Human Hair Topper & Halo Extension From E-Litchi Hair

Hey all! Loving this combo! I've always liked pairing an extension with a topper. Because my biological hair is so fine at the hairline right now, I'm really liking the bang on this top piece.

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Human Hair Topper With Bangs 15*16cm Base All Shades:

Brown Halo Human Hair Extension Full Volume:

I get my hair fibers here:

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel. My name is amber and this is fabricating fringe. Today, i'm sharing with you guys some beautiful hair from a brand called ilitchy hair. I'Ve seen some reviews on extensions halos and that, but they also carry hair toppers. I was really excited to try out this brand and try this hair, because i have seen the reviews um, they looked great and also the prices are pretty dang good and you can get a discount i'll have that discount code down below, but they have some toppers In different base sizes on their website, and then they do have some hair extensions as well. Now one thing that i like to wear with my hair toppers is halo extensions. I love a halo because they're the least damaging on your very fine, fragile hair. They won't give you traction alopecia because of clips and the hair and the weight hanging on your scalp and so um. This is something that i really do prefer and i do like to pair it with a topper. It just gives you that extra length it gives you that density, the thickness, the bulk, a halo, can also help blend a topper with your biological hair. So there's a lot of plus sides using additional hair with a hair topper so to get started. This is what the box looks like it's nice and sturdy. This one is holding the hair topper and, like i mentioned, the website does have a variety of sizes and colors available. This one right here is the human hair topper with bangs, and the base size is 15 by 16 centimeters um. It does come in a variety of shades. Like i mentioned this shade right here is medium brown. This one definitely has a warmer tone. It looks like an auburn brown, especially in this lighting, so it really depends on the lighting situation, but all in all, even looking at it in person, it does have more of a warm auburn medium brown color. You can choose to get this topper without a bang. So that is an option. This has a silk base and, like i mentioned it's a fantastic price, the price is 175 dollars and then you can use their discount as well. They have discounts on their website and then i also have a discount down below so for human hair topper. This is a wonderful price, especially with a silk top here. Is that parting right there and this is a fully hand tied silk top? As you can see, yeah you can see how you can part it every which way and it looks like natural hair growth. You have five pressure sensitive clips on the underside of this topper and it's a fantastic density. You have just enough hair to give you that coverage, the volume that you're looking for and then it tapers down in density towards the ends and that helps really blend into your biological hair. Now, if you do have thin hair like me, and it's a little bit longer than the topper that you are wearing um, you know getting it cut in, is an option and also utilizing an extension to pair together and then mix your biological hair. In with these two pieces can really give you the look you desire now here is the topper. This is 100 human hair. You have this stretchy wire, which will fit over the top of your head and blend with your biological hair. Now a lot of people wear halo extensions without a topper, but because the top part of my crown - and you know hairline and all that is quite thin. I prefer topper. You guys all know that, but many many people wear this type of extension without any additional hair piece. This here halo is 18 inches and it is in the same color as the topper, which is medium brown. Now, like i mentioned this, medium brown does have a more rich, warm tone to it. The density of this hair halo is 100 grams. The halo is also packaged in one of these beautiful, pink sturdy boxes. So just fyi the boxes are fantastic and then within the box um they give you some bobby pins and then also a gift card with a discount code. Okay, so let me do a full turnaround and show you guys the density and what my biological hair looks. Like from all angles, then we will put these on and i'll do another full turn around to show you guys the coverage and the difference that the topper and halo makes now. My hair is a little bit cooler in tone than this hair, but i think it will blend just fine, especially because i have the two pieces and i can sandwich and mix my hair all in between first off i will put on the halo. It'S super easy. 20 seconds and you are good to go, you can adjust this wire, so it fits your head perfectly and it's nice and stretchy, so it stays put and it feels secure. So you can either shimmy out the hair once the halo is on or you can use a butterfly clip and pull your biological hair up. First then put the halo on and flow your your hair over the halo so yeah. If i had decent hair on top. This would be a wonderful option for me and it is for many out there not dealing with hair loss on top of their head. It just adds that length and volume that they're looking for, and it's so simple, there's no clipping no damage. So a halo is a fantastic choice for extensions in my opinion, and they can be taken out at the end of the night. All right halo is in let's put on the topper. I just opened up all of the clips now i will find where i want to place this topper and blend it. In with my bio hair, i actually really like how this topper makes it look like. I have some layers with this halo and i think it blends pretty well with my bio hair. You can see it down here. You can see it along my hairline and i do like the bang, because the front of my hairline is very thin at the moment. So that might be difficult for me personally to blend with a blunt edge topper. So i do love that being and i am really liking that silk top take a look. Wow she's pretty. I love this combo and this color is so rich and luscious. Now, because this is human hair, you can flat iron it you can crimp it, you can wave it. You can do whatever you'd like to it. You can blend it with your biological hair and wear it as if it's your own okay. So, let's do a full turn around, so you guys can see the difference and the coverage that this halo and topper combo makes. I am in love with this shade, loving it um. I was worried about the color, not matching, but i think it blends really well. I just think it mixes in with my bio hair, even though my bio hair is a little bit cooler in tone, but it all just blends together nicely and i'm loving the warmth, especially with fall coming. I think that rich warm shade is something that i'm gravitating to so a plus for this color. I love it. It'S just your medium brown on the website, so you guys can get a discount on the website. The code is ffa10. So remember that, let me know what you guys think about this combination with the banged hair topper, the fringe on this hair topper, the the top and the difference that it's made um in my my hair situation. I think it's quick. It'S easy. It looks great and you feel like you're, still utilizing your biological hair. You feel like it's an extension of you know yourself because that's what it is. That'S what i feel like a hair topper is it's just another um extension type. You have your extensions that are down below and then wearing a topper like this is just one above to help with the volume and density above um. The combo makes a fantastic pair. You guys will definitely have to check it out over there on the ilitchy website. All links will be down below uh. Thank you guys so much for watching and thank you to ilitchy for letting me share these two pieces with you guys today. Um again, let me know your thoughts comment below and until next time i'll see you guys later bye.

Mia VA: Wow that’s all I’m going to say. This is perfect for women who have zero time for glue wigs and stuff also looks natural. You are gorgeous ❤

Kami73751: This is a beautiful combination! I’m new to hairpieces and can’t seem to decide where to start to improve the appearance of my rapidly thinning hair. I’m thinking this is something I’d like to try. Thanks for sharing it!

Denise D: Wow this is a beautiful comb on you. It makes a great style too. Amber you look gorgeous with and without much hair. Really love the color on you too♥️♥️♥️

Susan Bella: I'm thinking of purchasing this...the topper and halo. Does the topper stay in place on a windy day? Just wondering because I have fine hair as well and I'm tired of putting extensions and was considering ordering from them

brooks269: You look lovely with auburn hair!

Marlene Lawson: You look fantastic, so pretty!

gillian lee: Be careful what you buy from this company. I bought a topper and the hair started to fall out after 1 wash. The customer service is pretty bad as well. So many other hair companies making toppers doing a much better job.

Lynda Morrow: You look amazing thanks for sharing

Snowjewel: I want to let you know that I tried to add your code so the know I came from your video but it’s said another code was used(they automatically added a code) but I couldn’t add your name anywhere.

Amy Galvin: Beautiful face. Don’t bother with added hair. Get a cute pixie-cut.

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