Post Relaxer Routine For Thicker & Silky Hair

Bonjour, Just a quick update on the status/state of my hair -#relaxedhair #relaxedhairjourney #relaxedhaircare

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Bonjour welcome back to another brand new video, i hope you're having an amazing day. It'S saturday, it's not too super bright outside a little overcast, but it's very it's a little bit warm, but it's also very breezy. So i love that welcome back to my channel. If you're brand new here welcome, it's me nelia um. I just wanted to create a very quick video on the hair update the relaxer of the underdie update that i did yesterday um, i mean, like my real casual super casual attire. Okay, it's a short saturday. If you're on here for my style videos, this is how i'm in the house most of the times on the weekend, i'd like to keep it very chill, um, but also a little bit. You know fun and flirty um, so i'm gon na create a second video. Again to really sit down on top, but i just took down my wrap. It is hot in here i closed my windows. I just took down my wrap, so i wanted to show you guys the fresh reveal from the relaxer and dyeing of my hair. My grease. You know, whilst it's like super super super fresh, so i can still see a little bit of strands, not a lot just like a little few one or two picking out, especially here um, but the color is nice. It'S not very harsh. It'S very light. It looks like i don't have any like hair dye on, but i know that i have hair dye on because my grays were usually peeking through like boldly especially at the front here, but you can't see any of that. So we did a good job um. I did not flat iron, my hair. What i did i tried to do a a ruler set. I tried to do a real estate afterwards, but oh, my god that was so much work. I ended up um stopping midway because i did not have the clip things to hold them properly and after 10 minutes, the back of my hair was still uh damp like right here. The roots in the back were really really dumb. Still the front was dried, etc. So what i did i just like brushed it out using this brush. I like this brush. When my hair is dry, i prefer the other one when it's wet. It has more spacing for the detangling, but this one helps smooth it out and it doesn't hold or pull my hair. So i like that um and it gives me a nice little massage as well because of the little tip things and i just brushed it out. I put on some of my dax coconut oil and castor oil pomade and then, like i sectioned my scalp and i greased my scalp properly and i wrapped it, and this is the end result, so you can still see it's not super straight. We have some volume in there. We have a little texture in there still, which is how i like it. I don't like it when it's super fine and like straight straight straight, like bone straight, unless i'm going for that look, then i'm gon na flat iron. So if i do flat iron it right now, it will come like bone straight, but that's not what we want. So this is the finish. Results on this side is so much fuller than this side, although this side is a little bit full, but this is my full aside. I'M gon na try to flip my sleeping position. I'Ve tried, but i don't know, okay yep. So this is the hairline. I need to go to the salon. I'M not gon na go yet i'll, probably wait until. Maybe let me show you guys, the back i'll, probably wait until maybe two relaxes from now and then i'm gon na get a proper trim, but we have no more split ends, which is which was one of my main issues when i freshly relax because my natural Hair had a lot of split ends and single strand knots, so we got rid of that and um. It grew out again. So that's a great thing, but let me show you guys the back very quickly. Okay, so we have a little trim, it's not the best, but it's good and i'm just going to put it in a little loose bun. We have these um ties and do not have like any of the rings or the glue in the end. So it doesn't pull my hair so i'll, keep it in a loose bun and voila there we go. That'S it so i'm gon na end this video right here. As i said, it was a very short video and i will see you guys in this video and this video and i'm gon na come back um, i'm probably gon na sit down tomorrow. Not probably i've made the decision to sit down tomorrow and film a proper, proper video on like um, you know, tips and stuff what i've learned, etc and then the details about the giveaway, but that's it for this quick little check-in. I will see you next time. Don'T forget to hit the subscribe button and follow me on instagram and let me know, do you guys think i did a good job. If you look at my previous videos, you will definitely see a difference in my hair, so the hair color, especially um, so yeah bye peace,

0tismadaline: Hair looks absolutely gorgeous

Christel Lulu: I like it , the hair is thick and what a lovely color ! You did well ma Cherie

Jennifer Amolo: Luscious hair

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