Best Sleeping Cap For Weaves/Breathable Satin Bonnet Review

  • Posted on 26 March, 2018
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Hi guys.... this video is to show you the best sleeping cap that worked for me.its called breathable satin bonnet can be found in most hair shops . I hope you found this video helpful.

Hi guys welcome to my channel. My name is: if you're, not a aka fizzy, today's video I'll be talking about how to sleep your wave on. So if this is your wave that you've done and some people have cut, I usually get lots of question from people asking me: Oh fizzy. How do I sleep with my weave? It'S? How do I do this? How do I do that today? I'M answering all your questions if you want to know how you sleepy - or we keep watching so about how to sleep with your wave like when you've done your weave and you don't have any idea how to sleep with another one, I use silk scarf when I Tie the the hair with Scott before I wake up that desk office, it's already like in Jamaica and I'm still in London, like literally it goes off of my head, so I try to get what works for me. I'Ve tried a lot of things. This one works for me, but it from the hair shop. I think this is like my third one. I normally don't do weave. So when I have my weeks on just come back on through it. Oh we're not used to have beef. I'Ve tried it a lot of things and I settled with this one. This actually works for me. It'S called breathable satin born, so it's quite a bit of something in it as well. This is what I got from the hair shop. I'M sure you can get it from any hair shop like the normal hair shop parks, any hair shop to be honest, you'll catch it. This is what I've tried on like. Sometimes I lay my only one. I have my frontal wig on and I'm going somewhere again tomorrow and so I'm having to remove it as a saline again with the baby hairs and all the trouble the next day, sometimes I'll, be like. Oh no. What, since I'm, going out tomorrow morning, I just have I just let the week be on my head, like I literally just slip with the week, so what I have to do that most times I'll use this. So this is how the perhaps looks like this is the pack you can get it from any hair shop. I got it four to five ninety-nine, so this is, I don't know if you guys can see it, but this is what I've tried, and this is what I feel the walks for me like I said you can try all my things and see what works for You and it's quite a bit of Sutton in it. So if you look closely, you can see, the materia is actually nice. Silk like it's called Sutton ish material in Italy. What I do, if I have to sleep with my hair, like my weave, there's a feeling I've got weave if I have to sleep with my week like me that I've got wigs, I just kind of put it away. I can just because this isn't new, so it's still kind of slippery, so I just try and hold these add so much as I can. I can just go onto your hair, so I normally would do this just to get the hair out of my face. Just I decide to have like I said if I'm going up the next day - and I don't want because it takes time - trust me, especially when you have the front all having to do all the baby hairs on the softride days. It works for me I'll. Just try to put everything in so I put this back shot every hand for the update beats so that you can, you know, enter so that you can enter the cup properly. So this is how it looks no hair on my neck, I'm free for the night. I'M free to roll, nothing is de stopping me and if you feel like you're, getting any stron just try and sneak it in, like literally put it inside, put it inside and you're good to sleep like a baby, and you have peace of mind, sleeping because now, No hair is touching my face. I can see one do one there, just try and put it in and you're free, literally free free for the night and the next day you take it out and you go yo. Go your normal business this this way because of the bunt. Then you see the band like a robot and it's so soft. It'S not those kind of bandha. You will give you headache this is I love this because then is really soft. You wouldn't even tell you, have any thin like band on your head, because I don't know how they made it, but is mixed the bun. The robot is mixed with the multi-bear, so it's so soft and it's not really that tight. It'S not like it's loose loose, but it's femme, because then you can sleep with it and not start looking for it in the morning. You know that's why I prefer things if you find this video helpful make sure you come and show you subscribe. Make sure you like comment. Let me know that you see me for the first time and where you're from yeah and if you find this video helpful, put a V in the comment below every means added value in this videos and value to you put a V in the comment below. So I'm gon na find a video helpful and I will see you guys all later. Thank you, bye, good night, I'm day to sleep with my bond good night, everybody. I love you all! Thank you so much for supporting me all this time. God bless bye.

Vicky Martins: Thanks, I just got a weave after a year of wigs so I need something to keep my hair sleek

Jade: Great video!! Needed this!

Maame- Bev: Thanks for d tips

Chuks Onochie: Av... very helpful tanks n weldone

Ifeoma Paula: Thanks Fizzy...

Wifeysclozet: AV

Anaestesia Ikharo: Av

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