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Hey guys, it's came up and back to my channel, so I'm here to give you guys another video in this video. It'S basically gon na, be on this style right here. So, if you're interested in how I achieved this frontal ponytail and mind you for my first time, I think I did a good good job. You guys, okay, but yeah. If you're interested in seeing how I achieved this style, definitely stay tuned. I'M gon na leave the links in my description box for this hair. I'M a when I showed this next clip. I was not feeling my eyeshadow okay, so I had to kick it off, but my battery going dead but yeah I'm like taking it out shadow off. I don't think it's my color. It was fine. I liked how it turned out, but it just did not look right on me and look like I had black eyes. I don't know it just I wasn't feeling it, but now I'm feeling it so yeah yo. I'M excited, I'm excited alright y'all, so I'm not gon na be talking through this whole thing, but basically you're gon na want your head to be straight. So if your hair is not straight, you wan na go ahead and straighten it. My head is already straight, so I'm just gon na put it in a ponytail where I want my ponytail to be so. If you want your ponytail lower or higher, then that's where you put it. So that's what I'm doing now. Just look at my ponytail down. I am using Beauty forever hair. All the links to this hand will be listed in my description box. So after I finished placing my ponytail where I want it to be, I'm going in with my gossipy glue holding spray and I'm using this because I'm not wearing as hairstyle for too long. But if you want something more of a stronger hold, then go ahead and do that, but I'm just using this for now. So I'm taking my my friends'll and I didn't bleach the night you guys while I didn't bleach it, but it didn't take because it was seeping through and I on my hair to change colors so basically not to not bleach, but that's. Okay, the hairline and everything is still nice. I did go in and pluck the hair line a little bit, but anyways yeah, I'm just going in. I start in the middle first and then I work my way on the sides. Okay. Another thing I forgot to mention so videos that I've seen on this style a lot of people. I think everybody that I've seen do this style. They use the ballcap method where you use the stocking cap in like a hair it down to your head or whatever, like that. I tried that method two times with my lace, wigs and I don't like it y'all, because that stuff, the stocking cap it'd be like stuck on my edges, and I need my edges y'all. All of them, because my hair line is so thin, like my hair period, is thin and my edges is been so I don't have a lot to start off with. So I need all of that. Okay. So if you're like me and had that type of issue, just don't use a stocking cap, you've really honestly truly do not have to okay but yeah. I just wanted to let you all know that so anyway, now I'm going in and I'm cutting the excess lace off, because it was a little bit too big for my head. So if the lace is like too big just cut off the excess, it's pretty easy. All right so moving on to the ponytail, so I'm using my Nairobi, a foam spray yeah. I meant Foam spray for me lotion to lay down the ponytail. I meant for my edges. If anybody was curious, I use eco styler gel to lay down my edges but yeah. I didn't feel like I needed to talk through my edges, because it's pretty much self-explanatory when she's looking at it but anyway. Basically, I'm brushing this back. You want to make sure it's real flat, real flat leg and yeah and you're going to put it in a ponytail over your original ponytail. If that makes any sense, so your original ponytail is already there you're gon na comb, the frontal hair. Look that multi-resistant ponytail am I making sense it's hard for me to sling stuff y'all, but I'm pretty sure you don't get it so yeah after that. You want to make sure your ponytail is nice, and even - and this is what it looks like in the back - so you can tell y'all yes. So now, I'm taking some of my finishing powder and just like it piled it in since my bleach, not sitting turnout. So well so yeah, I'm just taking all of that just to make it look real natural and make my time stand out more y'all. Okay. So I'm growing the weed about this. But do you see how crooked my foot is? I didn't notice because I was looking at it. I would say something is off like why don't my ponytail a little flat on one side, but it's actually because my ponytail is slanting y'all but anyway don't mind that it still looks nice. So anyway, now I'm taken and I'm free in my ponytail and bringing it to their because that's where the tricks are gon na I'm a wrestling tricks around. I don't want to start at the end of the ponytail because I just don't feel like it's necessary. So now I'm showing you how much I forget my place, but anyway, I'm using this headed head dosed off this is tough resilient bodyweight. I have the 24 inch that I'm using they sent me four bundles to 26 inch bundles and to 24 inch bundle. Some issues in the 26 inch bundle, I'm into 24 inch bundle and I'm starting right there, because I don't want it to be too long. So again, I'm only using one bunny where I feel like. If I would have braided it all the way down and started at the bottom of my head, I wouldn't needed to use two bundles and I believe it, but like going all the day, so yeah and I'm taking a bobby pin y'all the other way you can Do this, if you want it to last longer or you feel like it needs to be more secure, is you can wrap it with that, then like styling wrap, and then you can go and use like some glue, some hair glue and just like glue it around Your braids, but I didn't feel like doing all of that, because I'm trying to show you an easier method in a quick up, a kit so yeah. That'S all I'm doing just make sure you wrap it around a braid really really tight and I only use one bundle for the whole ponytail you guys so once I get to the very end, I'm gon na pick the hair and wrap it around, and why not? This is the end results. I hope you guys enjoyed this video but yeah. This was definitely a quick and easy alternative to the style. Like I said, I didn't slow it down to my head and I also just wrap the ponytail around without using glue. So I'm going to turn around, so you guys can see what it looks like now with everything I did wrap this around. I don't know why shoulder in the clips, but I wrapped it around and I use my gossipy glue holding spray to like hold the red and white piece to my hair for my first time yeah. I think that I did a really good job. You guys tell me what you think: do you like this style? It was pretty fast that he's you guys. I promise you but um yeah. This is what it looks like. I'M definitely feeling this so much. Y'All like this is actually really cute.

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