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  • Posted on 20 March, 2023
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What did we do on our Florida Spring Break? From stunning beaches, fun restaurants, cute bookstores, huge pieces of chocolate cake (like the cake from Matilda), we tried to do it ALL! And Brooklyn & Bailey were able to come with us as well! What was your favorite part of this vlog? COMMENT BELOW!

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We all flew to Seaside FL for Spring Break this year, and uploaded the AirBnB tour for the place where we stayed last week (you can see that video HERE: ) Unfortunately, Kamri and Rylan were not able to come this year since BYU does not have a Spring Break.

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There are several wonderful little resort towns on HWY 30A along the coast. We fell in love with them all, and each had its own unique vibe, totally social post worthy, filled with fun boutiques with delicious eateries and food trucks.

Our place was right on the beach, about 30 yards from our back door. Brooklyn & Bailey spent a ton of time on the beach and by the pool. Daxton and Paisley also had a bunch of beach time and pool time, and also buried their noses in about 10 books we bought them from a cute little bookstore we found. We sampled several of the ice cream spots and bakeries, played games together, and met new friends.

Where did you go, and what did you do over Spring Break? COMMENT BELOW!

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( Upbeat music ), All right here we are on the beach.. This sand is so fine. It'S almost like salt or sugar. Look at that.. It is really cool.. [, Mindy ]. It'S really white.. There'S the ocean here. [, Shaun ]! This is so cool. Would you rather have a beach house or a lake house, [ Mindy ], It's a little cloudy this morning, so we decided to camp by the pool. Yeah just chill out today. ( laughing ) ( water, splashing, ), [, Shaun ], All right! What are you pulling out here? Brooklyn [, Mindy ] - These are the same. [ Brooklyn ] You're telling me this. Isn'T the cake from `` Matilda'' [ Shaun ] ( laughing ), That is the cake from `` Matilda'' [, Paisley ] I'll. Try the chocolate layers: We found a little local market with a carrot, cake, [, Shaun, ], ( Laughing ). Finally, Finally got carrot: cake. [, Mindy ] And a chocolate cake.. This is like the `` Matilda'' chocolate cake right, here., [, Shaun ], It's 1. 2. 3. 4 5 6 layers of carrot, cake., [, Dakota, ], All their cakes look, so good. [, Shaun, ] Brooklyn went right for the frosting Yeah cause. You have to get a bite of the frosting. [ Mindy ]. All right lets see it. [ Shaun ]. Is it good, That's some chocolate cake, [ Shaun ]. Is it really rich? It'S super rich. [ Shaun ] Yeah. If it's not good, it's not worth it for me because I don't like all the sugar but ... [, Brooklyn ], That is so good. [ Shaun ], You have never turned away: chocolate. [, Mindy ]. Yes, I have. [ Brooklyn ]. It'S got mousse in the middle. [ Shaun ]. It'S got what [ Brooklyn ] Mousse in the middle.. It'S pretty good.. I actually really like that. [ Paisley ] Lets. Try the carrot, cake, [, Dakota ], That's some moist cake, [, Mindy ]. The bigger question is the carrot cake, [, Shaun ]. I thought you didn't like carrot: cake., [, Dakota ], That's a good cake.! I think you're gon na, like that one. [ Shaun ] Mm.. How is it Dakota? It'S good. [ Mindy ]. Well, I guess Paisley fell asleep while reading her book. ( Paisley groans ) Beach day, ( wind, blowing, ) Whoa, Max and Shaun are playing football in the surf. Dakota Hailey and Paisley are out swimming.. We got our own little private beach here or mostly private. Brooklyn chilling.. It'S like the prettiest sand. [, Shaun ] Hey. So what did you order right here? [ Shaun, ], A water, No just a grilled, cheese. [ Shaun ], A grilled cheese here at The Meltdown. So we just found a state park here right along the beach. It'S like what $ 3 to get in That's not too bad for a state park.. I think it's called Deer Lake State, Park. Deer Lake State Park., But apparently there's no better view of the dunes. The ranger told us. The sand here we found out is quartz., It's quartz crystal.! That'S why it's so white and sandy like sugar. Yep., The beach just bangs it up and beats it up into a thousand tiny little pieces. Yep.. Well, I'm starting to see the dunes over here. White sand dunes as far as we can see.. This is what we found at the end of the boardwalk.. What do you think Paisley, It's pretty. [ Shaun ], What It's pretty. [ Shaun ]! It'S pretty! What are you looking for? Is there an animal down there, Yeah Wow, it is so pretty out. Here. [ Mindy ] Super pretty [ Shaun ], Not very many people either Hey. How are you ( playful music ) Tonight for dinner? We decided to go to the Fish House.. You can see it behind me. How darling is this? It'S so cute all outdoors. Right behind us., [, Shaun, ], Okay, Mindy! You got -- Steak, medallions, [, Shaun ]. You got steak, medallions, yep., Hailey what'd! You get here! [ Hailey ], We got chicken. [, Shaun ]. We got chicken roast chicken and potatoes.. We got pasta down, there. Dakota's, a sushi guy. We got more chicken there.. What do you have Paisley Fried shrimp? You like it Good and then I got a sushi roll here. Too., It's a coconut curry sushi.. So now we woke up today and are doing a little bit more exploring and the girls decided they wanted to take some pictures of this Alice village. I think it was called Alice Beach. It'S got this really Greek-looking architecture, here.! There'S a courtyard with some benches and stuff the girls have found they wan na. Take some pictures: on., Don't don't fall., Not gon na catch, you., [, Shaun, ], Aw, that's so cute Catch me: now. Trust, fall., (, laughing ), [, Shaun ]. The two of you are gon na fall and hit your head so hard.. I know I know Now time for some family photos on the beach. Aw. Look at that! Isn'T that adorable, Oh, so stinking cute [, Shaun ]! He said Paisley's beautiful., No [, Shaun ]! Yes, ( screeching ), [, Paisley ] Scaredy cat (, yelling ). I used to go in the water all the time, (, happy music, ), [, Photographer ], Let her kiss you Okay! Well, it's our last day here in Florida and, of course, no wind, sunny weather, beautiful blue, crystal blue ocean.. So the last day we're here it finally gets super duper nice., Anyway., [, Shaun ]. What'S her name, Hailey Speed, Bump [, Shaun ], Speed Bump, Oh Jeez, She's more than just a speed, bump. [ Hailey ]. You are very nice [ Shaun ], How old She's almost two., [ Hailey, ], You're, very sweet. Look at you, [ Shaun, ], I've! Never pet one before. [ Hailey ] She's, a superstar. [ Paisley, ] How'd. You find her [ Hailey ] You're awfully nice, My mom's a veterinarian and I do wildlife, rescue., [, Hailey ]. That'S so cool. Her mommy got hit by a car, so I've had her. Since she's been about 2 weeks old., You have gorgeous eyes Holy mackerel, [ Hailey ]. Thank you. They'Re, like doll eyes holy From your mom Yes. Yeah. [ Shaun ], Not bad (. Laughing ). You guys are gorgeous too A beautiful family, [ Paisley ] See this is when I move down here to another life: [ Shaun ]. I don't think I've ever been this close to one. Unless they're hissing at me., ( giggles ). Well, that's kinda their own defense.. [ Shaun ] Yeah., If somebody was trying to take me out of my trash, can I'd probably be hissing at you, too [ Shaun, ] Yeah, true [ Hailey, ] Yeah, like your home [, Dakota, ], Look at her ears, ( upbeat music, ),

Ariana: I love The Selection series too, Paisley!

Amanda Molly: I loved watching it via their instagram stories. Looked like they had a huge blast.

aimee zawkiewicz: My favorite part of this video was the book store. I’m a book worm as well lol! Love you guys!

Jacqueline: The lady with the possum was so nice

Sidney Smith: This looks so fun!! I love the book store part:)

Tiger Speek: I haven’t been to the beach in a long time. I wanna go. You all look like your having fun. Hope your all doing well. Beautiful family. I love carrot cake just like Shawn.

Fatii 💕: Paisley is living her best life

Kellie Jones: Beautiful family. ❤️

Savannah: Hey Mindy❤️ That beach is so pretty!! Hope you all had a wonderful time!

Lucy: This looks so fun My fav part was the book store

Tiger Speek: I love all your videos. I wanna visit Texas someday and Florida. All the kids/ adults grown up so fast. I love fish to salmon is my fav.

Fatii 💕: It’s giving heart bones ❤

Mndez The Creator: You guys should come to La Paz you are going to fall in love of are beautiful calm beaches ❤

Donavan Johnson: Hope you guys had a great spring break and I saw the Matilda movie Those cakes looks delicious

Ravana Russell: Mindy i really like watching your videos on youtube channel newlywed cuteness, hide beach and speed bump the possum!

Julia Ayers: Love these videos Mindy! How do I curl short hair? What do I use for oily hair?

Suzy Pink: Luuv u guys so much ,sending u love and hugs ❤❤

ajcgac1: Beautiful beach where in florida is this beach so pretty.

Fatii 💕: Brothers have a hard time telling their sisters they are beautiful

Edward Lee California USA: Hi Mindy happy Spring day and happy holidays and happy weekend and I loved your vlogs and I enjoy your channel because you are amazing Supporter

Gaby Torres: where did you get paisleys dress? ITS SO PRETTY❤

Charu Shekhar: Oh I love Miami!! It’s so beautiful

Ron Garrett: Stinking cute is better than cutely stinking.

Karen Rademacher: I'm with the opossum mom, Mindy, you, Brooklyn, & Bailey have the prettiest eyes!! I agree doll eyes. The blue is so ! What a lovely beach! It looked like awesome weather!! And Shaun got his carrot cake, but we didn't get his reaction! That is our favorite cake for Easter and was one of our wedding cakes. The other was chocolate chip cheesecake. I think we like cream cheese sweets, lol. Thank you for sharing some relaxation on the beach time!! May not be there, but your video gives me a sense of it!! Brooklyn and Dakota are adorable!!

Heather Astbury: Love you

Rachael D'onofrio: Awesome video I really like it lot it was cool and you made awesome video and you are my favorite YouTube and you are best YouTube channel

AweSome T.: Where are the other 2 daughters?

Ron Garrett: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

s.: TICK...TICK...TICK...

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