3 Easy Styles For Short Hair Using A Head Bonnet.

  • Posted on 07 July, 2020
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

First will need a head bonnet, shirt or scarf and ponytail extension. Very detailed and easy way of styling short hair using a head bonnet.

Hello guys welcome to my youtube channel, can't wait to get started. Jenny hope I answered your question about the short hair and how to tie the hair bun it all you need is a pony shut, an extension so, with this I'll show you how to add a little extra volume at a park and start it looks better because It will it will look like it's shrink data, but, like you seen so, I'm going to show you what to do yeah. So there's another chick, Oh something that you can use. If you don't have a pony tail extension, you can use anything like a char. Just have a shawl anything that is not so big. I think. If I have a shirt you know you may have an old shut-in and cheesing can use it as a to add volume if you have very short hair to add volume to the hair bonnet and if you also have thin hair, you can use it. But you turns out awesome either way. Yes, so thank you for liking and commenting Jenny and everyone hope this will help you loose Budhan, an adult, a child, youth. Anyone and it's easy to make you so I tried on this - the bun I put on my head. When I'm making a ponytail, she was laughing cause. She didn't know how it would come out, but in the end it was awesome. She loved this, look, how it is yeah did it in Tintin, so you can rock with short hair without short, hair long hair. Let your hair all the way we are women of all seasons, so I think you're good enough of the help on it. This is what it looks like look at that you may think she has hair she's, just a little girl who has no hair, but she looks good well health reasons. So I wanted to show you just a little bit if you have thin hair like mine cause. I had cut it earlier, you can tie it in a ponytail and then you add the extension. It will help with a little more volume to add volume to your hair and the bonnet will look nice. Others how I like it, but in anyone has the own ways then you pin it up so that it in one place doesn't move around as you've tied up on it yeah. So thank you for subscribing commenting liking. I love you all actually. Thank you. I got more than 50 orders of the hair bonnets. Thank you so so much I really appreciate. Thank you.

Justine Okpala: I love it,looks so lovely

Twaha Birungi: Another amazing video tutorial, Kay! Many will take inspiration from your great ideas and talent. Keep sharing and May God keep blessing you as you bless others.

Winnie Namaganda: Creative,I like the way she grew hair in a blink of an eye...

Kisala Disan: Creativity at its best

Akankunda Carlo: It's amazing

Dora Baribumpe: Wow that's awesome

Twaha Birungi: One more to hit that magic 200 Subscriber mark. Well done, Kay!

Genesis Gabby: Wow kay I love this

Namiya Jenny: Thanks dear

mutara Brenda: Can you please teach us how to make summer hats big round beam

Kizza Dennis: Creative

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