3 Styles In 1 Hair Topper

Have you ever wished that you could change your hairstyle without spending ridiculous amounts of money? This hair topper solution is the answer for you! The Kelli hair topper is versatile and stylish, high quality topper will be your best asset.

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Hey guys, i'm here to show you today how to wear one hair topper in three different, all right. So i have the hair topper here and i'm going to demonstrate or demo the first style. But before i do, i want to talk a little bit about how to install the hair topper. So it is a do-it-yourself unit that you can do in the comfort of your own home, i'm going to demonstrate the first unit for you now, the first style. So i'm just going to open up the clips at the bottom of the unit and you can see my hair. I have it sectioned off. I have it kind of tapered down on the sides and i have the back braided going back toward the back of my head. So now that i have my hair ready to install, i am going to place the topper on my head, so this style is kind of like a bob style with a lot with more length in the front and a little bit more length around the sides. So i'm just going to put install it in the first style it does measure about seven inches long and about six inches across, so it's seven from front to back and then six across the side, seven inches going back this way and the six inches this way. First now i have the clips in place, and now i am going to take my flat iron and i am going to just simply go around the unit and bump bump the hair so that it is not just hanging like a like a mop demonstrate for you Style number all right, so now it's time for style number! Two! Now with this style, i'm going to place the unit long ways across so i'm gon na have the seven inches going across this way and the six inches going from front to back um. You

Belinda McDowell: What does your hair look like in the back and how is it secured before the topper is put on.

Sharon: Wow, thank you, this looked so nice. I wished for better views though, like of the back, etc. And was wondering how secure it is.

Sharon Rodriques: Love to get this topper...where can I order?

Donna W.: Thank you. This topper looks very nice.

Karen Orr: Where do you order the unit?

N Mccoy: Omg thank you soooo much! You saved meeee

Kendra Galberth: The units on the website are identified by letters. Which one is the Kelli?

Annree Douglas: please tell me where to purchase that topper. It's cute and versatile.

P Jones: Nice,very stylish

Annette Cummings: Love this

Teresa Barnes: Is the Kelli topper still available? I did not see it on the website

jv: Number 2 is 4 me lov it

Frednette Claytor: Why not show the unit before you put it on so we can see how the clips are ? We need to see the base for $145. And $235. Is a lot need to see what’s under there

Newthing: Where did you that topper

DebraSingz: Where did you get this topper from

Shirley Parks: Where do I purchase this

huleneb28: Yes could you please tell me how I can get toppers

Nina Smith: Is there a phone number

marion beck: Nice I like. I need web site please.

Nina Smith: Hello Have any one brought this topper?

Berunda Thornton: No

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