7 Easy & Quick Hairstyles For School

  • Posted on 22 May, 2017
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Which hairstyles was YOUR fave?







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If you're new here....

Haiiiiii, I'm Bethany Mota!

In todays video I did Easy Hairstyles/ Hair Hacks for School, Work, etc!

Check out the rest of my videos to see diys, skits, fashion, challenges,

lifestyle, and just a little bit of weirdness.

I swear whenever I sit down from the video. It'S like people are breaking into my house, all of a sudden, hey guys. What'S up it's Beth here for today's video, we are going to be talking about hair styles. I feel like I have spent so much time. Trying to recreate those like crazy, Pinterest, hair styles, you know what I'm talking about each strand, waterfall cascade braids, and I just can never do it. It always results in, like my hair, just being tangled and having to put it in a bun or just like looking like a Teletubby, so I'm going to show you guys, seven really easy hairstyles to recreate. So if you are running late for school or for work or if you just feel lazy most of the time with your hair, then here you go give this video a thumbs up. If you would like to see more hair videos and hmm guys, I have super exciting news: I'm going on a book tour. This is the part where Bethany conveniently has her book right by her side guys. I am so excited because I love meeting you guys in person. It is always so much fun. I will have all of the book tour dates in the description down below and also a link for details on how to come and everything that you need to know. And if your location is not on the book tour list and leave a comment below telling me. Where else you think I should go, and maybe I'll just stop by and let's get into the video. So this hairstyle you're, going to start by parting off the middle section of your hair on top and securing the rest of the hair with an elastic next you're, going to take a small section from what we parted up and start French braiding it so you're. Basically, going to start with a normal braid and then begin adding pieces, as you make your way back, and then you can take the rest of your hair out of the hair tie and use that hair tie to secure your braids into a cute little pony and We'Re done this messy braid is so easy, so all you want to start with doing is taking the half part of your hair and securing it with an elastic, then braid, a normal braid and secure it with another elastic, and now you just keep pulling the braid Apart to make it larger and more messy, however big you want it to be honestly go crazy. I have to be honest. This is my favorite hairstyle, so for the not fun you're going to split your hair into two sections and you're literally going to start creating knots, but don't worry, your hair will be okay. My hair is a little bit longer. So I did three knots, but it depends on your hair length how many do tie it with an elastic and tuck the ends into the bun, with bobby pins out of hat and no one knows you're even having a bad hair day, not that dramatic. For the twist start by parting off a little section on the very top of your head, go ahead and lift it until you get the look that you like and secure it with an elastic and then you're just going to repeat the same step on both sides Of the first section that we twisted and we're done also is anyone getting topanga from Boy Meets World vibes right now, because I'm just saying I am Oh for the half-up topknot, I started with teasing my hair and then wrapping it around itself and securing it with A hair tie - this is probably the easiest style to do, because the Messier it looks the better it looks. I'Ve noticed, which I love that rule this hairstyle. All you want to do is split your hair into two sections and with each section I started by creating ponytails and then pulling the hair through to create fun, and then I wrapped that bun around itself and secured it with another hair tie. This just kind of makes it stay longer and also makes it a little bit more messy. The braided pony is pretty self-explanatory. I just started by putting my hair into a ponytail Wow. Okay, then just go ahead and braid your hair. All the way down secure it with a hair tie and then start by pulling the braid apart, like we did earlier, just to make it bigger and Messier and you're good to go boom. I hope you guys enjoyed these hairstyles if you recreate any of them girl. You know send me a photo because I love stalking, you guys on Instagram and Twitter and all the sites also get excited for the book tour. I'M so excited to see you guys there and hug you and hang out with you it's going to be a party, and I will talk to you guys in my next video bye. Oh my gosh, okay, oh whoa, whoa, already Oh donkey! All these are called the iced coffee,

Bethany Mota: I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS ON THE BOOK TOUR!!!!!!!!!! Get ready the biggest freaking hug of your life Which hairstyle was your fave? LAAAV YOU GUYS! Xx Beth

Lenka Manic: This video reminds me on old Bethany's videos...OMG I miss those times soo much. (Am I the only one?)

Christine Perez: I miss this type of videos it's giving me 2013-2014 beth vibes my heart oh god

Mackenzie Russell: Bethany, could you do a hair care/growth video?

Hahha Nnnshha: Do a everyday makeup look plz bethhh

haiwey: bethany is so gorgeous and i love her personality <3

priya: the editing in your videos is just such high quality, love you beth xx

katiee: I love all these hairstyles. Definitely gonna try some

BECCA: i love these hair styles ! - yes more hair videos and routines !!!!!! I've watched them all and need more :) your amazing x

jintoki: you look so pretty, beth! i love you my favorite hairstyle is the half up french braid!!

Darlene Nguyen: she makes everything look so easy yet it takes me like 30 minutes to make an "ok" braid.

Clarissa Ann Mendoza: love all these hairstyles! thanks for sharing, I'm definitely wearing them this summer

devina shrestha: Bethany says "...to make your hair look more messy..." but trust me... I don't need help with that.

Margareth46 Teodoro: that's my slaying queen! i miss the old beth who makes morning and night routines every season but the new beth is giving me chills on her looks!

Brooklyn Ringer: And now I am definitely going to continue growing out my hair! So cool

TalkThatTalk: *love that this is actually do-able hairstyles at home*

Isabelle Matthiessen: I loved the knotted bun, the two low buns and the braided pony. Beth you always make everything look effortless and beautiful, I loved the way you pulled of the braided pony. Love you ❤️

GamerGal :101 games: Bethany. You have grown so much since your first video. Tours for your own clothes, Dancing with the stars with Derek Hough, your newest book and so many more accomplishments. I can't wait to see how you succeed in the future. You inspire to try Bethany, so thank you so much. I wish luck to your channel.

Valentina Rossi: If only this hairstyles looked good on me

Ava Intindola: Finally a realistic video where the hairstyles are actually easy! I am totally going to try these out love you Beth xo

marie: When you read "Easy & Quick Hairstyles" and you know you won't be able to do any of these amazing hairstyles before school and you end up like grumpy cat with open hair or a bun - just like everyday But you look amazing like always Beth. Lots of love

Kaylan T: Love the low buns! You are absolutely gorgeous and hilarious and I love you!

Everything Ema: All of the hairstyles are so CUTE!!!! I love watching your videos.

Lucy Roberts: can you do a hair care routine please? i love your hair!!! love u beth!! ❤️

Yumei: Just to let you know Bethany I love you no matter what you've gone through and I hope you can be who you want to be.

luna reign: This is the Bethany Mota we ALL love! I'm so glad you're finally back Beth! Ily <3

Ann: I'm so excited for your tour!! My sister was a motavator from day 1 and introduced me to your channel. She's always wanted to meet you it has always been her dream but there was never enough notice for our parents we love you so much Bethany! My mom and I are going to talk to my dad to see if we can surprise her! Wish us luck!

Shira Osher: the two low buns are sooo cool. I need to do an updo for school everyday and I went crazy about these buns because how didn't I think about this hairstyle??? it's SO cute.

Ingridlosneslokken: Yes! Finally some hairstyles I actually think I'm able to do

Yessa Ilagan: That braided ponytail reminded me of the old Lara Croft. Love them hairstyles! <3

Nidhi & Megha: I wanted to see some quick and easy hairstyles and am so happy that beth you made this video!!!!

Ashley LaPointe: More beauty videos please!! Also loven the dark hair❤️

Geral .l.o: I found these really helpful Beth ❤

Zoe Gregory: I love how fast all of these are. I have thin hair so I can't do most styles that have multiple steps.

Kam-Beauty: Love these hairstyles

Natalie Natalia: I love all the hairstyles, but I wanna try low buns so much :))) Btw.... CAN YOU COME TO POLAND?????? PLEASEEEEE!!!! I want to meet you so so so so so so so muchhhhh. ♥ ♥ ♥

Sophia Grasela: This video was so helpful because I always where my hair down, but my friends started complaining but I can’t do hair so thanks!

Hannah Doll: hey beth! i've been watching u for soooo long, ik u won't get this comment but can u pls do like a morning routine, or summer life hacks and diys?! thanks!! love u

Fay: My favorite was the low buns

Mary Garcia: I love her and her channel it is the first I've seen on her channel and the hair styles are easy they are not like the others that are like braid here than twist then pull up the down then side to side you know what i mean! I love you so much p.s i subscribed! Keep up the ausome work!

Ricky Dillon: queen of hair

Melissa Lopez: She makes the twisted hairstyle look so easy. I tried and it was ripping out my hair with the elastic so I just bobby pinned it instead.

Winnifred Fredrickson: "And ends up in me looking like a teletubby." Same Bethany, same.

Ally Rose: If you haven't already, Beth can u plz do a skincare routine? Cuz your skin without makeup is like...FALWLESS!!❤️

Ling Hsuan Huang: Really love watching your videos thanks for sharing

Marija Gazivoda: These are GORGEOUS, I'm gonna try them all

Tia Yadav: watching these types of videos which Beth makes gives me nostalgia omgomgomg

Sad -: am I the only like "Beth, can you make is easier?"

Aliyah Spicer: Hey Beth! My favorite was probably the top knot I think that is so cute! I really with you would come to michigan for your book tour!

Caroline Claiborne: my favorite is the low side buns!! So. Cute!!

Crystal Navarro: Currently reading your book and loving it! Btw, youre so pretty

Melanie Cheung: The braided pony is my favorite!

MiKayla Rose: Sooo cute!!! Love them all!

MaskitMati: you look good in every hairstyle!!!!

jessenia martinez: You are one of my favorite you tubers ,I Iove your videos <3

Lana Haile: Does anyone else remember when Beth was obsessed with hair bows

dominique i: am i the only one who remembers her old old videos and used to binge watch them then stopped watching them for a while and looks at her now at is like, "WTF?!" love you beth


Daniela Facendo: you know what would be great??? ANOTHER TOUR BUS/ROOM TOUR. Another thing am I the only one missing the seasona lmorning routines, DIY treats and makeup videos beth did_

shubha limaye: I've been doing the braided pony without watching these videos for three years haha

Luísa Lopes: Does anyone know where she got those OMG unbelievably AMAZINNG earrings?

Immi: Can you do summer videos like you used tothose are my favesss

Grubsby: wow all these styles look AMAZING on you. But if I tried any of them everyone would pick on me :(

Charlie Rodda: Love these! Thank you!

Megan Carpenter: Did anyone else notice how gorgeous Beth looks in this video

Xamantha Marie Porio Erivera: You're so beautiful and funny! I just found you and I love you already!

Mohammed Ahmad: I love the hairstyles it's so beautiful and the best thank you for helping me please Make more video please Make make more video like this please

Kyleigh Bowes: Love you so much Bethany Your one of my biggest role models

Rute Vaz: Oh i miss this hairstyles videos that you do, it makes my day I'm probably the crazy girl that loves a good hairstyle video. But anyways I love it. GIRL you killed Love you

Шукрона Туранова: Hi Beth !!! love your videos so much and love you too

Anna L: Her hair is so pretty❣️

Morgan Carter: do more hairstyle videos!!! cause its back to school and i honestly dont know what to do about my hairrrrr


Erin Elizabeth: please do a morning or night routine!

Rachel Wilson: Beth! You're top in the first minute of the video is AMAZING! I need to know where it's from Does anyone know? ❤️

Alma Bejtic: Plz plz plz do a hair care routine ❤️ your hair has grown so much

Alexandra Verdin: These tips literly saved me Thank you and love you

Abby: My favorite hairstyle was the half up top knot, it's supa cute and easy YOU SHOULD COME TO ORLANDO,FL

Kinaya Assii: i really like the first one it's really pretty and easy i like it

Maryam M: can you do a hair care routine pls!!

Alicia Norman: I just freaked out and cried my eyes out Beth I'll see you on tour aaaaaaaaaaa I've been waiting for this since I was 8 years old

Emily Diaz: I love when she does hair style videos ❤️

Shereen Hasan: please do a hair care tutorial...please please.... loving your hair right nowwwwww

A L: 2013/2014 video vibes❤️ Loved this video

Willow Mercer: Can you do another healthy lunch recipe video for summer?? ❤️Like so Beth can see

Laurie Palenske: It would be awesome if you came to Hawaii on your book tour, Bethany I'd luv to see you!

ariel alena: Beth you are so gorgeous You have the prettiest hair!!

thatonegirlatlantis: Her beginning hair description is literally me!

G I G I: Hi Beth! I really like these hairstyles.❤ Where can I buy your book? Please visit Hungary

Michaela. Baggio: Your so amazing I have watched every single vid of yours you awesome

Zaharra Vashamirskaya: I' m from Belarus. This video is so interesting. Bethany, you are so beautiful.

KStacey: This video has 2014 Beth vibes on it.

Tara Medjo: You safe my day!!!

Aubrey Kelly: I love hairstyles bethany mota glad you like it

Wanda Maximoff: I love the first hairstyle

Hayley Auyang: thank god you are not those youtubers that make super complicated hairstyle that there is no way I will be able to do myself

grace nicholson: Especially with the half up section hair styles I though Bethany looked like Selena Gomez

Mhai vlogs Canada: I really love all the hair style new subcriber here

Ana Ramirez-Zurita: Makeup tutorial please!! @bethanymota

MAHA: They are all my fav

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