Hairstyles For Oily Greasy Hair L Quick, Cute, & Easy School Hair Tutorial For Medium Long Hair

  • Posted on 29 October, 2014
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Here are 3 quick, cute, and easy hairstyles for greasy oily hair. This hair tutorial is suitable for medium shoulder-length hair, long hair, straight, wavy, curly, thin, or thick hair. The first hairstyle is a braided half up half down look with twists on the side. It’s sweet and simple, which is perfect for school, work, or a date night. The second hairstyle is for your 2nd or 3rd day hair, when your bangs start to get oily. This hairstyle keeps your bangs or fringe out of your face by twisting it to the side, following with a rope braid. This voluminous/volumized braided hairstyle looks like Elsa’s braided hairstyle from Disney’s Frozen, and it’s one of my favorite to wear on casual days. The last hairstyle is a fun edgy high ponytail with a French braid on top. This hairstyle keeps your 3rd or 4th day oily or greasy hair out of your face while still looking polished and in style. These running-late everyday hairstyles are perfect for summer, spring, winter, or fall.

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So I'm sure we've all had our fair share of bad hair days where our hair is greasy oily or doesn't seem to cooperate.. Well, today, I'm going to show you 3 quick, cute and easy hairstyles that you can do to tame your hair or keep it out of your face.. The first hairstyle is a sweet, braided halfdo, which is great for fresh hair or 2nd day, curls. To start you're, going to divide out a section on one side and twist it back. Do the same with the other side and join these two sections in the middle.. From here you're going to tie them in a knot, just as you would with your shoelace., Then grab a third section in between and braid them all together., I'm going with a simple basic braid. But if you have more time to spare, then a fishtail braid would be even cuter. When you're happy with the length of your braid, you can tie it off and tug on the sides to loosen it up.. You can then accessorize with a cute hair, bow and you're done. You have yourself a sweet and simple hairstyle for work or school.. This should work pretty well too. If your hair is a few inches past, your shoulders., The second or third day rolls around and most likely your bangs or front hair is the first place that gets greasy.. This twisted side. Braid is a good hairstyle to keep everything in place. To start you're, going to roughly separate out a big chunk of section around your ears. Then take a small section from your bangs or front hair and divide it into two. Twist these sections around each other once And then add hair to the bottom section before twisting it over the top.. Continue these steps and when you've reached your temple, brush the rest of your hair over and join it into your twist.. When you don't have any more hair to add finish it with a rope braid. To do this, simply divide your hair into two. Twist the sections to your right and cross them to your left.. When you're done tie off your braid and pull down some hair on the side to make this hairstyle more casual., You can also gently pull on your twist to make it bigger and volumized., And the look is finished.. I think this one is really pretty and it reminds me of Elsa's braid from Frozen. This last hairstyle is a life saver for your 3rd or 4th day super oily hair.. Most people will go for a ponytail and here's a way to spice that up. Begin by dividing out the section following the arch of your eyebrows., Separate out a small section right in the front and divide it into three. You're, going to do a french braid going Back by adding hair to the side sections before crosing them over the middle. Try to make the braid as straight as possible and the longer your front bangs are the easier this will be. Once your braided bangs have reached to the back gather all of your hair Into a high ponytail and secure it with a strong hair tie. From here, you can adjust your hair to your liking and you're done. This is a fun and edgy hairstyle. That'S perfect to keep your hair out of your face., So those are 3 quick and easy go-to hairstyles that you can try when your hair is in a mess and you're running late for school or work.. I hope you'll try them out and # x3Haha to share your pictures with me.. I'M going to give away these cute hair accessories to help you spice up any hairstyles and for a chance to win simply follow the rules in the info box.. Thank you. So much for watching Have a fantastic day and I shall see: soon. Toodles

MakeupWearables Hairstyles: I loved all of them, but first one was my favorite.  <3

Kait Ji: The fun high ponytail! I just did my hair like this! Thank you so much! You're perfect!<3

Sheena Tan: I loved the side braid! It was really cute and easy to do!!! Thanks for sharing :D

April: OMG you uploaded right when I was thinking about how oily my third day hair would be tomorrow! (x I love the twisted side braid, looks easy enough to do (: hopefully I can do it haha

DarkFuzzumz: I love the braided haldfo! Its so cute and casual to me at the same time :) The bow makes it even better :D Keep up the great work! ^-^

Amanda Briggs: My favorite was definitely the twist! I love that look and I also needed more hairstyles for second/third day hair.

Sapphire M: the side braid is my favourite. I've been worried about getting my bangs cut short again because I don't always like having hair in my face but this seems like a beautiful way to fix it

Hina: My favorite hairstyle is the rope braid! It looks so voluminous and pretty :)

Caroline Ck: I love the idea of hairstyles for oily greasy hair :D I hope you will make more videos like this one ! My favorite hairstyle was the twisted side braid. My hair is too short to make this hairstyle but I'm going to try this when it will be longer. :) For the moment I do a side french braid when my hair is oily, or two french braids.

Isabelle Nguyen: Oh my gosh... Its so hard to just choose one! I love them all but i think my favorite would be the Braided Halfdo. It's probably because I'm really bad at doing hair so I normally do something like that! Your tutorials help me a lot!! :D

Gabriela Kacprzyk: Ahh this is perfect, especially how quickly my hair gets greasy! I love the Elsa braid, it is the cutest & so functional!

Bittersweet Halcyon: My favorite is Hairstyle #2! ♥ It looks cute; it's quick & easy, and keeps your hair away from your face^^

Phoenix Boyd: The edgy ponytail was definitely my fav! Super cute and totally my style X)

shirley woah: Thank you so much!! These styles are AMAZING :D I'll finally have something quick and easy to do with my hair on those greasy days that's not a plain side braid. My favourite one was the ~twisted~ side braid hehe :) And Thuha, oh mighty hair goddess, do you happen to have any more simple hairstyles for long, thick hair that doesn't hurt the scalp after a full day of wear? That's actually my biggest problem - I can't wear high ponytails or buns without it killing my scalp after about ten minutes :( I'm also physically incapable of braiding behind my head. Any tips or tricks for this hopeless gal?

xNikkiRantsx: I really love the ponytail! I never thought of doing a braid going back! It really spices it up and makes it look really edgy!

katty123567890: I love the 2nd second hairstyle and can definitely see myself wearing it on one of those greasy hair days. I love how I can also keep my bangs off my face. Thanks for sharing. :)

babixxgurl92: I love the first hairstyle! It's so cute I'm going to try it tomorrow! :D

Bernadette E.: Love all of them!! But my favorite is the first one!! :D I'm glad to say, I wore the first hair style to school and got serval compliments ^-^ can't wait for your next videos :D

Glambunnyxo: I love the rope braid hairstyle! I wear a look almost exactly like that somedays, but instead of finishing all of my hair into a rope braid, I normally do a really loose fishtail or 3 strand braid. The bigger and messier, the better! :)

Alicat2911: Omg I love the twisted side braid and I am definitely going to wear it tomorrow. Thankyou!!

Chanel J: I love the second hairstyle! It's simple and quick to do and it is so cute!

no.1 fuzzwald fan: I love them all! Tomorrow I'm getting a side fringe/ side bangs. So I'm going to do something nicer than a side braid for my last day of "no fringe" lol!

jen grajeda: I definitely loved the third hair style because I feel that all my pony's are very plain and simple and you helped me find a really cute way to spice it up and make it a little bit fancier.

Jwin: I love the first one because it's super cute and the braid just accents the whole look

Sophie Campbell: Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely use these in the future, you look amazing with all of them :)

Cassandra Quero: I love these hairstyles :) SO simple and cute. I've subscribed for a long time already and I always enjoy your videos ^^ (just wanted to let you know )

Anna Greentree: Loving the first hairstyle the most. Can't wait to use it for school

QueenieBeani: Loved all the hairstyles! The second one is definitely my favorite x)

Jenny: my favourite is the fun high pony! its so cute I will definitely try it out one day thanks! :D

Rochelle Akos: I loved the last hairstyle, but they all were super fun and helpful. Thanks xx ❤

Charlotte: I've been needing this! I just started college and I have morning classes that would last until the afternoon so I don't have much time in the morning. The second hairstyle would be a major help <3 Thank you :D

Nikkirose555: I love all of these 3 hairstyles, and I'll definitely try all of them:) but I think the first one is the cutest- it's so pretty and girly and it will suit even the formal situations, such as party, date or holiday! Thanks for your hairstyles tutorials, it inspires me a lot, and I'm sure that not only me :) !!! Thanks again that you find time and make videos to make your subscribers and viewers happy:)

Bernadette E.: I love all these three hairstyles!! ^-^ but I am most likely to wear the first hairstyle, can't wait to try it out! :D

Bibatyan: I like the first hairstyle best. I really like doing a halfdo and adding a braid to my hair, so I'll definitely try it out.

x3Thuha: Need a quick fix for those bad hair days? Here are 3 quick, cute, & easy #hairstyles that you can try when your hair is oily or greasy! :)

hellobutterfly94: My favorite hairstyle is the first one it is super cute and easy !!thanks <3

Carol Tovar: I love the first hairstyle! adding the knot before braiding gives it that interesting look c:

ams: I loved the first hairstyle, it's very sweet and easy to do in a rush! (:

shriya shrestha: Number 2 was so elegant yet so very easy to do! I love 2!

kEmilyAnne: Great hairstyles!!! I like how you put a different spin on a regular ponytail! :)

Vanida Sanoubane: The twisted side braid is my favourite! <3

MidnightMelody22: this is great!! i just end up using a ponytail when my hair gets greasy but these are so helpful! thank you for making the video <3

smol_bean: In LOVE with the second one!! Definitely giving that one a try!

peytonbones: The second hair style was my favorite!! Day two hair is always so hard to style! This will be perfect for work. It will keep everything out of my face and still look beautiful!

Maddy Reay: Hi I LOVE the funky high ponytail, I love how you have spiced it up!

Marry: Thanks so much for the tips<3 the first one was really pretty but the ponytail one is the one i think i would make more often. i like ponytails but it also gave it a nice twist! :D Love it, thanks

Joyce Huang: My favorite hairstyle was the twisted side braid. I've been trying to grow out my bangs and this is perfect to keep it out of my face. Also, I have a question I would really like tips on! How do you keep your braid straight when braiding in the back? My braids always somehow awkwardly end up going to one side. ): And I'm not sure what position/angle my arms are supposed to be it? Haha... xD

CucumberSmilesx: Loved this video as always! :) I loved the pony tail one the best! I'm going to try it tomorrow! :D Also your shirt was really pretty! 

Harley: I LOVE the braid. My hair isn't this long anymore but I think I can make it work. :) if not, the other two are so adorbz!

Meli Alvarado: My fave hairstyle was the high ponytail, perfect for any look but also the 2nd one was just as nice(:

Monica Dang: I loved hairstyle #2! All of them are sooo cute it was hard to choose just one! Your hair tutorials never disappoint and I'll look forward to all of your future tutorials too!! Love you!!!

Jessica Pena: My favorite hairstyle is the second one the twist. I do it once in a while for work and I always get compliments :)

Amy Tang: My favorite hairstyle is the high ponytail one. Thanks for making this video!! <3

CakePortal7: Really love all those ideas! But gotta say the third ponytail was especially pretty :D

Sara Isan: A really nice idea! I think I like the first hairstyle most, because it's very cute and easy to do This hairstyle would also be great for wearing it on Christmas Day I'm looking forward to the next video!

Daria Adamiak: My favorite of them all is the twisted side braid :)

akrockstarans: Thank you so much for all the hair styles. It will really help me in the future. Btw my favourite was the ponytail

Saenan: I love the braid with the ribbon! It's absolutely adorable for the winter and would give a really nice look when you wear a beanie too. Too bad my hair is too short to make it look decent. Can you do a video on hairstyle looks with beanies? Lots of love.

brittany mathews: I definitely loved the ponytail with the bangs poofed :) I wear my hair like that all the time.

Taylor Benson: My favorite hairstyles was the ponytail/french braid! c:

Captain Toast: They're all so pretty, number 3 was my absolute favorite <3

tiffanyyvu: Loved the third hairstyle! I hate when my hair is in my face haha Thank you for the giveaway :)

leonaverse: I loved hair style #1 its very simple and cute!

Mary D: I loved all of them, and I will definitely try all of them. But .... I'd have to say my favorite is Hairstyle #2 ;) love this video

gabriella lima: Definitely hairstyle 1! It's super sweet and cute!

Trinh Wong: That was a great video! I love your vids and my favourite hairstyle was the ponytail one :)

Sarah Lépine: My favorite hairstyle was.. you know what? Idk! They were all so cool, awesome and cute! Definitely trying one tomorrow ♥

Amani Semper: my favorite is the last one. I love it!!! Its the perfect hairstyle for me.

Vanessa Lara: My favorite was the second hairstyle! So cute, :)

Kanika Sharma: I loooove the french braided one. Tried it just now on my oily 4th day hair but it looks fabbbbbb!!

Jessica Sinatra: Your hair color is so gorgeous! Now I want to color my hair! The third hairstyle is my favorite and now I know what I'm doing with my hair tomorrow :D

Phuong Tran: My favorite hairstyle was the twisted side braid because Elsa is my fav! ❤️

jazmyn flores: My hair was clean but I still do my favorite hairstyle from this video, the pompadoure ponytail!!!! I just totally love it and your videos

lifeinjenneral: i really like all 3 of them! my favorite one has to be the 3rd one because ponytails has to be my favorite hair style. mostly because it's so easy to do. please show more hairstyles with ponytails!

Zara: Thanks for the useful hair tutorials!! Loved the second hairdo. Defs trying it out tomorrow :P

PrettyPrinceJin: I loved all 3! But my favorite one was #2~ I never seen/tried this hairstlye before. I can't wait to try it out :D

Caroline Brown: I really like these hairstyles! I'm going to try one tomorrow

Mary Dela Rea: I love the 3rd hairstyle!! When I first spotted your video on my subscribed feed, I was all like "omg she dyed her hair dark again!!" Soooo beautiful on you <3

Aiyhab Hamoodi 98: Your channel is so helpful and amazing at the same time, my hair is sooo long it goes below my thigh and it is really thick, these hairstyles are great xx

LuvableMeh: I always wondered what hairstyles I could do with my 3rd day hair when it gets oily/greasy and now you solved my question. ^-^ I loved all the hairstyles especially the first one. Right now my hair is at shoulder length and can't wait to try it out since I haven't done much to my hair since it has been cut 1 month ago. 

Mila Rahman: I love the second one Im going to recreate it now you are a life saver xxx

Teisha Picton: My favourite one was hairstyle 3, would be a perfect way to spice up a normal ponytail for cheerleading practice!

Lunaluxanna: I really like all of them! They look edging but eye catching. Ill personally probably wear the first hair style 1 the most! Thank you so much for making these too!  

KittyCat: I really liked all of the styles and it would be really hard for me to just choose one since I would do all three of those styles! Great job in showing us how to do them. :) Simple and fast.

lovelyxmai: My favorite is the first one! I'm so glad you made this video because I need hairstyles that I can do with second/third day hair because I'm running out of ideas. If only I'd seen this video this morning before I went to school :3

jerleenyvette: I love the first hairstyle! It's so princess-like! I love your tutorials btw! ^-^

ButterflyOnAWeb: I loved the first one sooooo much it was adorable! Your hair is gorgeous c:

Yamini Dharmashaktu: loved the second and the third one !!! thanks a lot !!! :) <3

Adinaaa: I have the pink bow, but white! :D I just love your hair! Thank you for the tutorial. I love all the hairstyles, as usual hahaha. :)

biancamasquerade: I love the braided bangs tutorial. I've been looking for a HowTo video for it XD My bangs are long and I don't want to cut them. Thank you so much

ohhiitsaiden: The second was defiantly my favourite, I love the side braids/twists.

Erin T: My favorite hairstyle was hairstyle #2 :) its so cute and different, I feel that anyone who looks at it would think "wow what a cute hairstyle! I wonder what technique that is?" Which is personally my favorite type of hairstyles, the ones that make people look and wonder x)

LexC: I like hairstyle nr. 3 because it has this edgy look to it and I always go for edgy looks! Your tutorials are really easy to follow and I always love to try new looks!

Helen Wang: I luv the last ponytail hairstyle best. Will definitely give it a try :)

Ana Acosta: I loved them all! But I liked the second one the best. I love side braids and that's what it reminded me of ^_^

Maria Emily Prameswari: I love the second and third hairstyles! Those hairstyles will keep away the not so clean hair from my face.. And that makes them on my "no forehead and cheek blemishes hairstyles" :p

Trina N.: I love the first hairstyle. I'll definitely try that soon. :) and that bow on the first hairstyle is really cute! Where did you get it?

Annie Pham: my favorite hair style was the twisted side braid its so cute

Sophie Sanchez: My favorite hairstyle was the last on. It's easy and I can use it when I'm running late. And I love ponytails.

Vivien Dang: Hai Thuha! I envy your hair because my hair is always tangled and damaged unlike your hair ;( but I like the first hairstyle because I think it suits me the best and it's pretty easy to do (considering how hard my hair is to work with) thanks to your awesome tutorials and I <3 you!!!!!!!

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