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The Skin Melt Wig is totally beginner-friendly, in the past three months, we have been making our best efforts to adding more density options, perfecting the plucking the hairline, adding the removable elastic band and optimizing the bleach technique to provide the perfect products.

INVISIBLE SWISS LACE: We upgrade our lace into Raschel net and bobbinet made of polyamide.The reason why we choose high-end swiss lace is that even with much higher price, it can be more invisible and undetectable especially when melting with glue. No matter what skin color you have, this skin melt lace will definitely match.

Wig SKU: AF0087

Hair length: 20"

Hair density: 180%

Cap size: Medium 22.5

Cap construction: 3D 13x6 FULL Lace Front

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Wig details : 13x6 Straight 24 inch HD Frontal Wig

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Foreign I'll be installing a wig from AF sister wig inside the package I received the 13x6 straight wig, a wig cap, some hair pins and an edge brush. This is what the wig looks like straight up the package. As you guys can see, it has full parting space. The knots on the wig are super small, so I didn't do any. I did bleach it so I'll show you guys what it looked like after I bleached it, but the wig comes ready to wear. This is what the wig looks like after I bleach the knots and hot combed it into place. The cap that I'm using for my clients, bowl Cap is sheer stockings. I get this at my local beauty supply store. The first thing that I do is cut a hole in the cap for my client's ear, so that the cap can lay flat and I can apply the layers of glue for the ball cap. All you need is one thin layer of glue across your client's hairline. Even though my client has a low hairline, I still use the layer of glue and place it below her edges. Thank you. When your layer of glue is completely dried, you can use the end of the cap and make a knot to save it. For your other clients, the makeup that I'm using on my client is my Ruby kiss number 15. foreign. This is what the wig looks like on my client's head. As you guys can see, I pulled the wig up on my client's forehead because the wig is a little over plucked, so I will be cutting off some of the lace and hairs that isn't needed. As you all can see. When I'm placing the dotted line, I place it exactly where I'm going to cut the lace, so all the hairs that I won't be using will be cut off foreign. Before you apply your layers of glue, you want to clean your clients hairline, so that the glue can stick to its best ability. Foreign foreign has a low hairline. I make the hairline, I place the wig exactly where I want it to be, so it doesn't look like she has a little hairline. So when I place the wig down, when I place the lace down, there will be extra lace that will cover the cap, because it is a little bit further back from where her actual hairline is. When I cut the extra lace that I won't be using off, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about foreign. The first part of the lace that I cut off is in the middle, as you guys can see when I'm cutting. I go as close to where the glue is as possible, taking off all the extra lace foreign now for the next part that I'm cutting off you're, going to see that I leave extra lace on my client's hairline foreign's hairline is because you can see where the Cap is, and the cap is exactly where her natural hairline is and because her hairline is pretty low. I have to put it to where it looks most natural, so I brought the wig a little bit back and I'm leaving extra lace on and then I'll blend it in with her skin tone. Now, I'm going to repeat the same steps with the next side of her lace: oh foreign foreign makeup on the lace to cover the cap and blend it in with her skin tone. So now I'm just using my Bed Head holding spray and spraying across the hairline before tying it down. I use the same makeup that I used for the bowl Cap, my Ruby kiss cream foundation number 15.. Thank you foreign, as you guys know. By now, I use got to be glued gel the black one and my cream of nature mousse. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. After I finished souping all the baby hairs. I used five to six wrap strips and I tied them down until they're completely dried. I flat ironed the wig off camera, but let me know if you guys want to see how I do that in the comments now that the baby hairs are completely dried. I remove the wrap strips and I'm gon na apply some bio silk before hot combing good morning. Now, I'm just hot combing, the roots of the hair, to make it look neater and in place, and in the next clip you'll see me grab some pieces of hair that are out of place, and I just pulled them out with my hands, as you guys can See there is extra lace on my client's hairline. If I was to place the wig where her actual hairline is it wouldn't look as natural as it does now, foreign? Thank you, foreign foreign, Ruby, kiss makeup and outline in the part, so it'll look sharper and neat after I finish outlining the part I'm going to use the same makeup brush and just place a little bit of makeup on the lace that is still visible. So it can blend in better with my kind skin tone. This is the finished. Look as you guys can see, the insole came out very nice and the wig was already pre-plugged. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video remember to like comment and subscribe continue watching for more clips of the finished look foreign foreign

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Nikyah Parker: What glue do you use? I use ghost bond and so does my stylist and it never last my wig comes up in 3 days

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