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  • Posted on 17 September, 2015
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This week on Inconvenient Interviews with Risa, Katrina Bowden puts up with me as I try my hand at a new occupation over at B Dry Blow Dry Bar (to be honest, Shaniqua did all the amazing work, but I like to think I helped). Throughout the washing/drying/curling process Katrina dishes about her new show on TNT, “Public Morals”. Set in 1967 New York City, not only is the acting much more serious than what we’re all used to seeing in “30 Rock”, so are the costumes! She fills us in about her favorite outfits, the fun troubles that come with wearing actual clothes from the time period, and how much more high maintenance it was to be a woman during that time.

So come join us! And don’t forget to check out “Public Morals” on TNT, Tuesday nights at 10pm.

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Inconvenient interviews with Risa - hey guys, this is Risa with inconvenient interviews with Reese on hello giggles today I met be dry blow bar well. I can't believe I just said that welp stuttering and I'm interviewing katrina bowden she's on public morals on tnt. It'S a really good show never been walked up before. No will you work for madam or a pimp? No, like I said I just do this part-time. Every hooker we arrest gives us the same lavish, but I'm telling you the truth. All right sure you are come on: let's go holy Sh, your schoolteacher, hey Katrina, hi how's, it going pretty good. Shaniqua, hey excited to do this blowout for a big star. Yes, there has been in front of Tina Fey, that's probably braided it did you guys braid. Each other's we never braid each other's hair, but there's still time. So what are we doing today, like? What'S the look style kind of like Brigitte Bardot, big pouf, fluffy cool in the honor of public morals and my sixties, hairdos? I think I go for that really. Like all your looks on the show, I heard that your signature look like fortunes signature. Look. Is this sequins dress? Can you confirm that, yes, I wear a lot of sequin dresses as fortune and the dresses are all vintage and all the strings holding that the sequins onto the dress are all very old, and so I leave a trail of sequins everywhere I go. That'S so magical you're like a fairy like a fairy, and I take them home with me my husband's like. What'S in my hair right now, someone comfortable exactly full name: Stacy Potter, they see Potter, addresses 45 West 51st, shoot occupation, schoolteacher Stacy Potter, the schoolteacher. Your kids are beautiful to get that mother. Speaking of costumes, working on a period piece at a New York City in 1967, what was the coolest costume that you got to wear the coolest costume? I got to wear well my fate, my favorite costume. Was this green, like this mint green sequin dress with little pink flowers all over it and a little whoa? And it's like something I would wear and we've had a kind of fun with that. We called it a hooker at a garden party because there was such a sweet dress for a prostitute to be wearing. I get electrocuted now that I have a wet hand anyway, I'll risk it for you, Katrina um, like for your characters, prep. They used hair curlers that were from that actual decade, yeah, so our our hair stylist. She bought a lot of curling, helping curling sets from eBay from the 1960s and they were hot rollers and I would sit in them for like 45 minutes. While I got my makeup done, help get in character. In that way, like women had to really suffer back, then you know they really did like be my time that I spent on my hair nowadays. Is it's not really a whole lot, but women went crazy. They like really like. Maybe they do this every single day, and then I also found out that they would go in for touch-ups at like lunchtime to like fix their waves and fix their curls, but so yeah. It definitely got me in the mood, but it also was a little annoying and I still have to sit there and not be able to like lay down, because I have all these hot metal objects in my head yeah. They really went for it fashion. Back then. Just didn't seem that comfortable at all, like I mean clip-on earrings, have you ever tried? I had to wear the home at the show. It was terrible. They'Re like it's like it's like slowly, crushing or, and the migraine begins now ooh. How was the massage very nice mine was great thanks kidding, you didn't give me one. What'S one hairstyle that you feel like you could never pull off like for me. It'S a mullet. I just know myself well enough to know like I could people do pull off baby bang yeah someone gave me baby bangs once like not. I didn't know that it was gon na happen just right here. I guess I didn't know he was doing that and then my mom saw me right after and she goes, you look like the village idiot. You'Ve acted alongside the likes of guys. Just look at you. This way you liked, alongside the likes of Tina, Fey Ed Burns, Mariska my favorite, so what's the best advice, any of these film and TV veterans ever gave you that you can give to me in. I can steal. Oh gosh, you know, Tina Fey is a huge role model of mine and she she kind of just proved to me that you can do it all like a woman. Can do it all she you can you can you couldn't be funny, you can be silly, you can be beautiful and talented and do it all and being a normal person at the same time, in your acting career. What has been the craziest do that you've had for a role crazy. It'S do you know the season 1 of 30 rock. I had some pretty crazy hairdos. There was one where I had a big poof and then it went into a twirl in the back and then I had two long braids on each side. Why don't I remember that episode? What was that for? It was the episode where Tina tells me. I have to wear a bra. I want to know who took some someone created this little someone's got a crush on you, maybe I'll steal it an Instagram it and pretend I did it, and I help this cucumber water. So good. You really taste the luxury Wow. It looks so pretty. Thank You Katrina. This was amazing. This was very fun things like your hair. I love it. I feel very glam. I mean you always look pretty, but you still look really pretty thank. This is Risa with incoming interviews with your son, hello, giggles. Everyone watch public morals on TNT Tuesday nights at 10:00. It'S very addictive! So let your addiction begin and run free.

Rebelwheels NYC: I'd love to see an interview with Shanequa (as I totally misspell her name). I'm sure she's got some interesting stories to tell :)

Half Man Half Centaur: Huh. I just started rewatching 30 Rock and this comes up in my sub box.

lee fox: The interviewer is annoying.

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