Best Traditional Middle Part Sew In, Silk Press Blend & Curls. She’S Back !!!

Hey ! Welcome to our channel! Watch as I complete a sew in on one of my loyal clients !!! I am using hair from our Hair Collection that will be launching in 2022 !!! Follow us on Instagram for launch updates !


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What'S up y'all welcome back to my channel, it's pay cheyenne! If you have not subscribed, already go ahead and press that button if you're returning. Thank you so much for the love and support and continue to take this journey with me. We are going up on our subscribers. I really really appreciate all the love and support so continue to stick around and enjoy these videos. Today we are doing a traditional sew-in. She actually is my first traditional song that i did on youtube, so she is back. So i was very excited to see her again she's. Actually one of my favorite clients, y'all um, so we are doing a traditional sewing on our client today, she's actually using hair from our hairline level, 27 luxury collection, which has not launched just yet officially. We are launching in the new year so i'll leave the description below um. This is three bundles of 20 inch and i actually colored them jet black. So the bundles are brazilian virgin hair. Of course they color very well. It is jet black, so it's only depositing color. However, i've also lifted the color as well, and it colors very extremely well. So if you're interested in the hair definitely follow level 27 luxury collection on instagram, so you can keep up with the launch dates and keep up with the merchandise. We are also selling adult bonnets and baby bonnets as well. So that's pretty exciting. Um guys just continue to watch this video i've already completed the braid foundation. If you need a detailed tutorial on a braid foundation, i'll leave a card at the top and then i'll also leave a descript of the link in the description below as well. So just enjoy the video. I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday and the holidays coming up, and i will see you guys in the next one thanks for watching baby is telling you things so baby. Save me so is come to me telling you things, i'm laying it out so so i don't know where to begin could be the curves on your body, but then could be your hair. Maybe your skin yeah baby girl, i'm trying to deal with you come. Let me see what we get into you. Don'T even got ta be physical long as that pretty face visible yeah. Oh baby, you know i'll probably be late. It'S a bad habit! I'M sorry, but you stuck with me. I promise it's going to be. When i get you, i'm touching your thighs see you again, try make you stay, i'm on the fence. You

Lolena West: I love this traditional sew in❤️

Tatia Ana: Lindaaa amei

Asante Imon: Hi! What type of flat iron and products did you use for the leave out? Love your work by the way. ♥️

Naomi Okpe: Hey ! What type of thread do you use for sew ins?

Dakeisha Jefferson: Thank you for the video! Can you tell me what kind of flat iron are those

Shu Danielle: Is it best to get body wave or straight hair for this look

Chastity Malone: Pretty

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