Braid Down To The Side On Short Hair

  • Posted on 07 September, 2022
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

Although i was born with the skills to braid on very short hair, i believe it's a skill that can be learnt with time and practice. And with the correct teaching and guidance, you can acquire this skill much easier and faster than you think. Please visit our website to book your one-to-one virtual tutorial now!


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Hey guys, it's your girl tash to all my subscribers big up on herself up if you're, not yet a subscriber. Please don't forget to hit that subscribe button at the end of this video, a big massive shout out to all my clients, who traveled from not south east and west of the united kingdom, to start their hair growth journey with me and to all my clients who Traveled from other countries, may i talk about the united states of america. South africa, big open self one love sitting in my chair right now is my client. Aaron aaron is on a mission to grow his hair into a big and healthy afro, so he's starting his hair growth journey with me, which will be documented right here on my youtube channel. So guys please subscribe and turn the notifications on. So you don't miss out. Panetting, so the length of is here is now one inch on top and about 1.5 centimeter around the sides. So the first hairstyle i am going to do is the braids going down to the sides, and my technique is to always part the hair from the center of the head to create two equal sections, and i want to not only make sure that the parting is Straight, but to also make sure that both sections are equal, so this ear texture is a 4c ear texture and the level of shrinkage is up to 50, which is quite good. This means that is here detangles quite easily after shampooing - and i know some of you guys are still very confused about the different hair textures and the different levels of shrinkage. So i started collecting strands from each of my clients and i'll be putting all those trends together in one video so that i can explain to you guys more in depth on the different types of hair and how to recognize them and how to maintain them. So please subscribe turn on a notification, so you don't miss out on anything for those of you who don't know who i am, i am a short air braider located in london, united kingdom, and you can find my contact details in the description box below on this Channel you will find videos of different clients with different hair, textures and i'll, be posting updates on some of my clients and their hair growth journeys. So please subscribe and turn your notifications on. So you don't miss out on a thing and i'm gon na keep saying it and saying it and saying it subscribe, subscribe turn on the notification notification so guys if, at the end of this video you're, still very confused about my technique. Please just drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts guys. Please comment even if and i have anything good for say i still would like to hear you guys comment your thoughts, whether positive or negative, or not, just comment. I make many more wan na. Think about this tutorial also, please don't forget to follow me on instagram, facebook, tick, tock and whatever other platform in a similar, just follow and support the thing. Hmm, oh you, foreign, so um! So you

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