4 Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Summer!

Hey babes! Here is our Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Summer! These hairstyles are all super easy to achieve and are seriously perfect for Summer. We love doing heatless hairstyles, especially when its hot out! Thumbs up if you want to see more hairstyle videos this Summer!

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Not Your Mother’s True Story Beauty & Hair Oil- http://go.magik.ly/ml/5m5w/

NEXXUS City Shield Urban Hair Crème for Frizzy Hair- http://go.magik.ly/ml/5m5v/

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo- http://go.magik.ly/ml/559o/

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray- http://go.magik.ly/ml/5qmo/

MyKitsch- Starfish, Pearl and Seashell Charm Hair Ties- https://mykitsch.com/starfish-pearl-an...

MyKitsch Dreamcatcher Hair Ties- https://mykitsch.com/dreamcatcher-hair...

MyKitsch Bar Bun Pin- https://mykitsch.com/bar-bun-pin/

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What is that guys? Welcome back to our channel, so in today's video we're basically showing you four super super easy hairstyles that honestly take under five minutes, and these are whole did to me perfect for summer because they are feet less people. So, let's just get into it, alright, guys over this first hairstyle, which is actually my favorite one, because it is super super easy, I'm just basically going to do a high ponytail, I'm just going to take my hair and put it pretty high a little bit higher Than I typically would and then I'm going to go in with these hair ties, which are honestly the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life and there's been a company called Kitsch, which I literally you guys know that we're obsessed with their chokers and actually Wearing one right now that seashell bonnet, which totally matches these vibes, so I'm just going to go in and take this and put them in my hair. So I'm basically just going to wrap these around my hair and I'm going to pull the little jewels to the front, and these are so cute. You guys they have like a little starfish and a little seashell, which I am literally obsessed with, and I have so many different kinds on our website. So I'm just going to take them and kind of put them in the front. So you can see them. They look like little hair jewels like the cutest thing ever and I'm just going to take my ponytail and just take it and scrunch it as high up as possible. We'Re going we're going all out there, people this is nice again, so I'm just going to keep fluffing and keep fluffing until it's like literally almost completely on top of my head and then I'm just going to take like all of my cute little side pieces out And I take out some front bang pieces just to make it a little bit more messy and casual. So once I have like all of my pieces out, I'm just going to go in and continue scrunching and just keep making it super fluffy and full. You can even go in with like a comma with hairspray and teeth up your pony a little bit if you want to be like extra, so I'm going to use the not your mother, she's, a tease volume hairspray, I'm just going to take that and pretty much Just spray it from the ends of my hair, just keep going in and making it super messy and super casual, and literally you guys that is it easiest hairstyle and it's just so cute and so easy, alright guys. So I'm going to show you how I achieve heatless beachy waves. It'S super simple! Well, do a shower at night time and I'll braid, my hair and my braids, my hair. You should like to start a bow at my ears and then I leave like 2 or 3 inches at the bottom and I'll usually wait until my hair is almost completely dry, so that way, it's not too early, so I'm going to do is just basically take My braids out and another thing I like to do too, is part my hair I like to wear it so that we might hair kind of dries like that. So I'm going to take my braids out, and this is basically what my hair looks like. So it's nice and wavy. It is a little frizzy and poofy some actually some products to fix that. So the first thing that I do is use this nexus cream, it's for friends and it's just going to really help kind of tame my curls right now. So I'm just going to go in with a couple pumps of this and then kind of run it through my hair and, as you can see, this really just helps to kind of flatten it a little bit. I do want the volume, but not a ton of volume, alright, so the star of the show for this hairstyle is really this. Not your mother's texturizing dry, shampoo, which I love. I would like all of their dry shampoos, but this is going to add texture. So if you're outdoors at the beach at the pool, this is going to help give your hair a really nice natural wave. So I'm going to do two like dry, shampoo and kind of get my roots in everything a little bit. Then I'm also going to spray right into my hair and it smells so freaking good you guys, so I'm just going to put this all over my hair and then, as I'm doing it, I'm kind of going to almost scrunch my hair a little bit to kind Of keep those curls intact. You can even kind of run your fingers through it like this kind of jig it up a little bit. It really just helps to kind of make it a little bit more PC and really nice and beachy okay. So once I'm done running that texturizer in my hair kind of judge it up a little bit. Sometimes I like to take my wife tooth comb and just kind of tease it just a little bit towards the end, just to kind of keep the curls in tackle, to give it a little bit more volume and that's basically it you guys. It'S super easy, but I am going to do one final step. I do like you, the hair oil, because you know the end can was a little bit frizzy, sometimes so this one's actually just from not your mother's, and you guys seriously. This smells so fricking good. I'M not even kidding so I'm spending a tiny little square of that and then rub it in my hands. It is kind of rough just in the ends of my hair. So that's basically it you guys. It is so easy took me what like two minutes to do this. So all you to do is braid your hair before you go to bed, and this is going to help keep your hair super healthy because you don't have to blow-dry it. You don't use any heat, but the very final stuff I'm going to do is just hit it with some hairspray just make sure it saves all day. This hairspray is from not your mother's and I love it because it doesn't make your hair crunchy, which I hate so a little bit of hairspray and boom. You guys have some really cute, really easy speech: qidt qidt hassle, what all right, so we've got to the next hairstyle, which again is my favorite, because it is super super easy. We are doing a bun, but not just any bun, we're going to go a little hard and we're going to accessorize this fun. So basically, what I'm going to do is just go ahead and put my hair up into just a standard bun, nothing crazy, because I usually like my buns to be a little bit Messier and pretty much look like I just food up and didn't even try at All so what I'm going to do is take one my favorite hair ties and again these are from kitchen. They literally, you guys have so many different cute hair ties like I can't even choose, but this one I'm going to use is just like a white super cute like braided one which I'm obsessed with so I'm just going to go in and basically wrap my hair In a bun alright, so once we have our bun situated, I'm just going to go in with this really really cute little like hair. Pin, I'm just going to push it right into my bun, just like that in like honestly bags how freaking cute is this fun? Quick look, I never would've thought to put a bun clip in my hair until I bought these, and I was like that's because typically my life and it's super easy and super simple to give you like a little bit of extra pop to your little messy bun. So now I'm just going to take out my little side pieces just to give myself a little. Just extra messy, undone look and just kind of go in and ginge it a little bit, and that is literally it you guys. It is so so easy to look like you spent so much time on your hair, but you learn just see what episodes of the cute bun clip in so that is it for this one all right so for this next hairstyle, basically a play off what I Just did with my Fiji waves, I'm going to kind of just add a little bit of an extra element to it. So I'm asked to take a chunk of my hair on each side and I'm going to go ahead and braid it all the way down. Alright, so once I know my hair braid, it all the way down. I actually like to leave a pretty good amount, not braided, but I'm going to use this little black elastic just to secure it, and my hair is super thin. So for my braids look a little bit thicker, I'm going to actually just pull out some of the pieces just to kind of make it a little bit more messy a little bit more chunky. So super quick super easy and option to do the same thing on the other side and it does not have to be perfect, so you don't have to you know, make sure the braids are in the same place or anything. I think the Messier is the cuter with these kind of hairstyles. So again, I'm going to braid all the way down. I actually got this idea from the pur cosmetics part evaluate to a few weeks ago. They actually have girls, they're braiding hair with a super fun, and this is the look that they did on the ice. Cutting super cute super fun and really perfect for the summer, if you're outdoors peace speech boom cool okay, so once you have your braids in and actually going to kind of go an extra mile, and I'm going to use these really cute they're, basically like earrings. For your hair, which I think you're so much fun, so I have some gold and some silver ones. So what I'm going to do is just going to take my braids and I'm going to start at the top and I'm just going to bring this right into the braid, and this would be good if you had a friend or a sister to come help. You out, but you could totally do this on your own too, but I just think that these little hoops are so much fun and kind of just take your hair cells to a whole other level. So I did three on this side and I'm going to do a three on the other side, I'm actually using gold and silver. You can use all one color. It'S really up to you, so just whatever you like, but like honestly, look how easy these are to put in they just literally flip right in and they're pretty easy to open and close to so that, basically it you guys so easy. So quick - and this just kind of gives your hair a little bit of an extra element, and I really love how quick and easy it is. So that's basically it for our for hair cells. You guys, let me said, they're so easy and perfect for summer now, if you guys wan na see more videos like this. Definitely let us know in the comments below and don't subscribe. You guys bye,

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