Brooklyn'S Wedding Hair Tutorial | Half-Up Pancaked Double Twistbacks With Curls

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From my bathroom counter back in 2008, to her wedding hair a few weeks ago, my life came full circle as I helped create Brooklyn's wedding hair for her BIG DAY! It was emotional, and super fulfilling! Be sure to watch and see how we created Brooklyn's hairstyles for her wedding!

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Full circle MOM MOMENT, for this momma here, getting to do Brooklyn’s wedding hair on her big day! We made it up on the spot the day of the wedding, and it was so PERFECT for her! She wanted something elegant, but also loose and whimsical, which I think matched perfectly her wedding thing and we definitely nailed it! COMMENT BELOW if you thinks I should do more wedding hairstyles!

This half-up half-down look held up so well during the day, and kept her bridal veil in place perfectly! It really only took about 10-15 minutes to complete, once we figured out our hair plan for Brooklyn. It was really a perfect combination for any boho/modern bride, but can honestly be worn for everyday if you wanted!

The pancaked double twistbacks are super elegant, yet also give volume and support for any added hair accessories (aka a veil), so it worked perfectly for us. I truly loved this look for Brooklyn and was so excited to recreate it with her again!

Hairitage products used in this video {can be found at the link above in the description box}:

* Hairitage Curl Envy Ceramic 1.25 " Curling Iron

* Hairitage Magic Dust Texturizing Powder

* Hairitage Magic Spell Texturizing Spray

* Hairitage Argan Oil

* Hairitage Stronger Hold Hairspray

* Hairitage Brush It Off Detangling Paddle Brush

* Hairitage Get It Rat Tail Hair Comb

* Hairitage Hold Tight Bobby Pins

* Hairitage Rubber Bands

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Items Needed: Curling wand, brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, dry shampoo, texture powder, hairspray {all products are from my Hairitage by Mindy haircare line found exclusively at Walmart or via the link further above}.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium


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( upbeat music, ), Hey everyone, I'm Mindy from Cute Girls, Hairstyles., I'm Brooklyn from Brooklyn and Bailey. And Brooklyn - is bringing it full circle today with me, because you guys started with us when she sat this big on the counters. When I was doing her hair and now I'm gon na show you what we did for her wedding, hair. Yep., It looks amazing. Ari and I just kind of created it on the fly. But we've had a gazillion requests for it.. So here comes the video.. All of the products I'm gon na be using big shocker are gon na, be Hairitage. Hairitage by Mindy. Yes.. So you can see them. I will link to them in the description box below and let's get to it.. So I started you can see by putting curls in her hair as base.. Of course, I use the Hairitage by Mindy curling iron and we just did a mixture of regular curls using the curling iron and also I cheated a little by doing it. Wand version with the curling iron as well to just kind of mix up the texture and the curl pattern shape a little bit.. So that's the base that we're working with.. Then I took Lazy Day dry shampoo and sprayed it in the top to just kind of help absorb any oils that might be in her hair., And it helps give a little bit of grit, which you need anytime, you're doing wedding hair. You, like a lot of Volume and a lot of grit in the hair to work with.. So what we need to do now to start her base. We needed a bunch of volume right in here and then we bobby pinned it. So essentially you're looking for we're kind of gathering the hair like this and we're gon na create kind of like a this shape like with more volume.. So what we need to do is add more grits., We're gon na use the texturizing powder., I'm gon na tap it in right. Here it magically just disappears.. That'S why we call it our magic dust.. You can just work it in and it literally just absorbs into the hair -- that through. And then I'm gon na backcomb a little bit especially right here in the crown. We're gon na. Take it separate, it., (, upbeat music ). We don't need a ton. We want a little volume and thickness and I especially don't want to see any parting of the hair.. So I'm just gon na make sure that I get this. Laying a little flatter., And then you can see like I'm kind of creating this shape, is what I'm looking for. When I start putting bobby pins in. And we're only gon na be working with the back part of the hair., You can see that I'm leaving all of these sides loose because we're gon na work and do other things with that piece. Kind of gather softly.. So we're just working and pinning., You can see we're kind of crossing our bobby pins. Hi Finn. (, Brooklyn, laughs, ), Hi, Finny., [, Brooklyn, ], Hi, Popeye., [, Mindy ]. This is just gon na secure this hair right here and we're gon na cover up all the bobby pins at the end when we're done., So I'm not worried about seeing them right. Now., (, upbeat, music, ). Okay, when we get to this point, we have like kind of the fullness and the puff. We want right here., Then we're just gon na start layering. In Brooklyn's hair. We took this next little piece right. Here. We wan na make sure we leave enough in the front. And we took it and we just kind of twisted it.. So the best way to do this is to take some texturizing spray like this and spray it down. ( bottle spraying ) to this piece. ( bottle spraying ). This is just gon na help, it hold add a little grip to it and you'll see., And then we just kind of twisted it.. So we did really really loose twists back like this., And then we took her hair and just really stretched it and pulled it.. She wanted a really like soft relaxed, hair vibe.. You can see we're just gon na end up kind of like this. In this section of her hair and do the same thing on this side, -- create a twist.. It'S just a two strand basic twist.. The texture spray just helps hold the hair a little bit and helps it. So you can relax it like this and have it still look really pretty. So like that I'm gon na take an elastic and secure it all. And again, you're gon na end up tightening it up a little bit as you secure it with an elastic. But then you can tug and pull relax it down. And the main goal of that piece is to just kind of help hide this.. So then we have this section of her hair.. Now the next piece we're gon na do I'm gon na turn her sideways. So I can see. She wanted pieces left around her face. Kind of just did a little very subtle, twist. And I'll show you. Hold this for a second., I'm gon na fix the other side.. This guy, mostly I just kind of pulled back I'll, show you. And secure with another elastic. And the fun one here is, if you just take this and you flip it, and you flip it again, it's gon na kind of twist up those sides for you.. So again, what we're gon na do: ( bottle, spraying ) Spray, a little texture spray and then pull. - And this is what I mean by wedding. Hair is kind of one of those where you just have to kind of tweak and play with it until you like it., And if you have like, I have a little hole right there. I don't worry too much about those right now, because eventually you can just take a little bobby. Pin kind of you know, pin them together to help hide those little spots and you won't even notice it when you're done. Fix it all up.. When you get this, however, it is you want it to look as loose and flowy as you want, or as tight as you want. With Brooklyn. She, then I wanted to hide kind of these little knots, these little elastics.. So what I did was pulled the hair from underneath this guy and I split it into two pieces and I brought it up and around and I tied it kind of like you're tying your shoe., Just kind of tie, a knot and wrap it back around and Then pull. So everything's about pulling tugging tweaking.. You could even secure this part back underneath.. You can use bobby pins. Because she was putting her veil right here. We wanted to anchor it a little better, so we used more elastics than bobby pins., Just an interesting little hair moment right here, where you're kind of, like I'm, not sure, what's happening, but it looks amazing.. I would just take the curling iron and retouch any pieces that you're now seeing that you may not have before. Just make sure they're curled. And, as my final touch before hairspray, I would just take some argon oil and just do a little drop in my palms And just run'em right on the ends.'Cause. We want her ends to look soft and moisturized for the pictures and glisten., And then I would finish it all off with some hairspray. ( bottle spraying ) The shape. Remember, you're gon na do a gazillion photos this day. So over spraying with hairspray is probably a good thing'cause. By the time you get done with photos, it's gon na need the help. [ Brooklyn ] Right Jack. Then we pinned her veil right here, so it was kind of hidden and then when she pulled the veil out and switched it up, then you could see her hair better.. Okay, let's do the final spin, all the way. Around. There you go. Voila Brooklyn's wedding hair.. I know I love it Literally. We just pretty much made it up on the fly. Yeah., Which probably sounds weird.. They were pretty much just like --, Knowing I think Ari and I just knew we could -- Make it work. We could --. I know I had nothing in mind.. I was kind of just like --. I want it. Kinda half up ( dog barking ) Anyway. This is what we came up. With., It looks great.. It looked turned out amazing in the pictures., If you guys haven't already subscribed to the channel, do that by clicking right here., You can find other great videos by clicking over there, including other fun, updos and we'll see you guys next week. Bye, guys., (, upbeat music, )

Kristina: this took me wayyy back! the nostalgia from the beginning of cute girls hairstyles! I learned all my braids by watching when brooklyn and bailey were super young, definitely a full circle moment and this turned out beautifully!

Donna Hunt: this is exactly what i wanted to do for my wedding hair! thank you so much for doing a tutorial!!

Willie Macon: You know you gotta be lucky to be a daughter of a hairdresser and I’m talking all five of them

LivNtheBESTLife: Brooklyn just looks beautiful! Still having Wedding bliss sweet!

Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó: this is exactly what i wanted to do for my wedding hair! thank you so much for doing a tutorial!!

・your non favorite person 👍・: this is exactly what i wanted to do for my wedding hair! thank you so much for doing a tutorial!!

Purple07: Effortless, but elegant is the way to go! Love the fact that stressing over a hairstyle that could take hours was not an option. Mindy you are very creative with everything you do! Love it! Brooklyn very beautiful on you!

LindsayCeara: So pretty. Wish you could do mine for my nonexistent wedding day

Sussy- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞: So pretty. Wish you could do mine for my nonexistent wedding day

BELLA- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]: Effortless, but elegant is the way to go! Love the fact that stressing over a hairstyle that could take hours was not an option. Mindy you are very creative with everything you do! Love it! Brooklyn very beautiful on you!

Sara Gold: You all have beautiful hair! Very creative hairstyle to match Brooklyns theme

Emily Norman: It genuinely looked lovely, can’t believe you did that on the fly!

Gymnast_Kaitlyn_W: Love this Mindy!!

linda melhem: Hi mindy good job on doing a gorgeous hair style for Brooklyn hair for her wedding and very beautiful hair style to and thank you so much mindy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jeanette Sandoval: Mindy you have a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, excellent talent in doing hair styles. God bless Mindy and all of you children and all of your family. A big shout-out to Mindy and Brooklyn. Lots of love and blessings to Mindy and all of your children and all of your family. ❤️❤️

Bella Grace: Why did I cry seeing them in this set up wow how time flys

Gymnast_Kaitlyn_W: Gorgeous family ❤❤

Donavan Johnson: Brooklyn's hair lookin beautiful

Edward Lee California USA: Hi Mindy good morning happy Tuesday morning and I loved your vlogs and you are amazing Supporter and Brooke you are looking gorgeous

Yungzu Bass: Look great. She has beautiful hair. You have beautiful daughters ❤

Simple Nail Designs: I’ve been watching you since the girls sat on your counter. ❤ What product do you recommend for frizz?

Kimberley Owen: Totally love it

Someone.: Mindy, I need a close up to your nails!

stars_for_ night_lights1111: Very pretty style! When I use the elastics they pop apart after just a few minutes :(

Boss Ammons: So pretty

nemo farrukh: Yayy I requested this!!

MHC 2 times the Vibe: I just got the hairtage 2 in 1 styler and it’s great but I can’t curl it. I want it to look like rylans but the TikTok’s she has are to fast and I can’t do it. Could you post a tutorial and go step by step?

dippitydot: hi mindy <3

Rachael D'onofrio: Awesome video I really like it lot it was cool and you made awesome video and you are best YouTuber channels

Marisela Xon: I miss video like this do it again

Lola Weatherly: Brooklyn’s hair is beautiful! Its still long. I like how this hair style since her blonde highlights peaking though. I bet she got some help taking the hairstyle out by Dakota or she is pretty good knowing where things are of the bobby-pins and elastics. Brooklyn’s wedding was a fairytale that came true. Curly hair suits Brooklyn.. even tho she has natural have curly and waves in it. I loved how Finn was there and saying what are you doing to my mom’s hair. Finn is so adorable. Love the mom and daughter bonding time. Hope you two have a lovely week! Love y’all. ❤️ PS, any family vacations y’all are gonna do next year of the start?

Charu Shekhar: I need to try out this hairstyle for a special occasion! It looks so simple, yet elegant :)

Charu Shekhar: Hey Mindy! I wanted to let you know that last week, I did the CGH Ribbon Loony Braid on myself as pigtails! I used a brown grosgrain ribbon and they turned out amazing <3

Charu Shekhar: Already love this hairstyle ❤ so beautiful and Brooklyn is gorgeous

Karen Rademacher: So beautiful!! Great job, momma of the bride and hair guru!!

Tiger Speek: Wow. Love it. Your so beautiful Brooklyn.

Looloos Hair: So pretty! Congratulations

Marta D: I want to do this hairstyle on my wedding day❤️‍

Brenda Chaves: I loved Brooklyn’s hair!!!

Please sub like my name is woaini: Aww

An art life: wohooo I'm soo early... love to u all... u ppl r so so soo talented and pretty.. keep smiling and happy

Amanda James: Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13 day's...

Lisa Mcclanahan: Oh my gosh the girls are so grown up already getting married. I remember when you guys first started they were just toddlers

Please sub like my name is woaini: I’m the first one

EBPRO: Good night from equatorial guinea

Ileanna Fajardo: So cute ❤love y’all

Charu Shekhar: Hey Mindy! I’m sorry, I know this is random, but I wanted to ask, do you think you and Princess Hairstyles would ever do a collab together? You are both super talented, make amazing hairstyles and never fail to amaze me with your talents

Anna Siemens: Omg hi

Alondra Seda Ortiz: I love this hairstyle ❤️‍ I’m gonna be a bridesmaid and I want to know what hairstyle you can recommend me?!

Sydney Christine: I love that she did her hair makes it special

Maddy Kazmaier: Ohhh the final spin!!! Its been a while!

Ravana Russell: Mindy I really like that you did video of half-up pancaked double twist-backs with curl’s and I really like watching your videos on YouTube channel

Sarah Ren: Omg hiii

Kabman89: This is just lovely, Mindy. Keep it coming. All of your reception speeches were beautiful. I’m just wondering. Is Mindy short for Melinda? Thanks. Peace and blessings.

Heather Astbury: Love you

Mindy McKnight: What is your GO-TO hairstyle??? COMMENT BELOW! ✅ Also, you can shop my NEWLY LAUNCHED Hairitage hair care products, including heat styling tools and hair accessories, in stores exclusively at Walmart, or online HERE: ❤'s -Mindy

Marta D: So so pretty

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