Simple Updo For Long Hair! Try This Spikey Bun Tutorial!

  • Posted on 08 December, 2022
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Is one of my go-to hairstyles when I don't want to use any Hot Tools step? One is to part your hair down the center and leave out two sections in the front. The rest of your hair can go into a high ponytail, I'm using a wax secure. Just to make it a little Slicker, then the two sections in the front can go back into the ponytail and you can use another elastic to make sure it stays in place. Then you're going to twist your hair and roll it kind of into like a cinnamon bun and use bobby pins to keep everything in place but make sure you leave out the ends. You don't want to bobby pin those because we want that spiky bun, look!

Katherine Klevenow: Cute I'll try it

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