Beauty Supply Frontal & Bundles (Frontal Quickweave) 613 Ash Blonde Roots #Beautysupply

Got all the supplies from my local beauty supply store.

Robert’s Diamond bond protective shield

Black and Tan wig cap

Bonding glue

Bundles (3)


Hey y'all, so this time we're going to be doing a bad slay with some 13 bundles. As you can see, yes all right, let's get right into it, so this is my first time doing a quick weave, but i pretty much kind of just knew what to do so. What i did was take an elastic band and just sew that to my frontal, so that it could lay and would like lay flatly on my head without me, having to do anything once i got the frontal to lay flat with the elastic band. I laid the frontal in the front like normal, and i sewed the frontal down in the back all right, very, very simple. So, first, when you're doing your frontal, quick weaves, the process is very, very easy and it's simpler is similar to the frontal wig install you're. Just going to do the exact same thing, it doesn't get technical until you get to this part right here. So this part right here is when it's time to create a shield just for your hair you're going to be gluing tracks in and you don't want any glue to like seep through and get on your hair. So you're going to take this stuff that i showed you and i'll put the information in the description box below and paint on layers in the back of your head, where you're going to lay your tracks um, i did about three layers. I waited for this stuff to dry and then, like i proceeded to do another layer because you just really got to make sure you do your layers y'all, because you don't want hair glue in your hair like that's, not fun um and we want our hair, like Just try and protect it. So do this protective shield, just like you see me doing so - i'm painting literally all the way up to the top, where the frontal stops and i'm going down to the bottom, literally just everywhere, where i'm gon na leave the tracks and then i'm gon na. Take my blow dryer and just let that blow dry, nice and dry and after it dries it's gon na, get like really really hard, which is completely normal, okay. So next, i'm about to start gluing the tracks in it's very, very simple, very very repetitive. I'M just measuring the tracks ear to ear before i cut it and glue it in um. Take your time i did double the wefts like of the tracks at the bottom and then did single tracks towards the top make sure you are using your blow dryer to blow dry. The tracks in between make sure the tracks are dry before you move along, because you just don't want to have your tracks falling out. Once you go to brush your hair, it's just going to be a mess. Okay, so take your time and just make sure that you use your blow dryer and make sure that everything is dry. Okay, so once i laid my frontal i put on a regular stocking cap - and i pulled it all the way over my head, including over the frontal, so now that i'm at the top i'm going to cut that excess frontal. I mean stocking cap off this in the front and then just go back to styling my frontal, just like normal, be careful um, try not to like cut any tracks. Just literally cut the cap that you see um just like. I said you just really don't want to cut the tracks. It'S going to be like a waste of time. You did all that work for nothing so yeah and if y'all have any like comments, questions or like concerns or suggestions. Like i said this was my first time doing a quick weave um, i do have it out of my head now and it actually didn't do any damage, but okay anyway. So now i'm just going to proceed to style. My frontal, i ended up doing the middle part with this, so i'm going to hot comb, the frontal back just so, i can get it laid over the tracks really really well. Um doing this part was kind of hard because i could have sat one thing. I really could have done is like sat under the dryer um once i finished laying all of the tracks just so that everything could set, because while i was doing like my hair and trying to style my hair, some of my tracks were slipping out. So i will say like try and wait or just go sit under a dryer if you can um just to prevent your track slipping out, but i'm molding my hair. In a side i mean a middle part and for my roots i did use some ash blonde hair dye to color the roots um, just because i'm really scared to do like 6 13 just full force, like i have to tone out my roots to match my Skin color, so i always do the ash brown roots. When i do my 6 13., it just really makes me feel more comfortable with the look but still dramatic, alright, so i'm doing my baby hairs, i keep it at a minimum these day at a minimum. These days, um just two swoops um, nothing dramatic if y'all do want a baby hair tutorial. Please let me know please, please let me know i'm trying to give y'all content. So let me know what other stuff that y'all want to see. I did see somebody mention they had trouble with plucking if you want a plucking video. Definitely let me know that it's easy, but that was pretty much it for this look after i did my baby hair. I styled it flat, ironed it um and boom. This look was all together like 215 dollars, so thanks for watching uh, like i said, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, just comment down below um and definitely subscribe to my channel and i'll see y'all soon, bye,

Infamousjas: Love this, I’ve been doing this for years! It’s such a smart hack. Saves you money too for the same look

Kyona Davis: Best walked through tutorial ever❤️hair came out amazing luv

Jamiah Haniyyah: I loved your hair! If you don’t mind me asking what is the frontal brand you used along with the inches?

Wednesday Washington: First Off U Look Good Asf And U Did A Good Job How Long Did This Hairstyle Last U? Is The Hair Good?

THEREALTAY_LOR Rivera: New subscriber ❤️

Tyeshai Edwards: How much was the frontal ?? I only seen the price fro the bundles

Kaitlynn: that’s a frontal from organique?

Vegas: This hair is the worst.. lasted 2 days too

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