The New Wig Standard! 13X6 Lace Frontal Wig 2.0 |Fully Plucked, Prestyled & Bleached! West Kiss Hair


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250% density side body wave 13x6 lace wig 16 inches

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Thank you, I think I said too much hey both it's Melissa, Danielle thanks for tuning in for today's video, we have a new wig, I'm so excited, I'm always excited about getting new wig, though like who doesn't get excited when they get some new hair. When you get some new hair or when you get your hair done, it's like the best he's like a new woman like a new personality, all that good stuff. Let'S get into this wig try to wear some different earrings today because, like I'm always wearing Hoops, but the sound like I cannot move my head I'll, be careful! Okay! Let me try to get stationary anyways. I have a new wig. This is from West kiss, hair um. This is our new 2.0 frontal wig. So like it's pre-styled and pre-bleached for you, I'm excited like the less work. I have to do the better like because wigs are a lot of work like you got, ta, learn some tricks and tips in order to get these things to look really natural. So if it comes pretty styled, I'm just excited so we're gon na get right into this. So, like I said this is a 2.0 or frontal wig, I'm freestyle pre-bleached. It is 250 density. I got 250, but you can do um 180 as well. If you don't want it so dense uh, this is the side body wave 13x6 lace wig. So it's like a side part. So it comes pre-styled in a side part, but it's a frontal wig. So I'm guessing you'll be able to change the parts we'll see when I pull it out, and this is 16 inches and it's body wave. So it comes in here. Oh and it comes with a whole lot of goodies in here. So, let's see you get some eyelashes an elastic band. I think you can attach this on the inside of the wig. If you want to band so that you can melt the lace in the front, you get an edge brush. I need one of these. I don't have one in front of me. I just realized that is this. A bonnet girl don't be blessing me with a body for the night time, so it's black on the inside so like reversible. How cute is that? Oh, it's a big old amount of two. Thank you for the Bonnie West, kids, it's classy, okay and you get some wig caps and then you also get the satin bag to store your wig. In I mean they thought of everything. How classy is that? Oh so it says 10 a plus grade human hair wig. It'S a medium cap, size, okay, so she is already curled. Let'S take this fishnet off, oh my God, it looks like it looks like they even laid the hair and pre pluck the plucking is insane. Let me be very gentle: very gentle, like a does my nerves or like a dove. Okay, guys they bleached this wig. Like look at that. Look at that. Have you guys seen that girl on Tick Tock? That does that in her videos. So look at Avant, but yeah look at this look how they laid the hairs. Everything look at this deep part they've put into this wig. Look at this lace, it's so soft! It'S tinted slightly like it's like slightly Brown tint! Look at all this lace! On top! So yeah, you can definitely change the part if you want to OMG lace at the nape. I'M gon na cut this off, because I never use that it has comb at the name. Okay and then it has the band in there. I guess if you don't want to glue it down, you can use this, but I'm gon na glue mine down okay, thought of everything. Okay, so I'm gon na put some foundation on the inside of the wig cap so that it matches my skin tone and then we're going to glue her down. I always put my glue down first and then press the wig into it, but yeah I'm gon na be using um the wig dealer glue. They have like a little kit. You get all your supplies in there, which is really convenient. They have different ones. They have the touch up, Lace, bonding gel so like. If you have your wig is lifted, you can touch it up with this. This is what I'm using data. This is the extreme hold lace glue I'm using this one today. You guys already saw me use this in one of my previous videos, but this is their melting spray and it's humidity resistant. It has a really great hold. I even wear this at the gym so yeah they have this one as well, but we're going to be using the extreme hole because hopefully this is going to hold up at the gym. What else comes in here? Oh, they got scissors in here, oh and they're. Cute, I got a little handle for your bag, so you can carry your bag, they have the melting band on there as well The Edge comb, and what is this? Oh, it comes with a little razor, so you can cut your lace. Oh just classy. These companies are just doing it up big, it's a little bit of alcohol or clean off my forehead and guys. This is optional. Like I said it comes with an elastic band, so you don't have to melt your wig down or glue it down. If you don't want to, but you guys know, I go to the gym, so I don't want my wig sliding off my head, because I would just be so much embarrassment for me, I'm just taking some alcohol and cleaning off my forehead because I got makeup on Okay, I'm gon na cut the lace off the back of this wig. Now I'm gon na try it on before. I put my glue on because I want to see where the tabs end at okay, I'm about to cut off all of this. I always have a problem with my wigs fitting my hair. My head is just so big okay, so what we're gon na do? I can't even pick glue I'm going to glue up here so we'll cut off all the lace beneath here. Try to make it through, but at least that first coat is drying. I'M gon na go ahead and put some foundation on the inside of my cap, guys I'm going to let this dry put on one more layer of glue and I'll be back, so we can apply the wig s. That is not giving me the hole that I want foreign for a little while because I just still sort of a little bit white. So I'm hoping that it would dry a little bit more clear, especially in this area um. But the wig is looking a snatched baby. So, let's give me a few minutes and I'll be back cause, I'm a little. We try to make it through, but at least I know this might be brutal cause, I'm only so guys. Unfortunately, I need a larger cap size, so I had to cut off more lace than I want to I'm using some of my kiss Edge fixer, I'm going to blend my edges and then sweep out some baby hair know. This may seem s okay, so now that that worked out, let's work with this hair and see what she do, I'm using my wax spray. I'M gon na have to recurl these bangs because they're not dropping that way. I want them to drop they're sort of like just flat like that. So let me get my criminal wound, so I'm just going to section out this top part and then curl it back so that it sort of like Falls perfectly Falls towards my face more I'll. Do whatever it takes know the position on your knees, wonder if you stay for a while come on baby. Take me, foreign, hey guys, play out all the things bro. This is the final result. It'S so beautiful, so absolutely beautiful, she's, so full the hair is so soft. I love the fact that it came pre-bleached like I said it does come pre-style, but if you want to customize the curls a little bit, you can definitely do that real, quick with, like you know, a curling wand, curling iron, whatever you want to use the only Thing is that I do need a bigger cap. I have a big head. My hair is like 20 to 23 inches, so I need a larger cap. That'S the only thing that I would say is a bad thing. Otherwise the wig is so absolutely gorgeous. You guys should definitely go purchase it, so I will link it down below in the description bar. So hopefully you guys enjoyed the video If You did leave a thumbs up and a comment down below and I will catch you in the next video so until then stay fierce and stay fabulous, Melissa, Danielle, um, bye,

West Kiss Hair: Soooo GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing West Kiss Hair

Clara: Hello Melissa you look amazing!! Love watching you applying a wig and making it your own ❤

Denise Carter: Beautiful Hairstyle on you Melissa!! It looks so natural like your own hair!!!

Sheila Davis: Truly Gorgeous! That hair and your install was flawless.. Make-up Perfect!!❤️ Melissa, can you do this same make up look as a tutorial and show us all your products. Your wing-eye and make-up is beautiful..

Hester Davis: Mz. Melissa you are slaying! All I can say is EFFORTLESS! I am T Totally ecstatic when I get some NEW hair, makeup, perfume or nails! Don't even look at me hard becuz I ĶNOW I AM THAT GIRL!

Tammie Cornelius: Heyyy MelissaHappy Wednesday!! I am loving this unitgorgeouslook so naturalyou look beautifullove your outfit and earrings is everything, to cutemakeup is flawlessenjoy the videolove you❤have a bless night

CreaTif-Musings: I love this wig for you!

Hester Davis: COME THRU WITH THOSE EARRINGS! FIRE FOR SURE! Melissa please do a nail video pretty please!!!!!

KC: Hunny, this is grown woman sexy! Love this look on you!

Lana Lathan: Live the style great reveiw.... said it needed no styling & look @ you styling it up

LaLa Harte: What’s the dress details sis

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