Swiss Lace or French Lace Wigs: What You Need To Know

If you're a beginner to lace wigs choosing whether you should get swiss lace or french lace wigs can be a difficult decision in the realm of lace wig options.

Generally speaking a majority of lace wigs are made with either swiss lace or french lace. Swiss lace vs. french lace can affect how natural your lace front wig looks. It can also determine how long your lace wig will last. 

swiss lace vs french lace

Now, you’re probably wondering: What do I choose?

I’ll answer that in a few. But first, let’s get to know swiss lace and french lace better first.

The Difference Between Swiss Lace and French Lace Wigs

lace cap construction

All hand-tied lace front wigs are made meticulously by tying individual strands of hair onto a lace mesh base.

Not all lace mesh bases are equal. There are different types of lace for different lace wigs. 





Swiss Lace

The individual holes in a swiss lace wig are slightly larger than that of french lace.

Swiss lace is very similar to french lace. Again, the only real difference is it has larger holes and it's a thinner material than french lace. 

Swiss lace is a great choice for active lace wig wearers and can be used for everyday wear as long as you treat the wig with tlc (tender loving care).


Swiss Lace
Pros Cons

✓Less Visible
✓Soft Lace

⚠️Less Durable



French Lace 


French lace is thick and durable. The individual holes in french lace are a tab bit smaller than swiss lace.

If you are a beginner, rough with your lace wig or apply your lace wig with adhesive glues or tapes a french lace wig will be a great option for you due to its durability. 

Even thought french lace is thicker than swiss, don't count this option out. French lace can still create a beautiful natural undetectable appearance.


French Lace
Pros Cons
✓Soft Lace
⚠️Thick, More Coarse



Swiss Lace and French Lace Colors

Now here's where it get's spicy. Swiss lace and french lace come in a variety of colors to match your skin-tone.

Pro tip: if you are unsure of the lace color that matches your skin tone perfectly, it's better to go lighter as opposed to darker. Lace can always be darkened, but never lightened. 

How To Tint or Color The Lace On A Lace Front Wig >>

Light (also called Transparent, even thought it's not actually transparent)  Light Brown   Brown  Dark Brown
Skin Tones  Skin Tones (Fits Most) Skin Tones  Skin Tones
 Fair, Medium  Medium, Warm  Tan  Deep



In my experience no matter what lace type you choose, both will give the most realistic hairline if you're looking for a natural looking lace wig.

In your journey to discover if swiss lace or french is best for you, we hope we have provided some insight by knowing what the pros and cons of swiss lace and french lace are, so you’ll have a better chance of finding the right choice for you.


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