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  • Posted on 08 November, 2019
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The best hair waver from Amazon and Sephora. I tested out the Alure and Amika 3 barrel wavers to see if price makes a difference and I was really shocked by what happened.





Hair products used:

Alure Three Barrel Waver/Curling Iron Wand

Oribe Texture spray

AMIKA High Tide Deep Waver

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Hey everyone, I'm Lee Anne, if you don't know me if you do in your back, thank you so much for coming back today, we are testing out two different hair wavers like these guys. Three barrel hair wavers this one's from Amazon. It was $ 30. This one is from Sephora and was a hundred and twenty dollars. I actually already have a hair waver, so is this a ridiculous video maybe, but I busted this one out after seeing so many people using hair waivers. I was like you know what I have one. I'M gon na do it myself my hair's slowly but surely whoa Wow, excuse me. So, as I was saying, I done this one out of the depth of my hair tool basket and it just did not work as well. As I remembered it, just everything is awkward about it. It did not give me the great amazing waves. I saw everyone else getting this big handle right here, not good. I actually did a video with this waver years ago. It was like a mermaid waves, hair tutorial and I'm fine with that video, but I just I don't know this one. It'S just lost its power and I wanted to try another one. So, like I said, I got one that's a little bit more budget-friendly and one that is definitely not budget-friendly. Amica vs alors alors is listed as like a best seller on Amazon. When I got it was like 29.99, I'm gon na do half of my head with this one on half of my head with this one and we're gon na see which one is better, does it create a better or worse curl? They look very similar actual like mechanism of waving my thumb. Is it long enough slightly different they're like upside down versions of each other? Can you say that, for the allure waver, the barrels go up for the Amika version. The plate goes up. We'Re gon na see. If that makes a difference, we're gon na see if the price makes a difference, and obviously we're also gon na consider what my hair actually looks like after this experiment is complete. Hopefully it doesn't look that crazy, but I'm doing it for you, I'm doing it for science. Okay. So before we get started with the more budget-friendly version, the allure 3 barrel waver, I'm gon na tell you a few things that they have on the listing is like selling points, so it heats up really fast. 60-Seconds they're, ceramic 1-inch barrels. You have a little LCD screen here. It displays the temp in Celsius. I didn't see in the instructions if you could switch it between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also has a no slip. Grip handle a kickstand, that's really wide on the back, so it holds it off with your counter, a no tangle cord and a 360 degree swivel. So let's go ahead and see what it actually does with my hair. Right now I am working with like second, almost third day hair got a little bit of volume. It'S got a little bit of tangle. I figured if I'm gon na be doing my hair with two different air wavers and it could potentially look crazy. I might as well be working with dirty hair, so it's got a good bit of texture spray dry shampoo. It'S seen some things and we're ready to do the experiment, so let me part it all the way down right, I'm just trying to get rid of all my tangles. Last night I had my hair braided and then wig cap under a god-awful wig that I got for my dolly parton costume, okay, I decided I'm actually gon na section off my hair and go section by section like a real pro and give these waivers, like the Best chance to work, so the waiver did heat up really really quickly and it's really hot, like even just being this close to it. It'S 302 degrees, Fahrenheit or a hundred and fifty degrees Celsius, and I'm just gon na go in with. I don't know small ish sections, I don't feel like. I ever do sections as small as people on the internet. Do I don't want to hold it too long? Oh okay, I'm barely holding it on there and it's definitely doing a wave fabulous. Okay for this section, I'm not gon na include the very tippy tip of my hair, but this is quite mermaid, lean very nice and I'm like barely holding it on my hair. You know my hair has been through some things. It'S been very, very damaged at certain points in my life and I'm very afraid of getting back to that point ever again, so I really try not to hold heat on my hair too long, and it's great that I don't really have to hold this on. One section down this one is already outperforming my Revlon one. So I'm happy. Let'S go ahead and move to the next section. This one is definitely so much less awkward to handle. It definitely doesn't feel as heavy this little trigger button. I don't know what you call it: the little lever that you to push it's so much easier to work with hello, beach wave barbie, i don't know, maybe we're more like 80s barbie, but you know I'm fine with that. Okay, here is the first half with the allure a three barrel waver done. I think it looks good that was so easy and it took like no time at all if I was doing in my regular way, which is like much more haphazard and maybe doing two sections doing it a lot more sloppy. It would definitely take me less time, but I was shocked by how little time that actually took - and I think it gave me a really good, very uniform result. How do we feel do we like this? I like it. It gives my hair a lot of volume that, as you can see, I do not have naturally - and you can see like a before and after, like sad straight hair weeping down the side of my head, and this is like fun and spunky eighties. Barbie beach wave Barbie coming through and, like I mean, are you gon na say no to that? I'M actually really pleased with results. Now I need to do the other side of my head with the Amika high tide. Deep waver, like I said it's from Sephora, it was $ 120. It has really good reviews on the Sephora site. They have some like user review pictures and everyone's picture looks pretty good. So I have high hopes for this and for me, after paying $ 120, I feel like we should really be able to see a notable difference like a major advantage on this side compared to this side. Okay, let me tell you a few more notes. While that heats up actually just kidding, it's already done heating to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. I wanted them at the same temperature. Just so you know we can't contaminate the experiment. Oh strange fact, real, quick, the Amika hair waver actually won the allure best of beauty award. I don't know what year it was, but it was on the Sephora listing and this one is called the allure waver accident. I think not. I just thought it was weird. Okay, the barrels on the Amika waver are 0.7 inches, so they're slightly smaller than the allure barrels, they're, also tourmaline ceramic, and it says on the box that the negative ions seal, the cuticle and smooth the hair, which is kind of funny because it's waving the hair. It'S also smoothing the hair so we'll see they also say that it will leave no marks. I don't really see. Well, I mean it's nothing but marks so again. We'Ll see this one all has a no-slip grip handle and a little screen. So you can see the temperature this one goes up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit and you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This one also has like a no tangle cord that swivels, except this one is 9 feet long, and I don't know how long this one is, but this one is longer by probably about a foot and a half. I don't know how much that matters to you, but I like a long cord. I can appreciate that all right, so I'm just gon na, go through the exact same steps on this side and we'll see what we get. Ok, first impression: right off, I will say it's a little bit more challenging to get the section of hair easily in between the barrels and the plate. Ooh, I see a little shine popping off. I don't know is that my head, I left that one on a little bit longer because I was talking. Maybe that's the trick all right, one section down: alright, I'm back! I'M done, I'm waved all over. Can you see a difference? This is the Amika side. This is the alar side, I don't know if you can, but I can tell a slight difference between the two sides, but it is a very, very slight difference. I think the Amika side is a little bit smoother and yes, it is wavy, but it's also smooth. If that makes sense, this side just looks like it has a little bit more frizz going on, and I really did them in the exact same way, but it's a little bit of extra frizz on this side worth paying $ 90. More, I don't know. Okay, I have a few other points that I quickly jotted down just a few things I noticed along the way the Amika definitely feels better. In your hand, you can kind of just feel the difference in the quality that might not matter to you again. I always have to go back to is that feeling worth $ 90. Another good point for the Amika, even though it is personal opinion. I think I, like the wave pattern a little bit more. You can really tell up near the root how it's different. It goes kind of like does that make sense. I really like that compared to the allure side. However, I would be an idiot not to men that you could get the exact same wave pattern, or at least I'm assuming you would, if you just flip the allure upside down and that puts the plate on top. Just like the Amika I tested it out, but it should work exactly the same all right now. A couple positive points about the allure waver is this: one actually opens wider than the Amika as I was using the Amika. I noticed that the sections weren't going in as easily as they were with this one and it's just because it simply opens wider. So, for me, that's a huge plus for the allure waver also, even though I did notice a little bit more frizz on the allure side. I do feel, like this side looks a little bit more natural. It'S a little bit more like tousle, like you're, not showing up looking like you were at home, working real hard, sectioning off your hair and using a three barrel waver, it's just kind of like. Oh hey, this old thing. I don't know it's just more of like a. I woke up like this kind of vibe compared to this one, but again they're, not that different. Okay, one more thing I have to say about the Elora waver, and this is bad and I so wish I had the camera on at this moment. But I was all done waving. My hair and the camera had just like turned itself off and I was just kind of like writing my notes and everything and I realized I might have held the waver a little bit longer on the Amika side. So I wanted to make it fair, and so I went to turn the allure waiver back on and just like hold it a little bit longer on these top sections. I turned it on. It said it was up to a hundred and fifty Celsius so back up to where I wanted it and it was completely cold like it did not heat up at all, but the screen said it had heated up. So this would be like my second time turning it on ever. That'S a really bad sign, so I turned it off. I unplugged it. I replugged it turned it back on and then it heated up, so it wasn't a big issue. It wasn't completely broken still. That'S not a good sign, that's not what you want to see right after you use a product half of a time. Okay, so that's everything I observed along the way, I'm gon na add a little bit of texture spray, just to kind of like finish off the look. I wanted you guys to see what it looked like without first I'm so addicted to this stuff. Oh, it's so good all right, I think that's all I'm gon na do to my hair. I think it's done. I don't feel like the sides look drastically different. I was kind of concerned about it, but I think it looks fine. I think this is a cute. Look it's something different for me. So I'm happy with that and seeing as they don't look drastically different. That makes me want to say: okay, you don't need to spend $ 90 extra on a hair waver. You can just go to the $ 30 one, but because of what just happened with it, not turning on, I feel like I need to try these out for a few more days. I'M just gon na go on about my business half my weekend and then I'm gon na come back to you guys and let you know my final thoughts, we'll see what happens. Okay, you saw yesterday. I went through my whole hair after showering and blow-drying my hair with the Amika three-barrel, and it looked really good. I think it stayed really well throughout the day. It looked really pretty. I really liked it so now, I'm back the next morning to show you what the hair looks like after you put it in a bun to try to preserve the waves overnight, we're gon na see. If this is like manageable, not horrible, I was actually expecting it to look terrible well hold on. This is fine. This is good. It looks even a little bit more natural than it did yesterday and a little less like. Oh, I put a waver in my hair. You know you can't really go in and brush it cuz. I think that would just make it really frizzy and like gross so we're not gon na. Do that, I'm just gon na go through with my fingers. Okay, so I think that's just about as tame as I'm gon na be able to get it. I think it looks pretty good. It'S definitely more of like a natural wave compared to yesterday, I kind of like both looks. I don't know how long this will hold compared to yesterday or if it will relax even more. It probably will, but I'm gon na go ahead and just go with this. I might put a little shine spray in because it's looking a little dull to me. I don't know if that's coming through on camera, but really I just wanted to show you what day 2 looks like and I'll see you tomorrow. I don't know. What'S going on here, I was just going about my business. I was gon na go through the whole head. I was actually going upside down with it to see if I could get a result very similar to the Amiga just just to see what would happen. Okay, it's all an experiment here. Suddenly it's just not working! It'S still saying it's at 150 degrees Celsius. This is what I've been using so far. It should all be fine and then look nothing. It'S just losing heat for no reason at all. Here, I'm gon na turn it up a little bit. This is terrible, and you know what I was feeling really good doing it upside down looks like it's really reducing a lot of the frizz that I was seeing the first round, and I was really happy about that. I thought all of this was turning around. Maybe I just got a bum one though I don't know it says it's up to 170 Celsius, which should be quite warm. It'S totally not it's doing nothing to my hair. What is going on? Okay, I just unplugged it plugged it back in. Let'S turn it back on and it already says it's not. I can touch it and it says it's at 170 degrees. Try it one more time. I'Ve seen so many people posting about this specific waiver. So it's definitely working for some people. I guess I just got a really crappy one. I don't know. Do you see this? It'S doing nothing. I don't know what I'm gon na do now cuz. I was just trying to finish out my whole head with this waiver to give it another shot, see how it wears see what the day 2 waves are. Like. You know, I'm really trying to do like a well-rounded review here, and it just like gave up it. Just like quit its job, no hotter turn it up even more. It says the heat is going up and it's not ok, I'm gon na turn it off again. Unplug it free plug it. I just unplugged it and replugged it again, turning it back on. It says it's at a hundred and ninety degrees Celsius right now and I'm touching it definitely sending this one back right, one more time at 90 degrees Celsius cool all right. I guess that's all I have to say about this one. It just died halfway through. My second time, using it I mean $ 30 very nice price, but if it breaks after the second time you used it not really worth $ 30. I'M definitely not saying you have to go out and spend 120 dollars, but I will say this one's turning back on and I'm not gon na go out of the house with half waved hair. I mean that would be a real bad situation. If I was trying to get all the house right now - and I was gon na - do my ways and my waiver died halfway through my hair - that's gon na be a weird ponytail. That'S gon na be a weird day like good luck with your life. With that half waived ponytail, I'm not trying to do that with my life. Maybe it's just this one, maybe all the people that I've seen recommending this one just got a better product. I don't know I got a dud and this is just what happened. I mean to be completely honest with you whenever I come into a review like this and I'm comparing a super expensive product to a more affordable one, I want to say that you can make this one work and that $ 30 can give you the look just As well as $ 120 can, but unfortunately, in this situation it can't there are definitely many waivers in between these two price points, probably a lot of them work. But in this moment I have to tell you, the Amigo waiver is way way better because it turns on, but really this is a really good waiver. I love the waves that it creates. I will say that, as I was going through with this waiver and actually doing it upside down to kind of just mimic the way that this waiver is with the plate on top, so it was kind of awkward to handle it like that. But I do think it gave me a much more smooth wave. I did not intend on finishing this video today. I thought I was gon na go on tomorrow. Tell you more things all of that, but I don't think I'm gon na do that anymore. Cuz. This just feels like the natural end of the road for this video I mean I hate that it went like this if there's another waiver out there, that you'd like me to experiment with on my channel I'd love to do that. I really love this hairstyle. It'S really grown on me in the past few days. I love the way it looks that makes me feel like a mermaid. It makes me feel like I have a different hairstyle. What I really haven't done anything different. I definitely recommend it. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this was helpful. I will leave the links to the products I used down below. Don'T forget to subscribe to my channel. If you like this video, if you want to see more videos from me, I also have a vlog channel I'll link that in the description as well, you can find me on social media. It'S Lee Anne says everywhere. I love talking to you guys over there and as always, thank you so much for watching. I can't believe I'm finishing this video with like half done hair, but that's just what happened thanks so much for watching I'll, see you guys next time bye, everyone! I was gon na finish, my hair with the one that works, I'm gon na star on it. That'S the way it's supposed to go. I love that hello. I want to give you a full, well-rounded review. Do we like this? My hair could just be on the team for two seconds: that'd be great

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Samantha Snyder Walters: I like the wave pattern of the allure more. And it's pink ❤️

AntCathy Craig: I like the Allure side better.i said this before the silly thing wouldn’t heat back up.

girlfrmars: i personally prefere the alure side of your hair, but both look super cool and are only slightly different!

Faye Bush: Leighann we are hair twins. If I want wavey hair I just braid my hair while it damp and sleep. Hey it's free and easy for me. And my hair hates heat tools. Love this style of video.

Karen Rowan: I found your video searching for reviews because my waver (neither of these brands) literally died half way through styling my hair when getting ready for work this morning ‍♀️. I feel like I’m having Deja vu watching this! I may have to spring for the Amina-definitely do not want another unreliable one...

Kayleen Howey: I have actually be debating between these two!! Thank you for reviewing this!

emily grace: i’m gonna have to get one of these!! it takes not even 10 minutes!!! it literally takes me an hour and and half to curl my hair with a wand

Albita: I have the Revlon 3 barrel. And it works great for me. Just take small sections of hair. I think you just wanted I reason to buy another. Which is fine. I like how you talk on this video

Mickeighla Short: Omg thank you, I love your advice and was literally just looking at which one to get!

Caitlin Grattan: I am so sad that the Allure Waver was a dud! I really liked the way it waved your hair and was totally rooting for it! :'(

Sarah Anderson: I love when I crimp/wave my hair on my 3 day dirty hair and then pull it in a bun and sleep in it and then the next day it’s perfect! My waver is super tiny annnnd now I feel like I need a bigger one.

April F: I guess I'm lucky cause that's how my hair looks naturally when I just let it air dry lol. Allure side that is

Daina McDowell: Eagerly awaiting this video since the Vlog, Your hair looked so good! Another person who has curly hair and doesn't need the product, but I love seeing the tech. lol

Tara Leckelt: Me: Has short short hair. Still Me: Watches every hair tool video and hair tutorials on long hair.

brookiesvideos: I have the revlon waver at home, and now I'm tempted to try it out when I visit this weekend LOL

Allison White: The allure side was done with the wand upside lift at the root. I think at 350 you could leave it on longer.

Kcatsara: Hi! Love your vids♡ could you plllleeaaase do a follow up on the progression of the brow lamination? I feel like it only looks good initially! Please tell us your thoughts

Brandi Ruble: Now I understand why you said no comments about your hairstyle on this week's vlog. I have to go with the less expensive deep waver as not much difference in style. With coin saved can actually get products to help protect our hair from possible heat damage.

Diane Humphrey: i remember the old crimping irons that did alot better than this updated stuff than when my kids where young lol

Brogan M: I would love to see you try out the bed head brand one as well!! I always see it at ulta and am tempted!! Love the vintage tee!

Susan VanDerMeer-Spight: The pink cheap one broke on me and I had only used it twice. Love my Amika worth every penny.

Trish Bartlett: Love this look, will have to start using my waver again! Love your orange sweater that one day.....where is it from? Sooooo cute.

SL Barbieri: Your hsir looks awesome snd it looks like its so quick! But my hsir iswavy so living vicariously thru you.... PS: Don't be people with naturally wavy hair can't do second day hair. Once it goes up in a bun, it gets all wonky and you have to wet it down again ;-((

Jenny Kinas: "I'm doing it for science." LOL, cute! Do you use heat protection spray before styling? That will keep your hair from having heat damage. Great video!

Alecia J: I just saw a pic where someone had completely burned their hair off on and iron and it’s because it malfunctioned and over heated. They didn’t have it on long either. It was the first thing I thought of when you said the allure one didn’t heat up but said it did. What if it malfunctions and goes the other way as in too hot. Just be careful.

KirstenGlae Parker: For $120 it needs to wave my hair and give me a foot massage, while I chill and scroll through Instagram. Just my opinion though....‍♀️‍♀️ Btw, I have a BedHead waver, and it really sucks. It barely even makes a wave at all, but still manages to burn your hair.

sandihj: For sure please leave a review on the Amazon listing so the information is there for everybody.

Heather Andrew: I wondered at first if there was a safety switch that would shut down the heat if it was not in what it was programmed to see as it's normal operating position. Good idea but not the case it appears so far! Can you give us an update on the Allure? IE replacement sent to you or just a return. What about the Bed Head wavers?

Christa Denison: Sooooo I definitely bought the wave iron you used in your mermaid hair tutorial and I have used it for YEARS and I still love it. I was wondering if you were making an updated video after watching the vlog this week!

State of Kait: I'm going to buy the Alure one anyways because Amazon's return policy is so good. It's worth a shot!

Aleesha Flow: I miss my waver so much! It was a bed head one but it finally died after having it for like 10 yrs.

C Buss: The wave looks great on you, if I did that it would look like I never brushed my hair, lol.

Ashlee Marie: *has natural curly hair and will never use one of these *never misses a Leigh Ann video

Andrea Carter: I use the bed Head wave maker and I have short hair and love it!!!

Hoo Me: First “mermaid” tool review that I actually liked. Can u review the Bondi Boost wave wand since the price point is in between these 2? Thanks!!

Courtney Chedester: I would love to see you compare Amika and the Revlon one with doing half of your hair with each so I can compare better. I have the Revlon one so I want to know what I am missing lol

Michelle Creasy: I bought an Amica one and the exact same thing happened.

Rosie Bess: I own the Allure one and use it upside down all the time.. it never does what it did to you. Mine only reaches 290 degrees but it’s enough. I hate how tight some wavers are.

Chelsey Downey: That sucks that one waver wasn't cooperating the second day wave test. But I hope you can get a refund or get a newer one that still works longer than the second day of use.

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