How To: Claw Clip Short Hair Tutorial| Toyotress Beach Curl Crochet Hair

  • Posted on 15 February, 2023
  • Short Hair
  • By Anonymous

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L I K E | S H A R E | S U B S C R I B E

So, are you looking for your next hairstyle, with possibly some hair that you have laying around the house yeah? I achieved this look by just using some curly crochet hair, let's get into it, Okay, so baby! Listen, I'm ready to do this ponytail, because I need some real, quick and easy. I got this color here. I'Ve seen this style on Tick Tock. This girl, like you, some crochet hair and they have ponytail so we're gon na try that this is their Beach curl. You see it has these cute, like ginger pieces in it, it kind of look, copper and this is 10 inches. This is in the color, 1B slash 350.. It comes with eight of these bundles and they got super fast shipping. So if you place your order today, I'm sure you have it. In a couple days, six out of breath, I was just playing my darling on my breath. Okay, so I was gon na use a hair, but, like I seen the girl doing the video, but I'm gon na use this piece of Marley hair because it's like the girl used a rubber band that was in a circle and then she crocheted all the hair. In and then she cut the rubber bands, so she said it was kind of like a track, but I'm going to use this crochet here and use this Marley hair to wrap it around. Take all the crochet pieces off okay. So this is one pack and I'm going to add a rubber band down here. I just want to make sure it's fried up to where you caught all the hair. Then I'm going to add this to this piece of hair. So I'm going to do maybe two or three more packs, just like this yeah foreign, really quick, I'm gon na do my eyebrows, but I'm ready to shave them like make them more straight. I'Ve seen this girl doing it, and apparently this trend is going viral. So I'm going to use some oils, that's what I have by me making a dinner. Okay, that's a difference! Okay, let me do my makeup all right, so I went ahead and like straightened my hair with the hot comb, and I was cutting it again whatever so just watch me just enjoy the ride from these damn rubber bands. I will not make the same mistakes for the front. I'M gon na use these two, but I don't wan na jinx it baby foreign okay. But if you got short hair like me, don't you got ta do sis, but I have it looking really nice and neat here we go this at the top tie this around okay, I made me a ponytail, I mean if you really want to leave it down. You could add my clip some kind of butterfly baby. Oh yeah, let's not forget the brows, I like them, it's a little bit more edgy all right, you guys. So that's all for this look. Thank you for watching I'll, see you next time.

Michelle Chiku: Love thisss so cute! And your background!! Love it

Rita Sutton: I most definitely need to try this. Very cute sis.

Shesfinery Official: Nice and simple hair style sis

Amar G: Nice technique very pretty

Michelle Chiku: The background song too! Sooo soulful

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