3 Color Of Hair Dye Challenge! Rebecca Maddie Challenges

Maddie and Rebecca aren't ignoring each other for 24 hours but are challenging each other to die their hair for the first time. Well not the first time but they will be using 3 color of hair dye in this challenge and it will be extreme. Who do you think will match their mystery ingredient best? Maddie's best friend is the judge but do you think it is fair? Can they get along without fighting even if they aren't playing for $10,000.

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Welcome back to rebecca maddie challenges. Today we are going to be attempting a challenge that has never been done before. At least i think we are going to be doing the diy slime, hair challenge. So the way this works is there are four different colors in this bowl and we are going to draw two colors each and make slime using that color, but it's not over. Yet we are then gon na have to color our hair the same colors as our slime. We are gon na, be twinning with our slime. That is right. You guys we have a hair dye right here, we'll be making slime and matching our hair to match our slime before we get started. We have a challenge, for you guys make sure that you are subscribed with notifications on and smash the thumbs up in five. Four three: two one: if you did in that time, comment below diy hair tutorial and we will know that you did all of those things. So hopefully you did time to start making some slime. Do you want to choose your color first, oh yeah, purple! All right! Your turn, okay, i got blue pink, so that means i get red alright, so i'm gon na be making pink, slime and purple slime and i'll be making red and blue slime really patriotic. I'M kind of excited because i'm gon na get to have pink, hair and purple hair, which i can't complain about and i'm gon na have red and blue hair, which matches my best friend bbi yay speaking of bbi. Where is she she's? Not in the tiny house? Uh, maybe she went to go, get some pickles or something i don't know. I don't know if i trust her maddie you've never made slime before. No. This is my first time making slime first, i'm making slime okay. Well, i have made a ton of slime before so i'll teach you how to make it. So what you want to do is you want to start with glue? We both have clear just going to pour a little in now. We have to put a little a good amount. Okay, i just kind of like eye it. You'Re gon na have glue for both because we're making two different color slimes, and you guys, i'm not sure, but i think we might go with a little bit of a fluffy slime. That'S usually the easiest to make for her, especially since it's the first time i didn't know that there were like different kinds of slime. Oh my gosh, there are so many types of slime. You can learn how to make slime from the expert me now. We want to add the color, so i have pink and purple perfect red and blue there we go it's a lot of dyes. Oh no! Okay, drop the lid in and, to be honest, i'm kind of nervous about my hair getting colored same. I really hope that it's not a fail yeah. I hope it washes out eventually, because i don't want to have pink and purple hair for that long of a time it better wash out yeah. So now we need to start mixing wait. Did you use red yeah? I use pink, why does yours look more red than mine? I don't know. Let me see that's kind of funny. You guys my pink and her red look the same. Maybe you have to add more oh put more color in maybe okay. This is gon na, be so satisfying. I think we are mixed now we need to move on to our next color. That'S weird! How did i put a little bit in this so that we could do it in fine mixing it up very easy if you've made slime? How does it feel satisfying? Yet it's pretty satisfying, we haven't even started it's going to get good now, it's time to add the activator. Now what you want to do is you kind of want to put in just like a little bit at a time and then mix it? You don't want to put too much, but you don't really know you just kind of starts like clumping up, oh okay, it's kind of scary. No, no! It'S not scary! It'S slime! It'S super easy! This is what our hair is going to be soon. How do you know when it's slime, so basically, if it sticks to your hand, you don't have enough activator, oh you're, getting it add a little for you shaving cream. This is what makes it fluffy so add that together start mixing. Now i'm gon na add some activator here, i'm adding activator. Now in my second one, is it supposed to stick like this yep? It'S totally fine, okay, we're just matching our hair to our slime and we're making the slime first, no big deal. You guys comment below if you could color your hair any color. What would it be? Yours looks like starburst slime like the red starburst. Oh it really does. I mean it's technically your slime, though so like no i've switched yeah. Now, i'm pink so it works out better okay, so we are almost done with this one. Now we have to move to the next one and then finally make our hair the exact same color as our slime slime is good. Slime is nice, it's nice and it's satisfying. I am not lying. I don't know how to go with this. Did you add activator to wait? No, what no this is like soaking in an activator. I don't know i put some. I didn't put this much. Does it like, when you let it sit, does it like? No, i did not do this hold on okay, then, who did it okay? So i've already failed. That'S okay, though, because i'm a slam queen and i can fix this no problem at all, an activator yeah. Oh look at that, i'm a pro now now. Are you a pro hair? Stylist is the question. This is me trying to save slime slime that i don't need. Oh my gosh! This is not good. The color is pretty it's like so stringy. What do i do? You guys, how do i save this? Why was there so much activator? I got this. I'M gon na save it it's gon na. Look amazing! No slime! No problem slime run time mime for a dime crime lime. What other words did we forget? You guys comment below. So our slime is now made, i made a purple and pink and i made red and blue it's time we have been waiting for. Okay, guys, look! My slime matches you, oh, where were you you weren't in the tiny house? I was here talking for a trip. Now that i'm part of the gmn never know when we're gon na leave, okay, you were packing. Did you bring a swimsuit because you might be having to face your biggest fear, which is clearly being underwater? Oh, i really hope i don't have to do that. Don'T worry, we all are gon na have to face our biggest fears, but right now we're about to color our hair. Oh yours should be blue, like mine, it's gon na be half blue, half blue half red, but like 20 best friends, okay, anyways, let's get going so i guess my pink slime's on this side. I'M gon na make my hair pink on this side. Half and half or we could do ombre, we could do whatever we want. I'Ve never actually used this spray. Zamfam. Have you guys ever used this? Is it even oh? No wait um. It says to make sure to put a towel on your shoulders. So you don't mess up your clothes maddie. Why did you not tell me this? I just started doing it on my hair. We need towels, we need house where'd bbi, go baby eyes bbi. Oh my gosh zamfam, my hair is actually pink. That'S a pretty color! I know so we have our towels now now that we read instructions now we're prepared we're prepared to have our hair become messy. Now that i've tested it out, i'm gon na go pink on top and then purple on the tips. I might do either like a half and half look, or maybe just like some stripes. You know like mix it up. Okay, three, two one wow! This is pink. This is really pink. I did unicorn hair before kind of like that. Oh got it on the towel. That'S okay. I got some blue okay. I definitely have to do the front. Oh no! It'S on my hand, you guys this is so bright. I think i'm getting more in the towel in my hand than my actual hair, all right. So i think i'm just gon na do one half is anything even coming out. Oh okay, i think you have to get closer feel. It looks like it's going up. I don't see blue here. Oh there, it is there. It is. I got some blue okay. Oh we'll go like half and half blue and blonde makes greens. Here i got you cousin gold, yeah, we're gon na go dark maddie. If you're going blue you're going all blue. You know this kind of reminds me of when we were smurfs. Oh yeah. I really like you know all the blue, but i mean now it's just hair yeah, but at least we didn't have to do our hair for that, because that would have taken forever wait. Do you want the bottoms too? Blue yeah yeah just make a whole half. I got you ooh, you guys comment below. Do you like maddie with blue hair, or do you think she should stick to her natural color or is there another color? I should try. Oh man. Well, i can't wait to see what the red looks like with this. You'Re gon na look like a flag. I really am okay, i'm gon na do more pink and then i feel like you're supposed to brush it out. I probably should have got a brush. Okay. Well, you know when you're in quarantine. These are the things you do keeps you busy. What are you guys thinking? How does this look? How are we doing honestly kind of makes me want to get my hair dyed, but, like professionally yeah like i wonder how many washes it'll take to come out, i mean it says one: it better not be lying to us, because this is not a look. This is honestly a lot harder than it looks all right, adding on the purple, don't even need a mirror. That'S how good i am at coloring hair. Would you like me to color your hair at salon? Damn fam can't realize how good i looked with this hair. Oh yeah, oh oh, it's actually kind of pretty we're like unicorn. If you put ours together, i would say earlier i'd go to salon sam fan, but now i'm kind of like. Oh my look. I went to salon zamfam, you know, but like i didn't have a mirror, so i just need to fix it a little bit. You want to take off that wig, real, quick and uh get your hair done not after looking at youtube what he looks so good. Come on baby, i just do a face - reveal oh i'm good i'll watch from afar. Okay, where was bbi earlier, though i don't know, maybe like eating pickles. She said packing though, and she wasn't in the tiny house. I feel like she kind of wears the same. Jumpsuit every day, why would she need a pack? Oh yeah, maybe like hacker wired. Oh all, right and here is the hair that matches the slime. So, as you can see, i had pink purple slime and now my hair matches up my slime and then i had blue and red slime, and now my hair is red and blue all right. You guys comment below who you think won this challenge me or me. I mean: do you want a unicorn or a flat? Why i mean, i definitely say unicorn? Well, maybe we should have our best friend shoes, our best friend, i would say yours, oh hey, bbi. We just needed someone to help pick the winner of this challenge. They'Re voting, but we thought we would ask you. I mean it's pretty obvious. I mean she's got the blue and the red, so i i've got to go with my best friend maddie um. Okay. This is not a twin challenge. This is a slime matching. Your hair challenge: okay, thanks a lot bb. I can't wait to face our biggest fears with you. It'S gon na be great. Okay, you guys make sure you are subscribed with notifications on and make sure to vote for who has the best hair, because the loser is gon na have to do a punishment that you guys choose. Yes, you guys so comment some punishments below for maddie to do, because she is definitely gon na lose this challenge, but actually it'll be rebecca. Doing no thanks again, you guys for watching and don't forget to stay fit and have fun.

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