin here. I think we're gon na lose this rubber bands cuz, I'm not here to leave it in okay, no backing out now next step. We take all the rest of the hair and we bring it all forward. We'Re gon na do the same thing. We'Re gon na put another ponytail right where the other one is. I guess it's real important to take your time and make sure you're not rushing through getting this all the hairs going evenly parallel to each other, no bubbles, if you're really lazy at ponytails. This is not a good option for you unless you really like choppy choppy layers, I'm gon na go polish this in the mirror. Real quick and I'll come back for the hair tying and I am back and accidentally knocked off a hair tie for the front, but that should be okay, we're done with that part. Oh, I've spent a lot of effort, making sure that that Beck has come up very straight and parallel that we don't have any wonkiness with that we're just your tie right right, a budding that other hair tie as tightly up next to it as we can. You can sure I don't have any stragglers here, yeah, that's a look all right make sure this is all perfectly straight, very important that this is all staying straight, that there's no weird twists. Cuz that'll affect how the layers go. We want to make sure that this is basically the same length we're longer than the front not with me. I want to make sure it's pretty close to the same, because if I make it any longer, those layers are gon na just separate more and more and more because the shorter the hair gets the more it curls. So any difference in length is going to start showing really fast and get out of hand and do want it to be at least as long as the previous one. The nut needs to be above. Where I'm cutting. I forgot there we go, I may be brave, but I would rather not f it up if I can help it, but you know worst comes to worst I'll, just be wearing it. The way I've been wearing it because we're kind of at a pretty low risk point now, because it's so ready that just no I'm gon na pull this down it's at least as long there we go. That'S pretty close by the time I get it cut. I am kindness long enough. I could go higher if, although, if I f this up, I don't know what the motivation would be to try to fix it by going shorter and possibly making it just as bad or worse. Alright. So here we go. I am NOT trimming nearly as much office. I should be cutting it's actually kind of fun as long as they don't think about the fact that I mutilating my own hair. I'Ve been watching tutorials with these gals who have these full Mane's of hair, and I just I got nothing. I got nothing okay, so it all looks pretty even at the moment, with the front bits. Yes little shorter, which is good. Let'S take these suckers out. Did that work haha now, if I did this right now, if I did this right, it should come down to a V in the back, which is not my preference but I'll take even over a T. So let me look in the mirror myself and get back to you. Okay, I've been looking in the mirror with the mirrors. It'S really hard to see the back action of what I got going on, but I think it's actually worked, but I didn't think it actually would, because why would it I'm kind of speechless? I might even go a little shorter, but I think I'm gon na live with it for a little while before I go, taking more off still got enough. The blue to show that's nice. Let me try to like make this look more like. I did something to it on purpose and I'll be right. Back milady, you have not steered me wrong. Well, who's definitely have to leave an offering the next of the eye temples that I visit. I feel like I have my hair back, I'm sure it's not perfect, but the ends aren't so scraggly. I can go until I can actually get through to a hairstylist. You know, and just I'm a rendered speechless. I really thought this would not work. I guess there you have it. This does make a V in the back and if you like that, that's fine, but I would recommend having somebody there to kind of clean that up and round that up. Unless that's something you can somehow do yourself. I don't have big enough mirrors in this house to do that, to be able to see without bending, so I'm kind of at the mercy of I'm just gon na have already back in my head for a while. You know, I'm gon na say, watch the tutorials. If you've never done hair before but you're good at attention to detail, this is kind of risk-free, because I had no idea what I was doing. I just follow the directions and I've got not the ratty going on here. I look like I have real hair again. I was expecting this to end a very different way. Thank you to Erica Murray. You had the tutorial that I felt the most confidence in following that looks like hair. It moves like hair right now. I feel like I just cheated the universe or something that should not have worked. Okay there, you have it if you're mildly competent, and you want to get rid of your ends, and you like a layered haircut, I'm gon na say it's hard to mess this up. Unless you're sloppy, I'm feeling Quarantine fabulous right now. This is amazing. So thank you for watching. I feel kind of bad. I didn't have more drama for you, it's kind of drama-free, but yay, because I now know I can cut my own hair if I absolutely have to mind blown if you try this. Let me know: let's talk in the comments below: let's keep your hair wild see. You in the next video and until then we're blowing a prosper, dude uh, faceted white balance didn't work; okay, there's so much better hello, little cat man. I finally make my mind up that I'm going it to at this point, it's so hard to deal with that. I'M wearing it the tutorial I'll be most closely following. Is it suits the tutorial I'll be most close, you're not getting down? Are you just go ahead? Make yourself comfortable, I always cough. When I laugh. I do not have the plague, I'm not going to Stampede this salon, I'm going to wait until they've had a chance to reach equilibrium. Again, I don't want to let somebody who's frazzled at my head with scissors. Let me stand up. No, it's gon na be

Reiki Girl: I loved your editing transition to go back weeks in time. Nicely done. So good of you to test this out and show us the results. Your results look wonderful!

BreeLy: I think you did great for your first time! The first time I cut my hair I was laughed at, then again this was at a time when no internet hair cutting advice was available lol... Your black kitties are adorbs

Carol: You look Quarantine Fabulous!

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