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Hey y'all! In todays video we're reviewing a unit sent over from LuvMe Hair. The unit goes by the name of Loose Wave Mix Blonde Color 5x5 Undetectable Lace Closure Wig. Down below I'll link a direct link to the wig. Let me know if you enjoyed the video by LIKING and COMMENTING on the video. Also if you want to see more of me go ahead and hit the SUBSCRIBE button. It's free girl! Lol...Another way to keep up with me is by following me on Instagram @tandotson or Ill have a link you can click further down. Other than that...I'll talk to y'all in the next one!



Direct Link of the unit in the video: https://bit.ly/3GPepJV

Length: 12 INCH

Promo code: tandotson

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Kardashians hi guys welcome to my channel. My name is 10. If you're new in today's video, we have a unit that was sent over from Love Me hair. Today'S unit goes by the name of a loose wave mix: blonde color 5x5, undetectable lace, closure weave pulling this unit straight out of the box. You can see that it came pre-plucked and also pre-styled. So if you are someone who's looking for a throw on and go type of unit, this might be the one you're looking for. Of course, you would have to tint the lace and cut off some lace, but let's be real. The hard part is done for you. Now, even though this unit did come pre-plugged I decided to go in and plug it a little bit more honestly, just because I got a new wig head, and so you know now I feel like a professional. It would not, but I did go in and do that, but I also went ahead and washed the unit and then re-curled the unit. This is how the unit came out. Looking after I washed and re-curled the unit, don't necessarily mind this part up here we are going to fix that in just a second but mind you, I did curl this last night and the curls are still holding up a very well as you can see. So a great indicator that this hair - I was going to say this unit this unit, this hair can hold a curl very well. The cap. The cap instruction of this unit has four pumps in total, with one of those Combs being in the very back. The other three being in the front with one of those three being in the very center. It also comes with adjustable straps and a security band as well with that security band. You can remove it and adjust it. If you need to do so, but I'm going to go ahead and keep mine in because this is going to be a glueless install as stated earlier, this is a 555 closure unit. So, therefore, you are going to get five inches going straight across and then five inches going straight back for The Parting space. As you can see, this unit is a shorter unit. I want to say it's about 12 inches long and if I'm thinking correctly yes on the website, it basically says that it only comes in 12 inches on the website. The coloring of this unit is said to be a natural black color AKA 01b, with the highlights being a number 30.. I want to say it's like a goldish blondish type of color. That'S pretty much all of the specs that I have for this unit. So let's go ahead and install her and then I'll come back with my final thoughts about this unit. I thought I like you, that of you. Oh give us the moment with you. I feel like Scarface like the way between together and it is super duper cute. Originally I was just gon na keep it like down and just let the curls just do what they were gon na do, but then I tucked it behind my ear a little bit and then I also pinned it up, and I was just like: oh my gosh. This is just it's even cuter, with the way that I have this unit styled to me. It'S giving off very spring and summer type of Vibes, but it also kind of gives me like Bridesmaids type of Vibes. I don't know what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments the coloring of this unit was done, absolutely beautiful. I love how the highlights go throughout the entire unit and they're, not just in one specific place on the website on the picture. It almost looks like the highlights would just be in the front, but if you look close enough, you can tell that they are throughout the entire unit. So that was my bad. I wasn't paying close enough attention, but I absolutely love it. I also really like how they colored this unit. As far as the highlights go, I hate when I receive a unit, and the highlights are like choppy like it's supposed to be an ombre effect, highlighted type of situation, and it's like dark, then light and there's like a defined line. I cannot stand it with this unit. Whoever goes this unit did an excellent job because you can tell or not tell but it flows very nice and easily and seamlessly that's the word, I'm looking for seamlessly it seamlessly flows from dark to light again, like I stated earlier in this video, this unit is Holding a curl extremely well: this is a loose wave texture. So therefore it really shouldn't come as a big surprise. Instead of using a traditional curling iron to curl this unit, I did go in with a curling wand and curl her I'm noticing that curling wands tend to hold curls a little bit better than curling irons, or maybe it's the way I curl with a curling iron. I don't know I mean I like my hair, either way it comes out, but I don't know the wand has just been really doing what it needs to do lately I'll have one link down in the description box below it won't be the exact one that I Use because I did pick mine up from Marshalls Marshalls yeah, but I'll have one that's very similar. Looking in the um speak about the sizing of the cap earlier, but on the website it says that it is a 22.5 inch circumference unit, which is love me hairs, standard unit, standard, medium, sized unit caps. Sorry, I want to say this unit is fitting a little bit tighter compared to their other units that I've tried from them. It'S not uncomfortable, but I can just tell that it's a little bit tighter than normal. If this is your first time seeing one of my videos, typically even with a glueless unit, I will go in with my even lace: tint spray or not lace, tint spray. Sorry, my even lace, adhesive spray! Oh, why can't I talk? Let'S see, I will go in with my even adhesive spray, the black can and I'll still go ahead and spray my unit down just to make sure that it's not moving or going anywhere this unit. I did not do anything like whatsoever. It is completely glueless like yeah, she is she's, woodless, glueless, clueless nothing, no problem see since how I'm not using any spray adhesive or glue or anything like that. My edges are protected and we loved it also keep in mind that this is a 5x5 closure unit. So therefore, my edges are pretty much out all the way on each side. I even have them peeking out a little bit on this side, and I don't think it looks too out of place or anything like that. I did go in with some. I want to say it was Edge booster, I think that's what it's called some edge control, basically to sleep, my edges back that way, it doesn't look, it can semi match. That'S what I'm trying to say it can semi-match the hair texture, if I didn't add any edge control to my edges, then. Obviously my edges would be very poofy because I do have four b4c hair, so yeah. Overall, I really do like this unit from Love Me. Hair, my only complaint is the fit of her. I just wish it was a little bit more looser but yeah. That'S all. I pretty much have to say about this unit. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a big thumbs up, also make sure you subscribe to the channel before you leave and also make sure you click the Bell that way. You'Re notified anytime upload a video follow me on Instagram and Tick Tock they're, both at 10 Dotson. We should have direct link to this unit in the description box below so make sure you check that out. I'Ll also have a coupon code that you can use and I want to say it saves you about 20 to 25 off of the entire website. I'M not really sure just use the discount code and you'll find out. I don't have anything else to say, though, except for I will see you guys in the next one bye. Thank you.

Tina BlackberryRose: ♥️ the ease of this 5x5 closure, the color and the way you styled it. Looks so natural and Beautiful on You Tyfs✨✨

Kimberly M Jackson: It definitely gives off a "bridesmaid" vibe. It's absolutely classy and very stylish. You rocking it well too!

Ms Barbell Barbie: I want to buy this wig just for the way you styled it!! So pretty!!!!

Andreya Matthew: Ughhh this is gorgeous and gorgeous on youu I'm definitely putting this on my list to get soon! And I have a wedding to attend in May so I might wear this for it!!

Nicole Williams: I love this unit ❤️‍

Star Nedd: What did the wig look like before

Star Nedd: I swear before you did it I was thinking bridal

Star Nedd:

Star Nedd: That's a lot to say

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