*Easy* Curly Bang Wig Install: No Lace, No Glue, No Sprays| Beginner Friendly Ft. Luvme Hair



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06:36 - PROS & CONS (CONS)

07:40 - PROS & CONS (PROS)


09:42 - FULL 360 + LENGTH CHECK

Change, thank you. Just take a look at yourself. Do you really think it's gon na help, if you're always fighting yourself trying to forget how you felt just take a look at yourself can't even be your friend cause, your weights are stuck in your head. How do you think it's gon na? Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it don't sometimes be everything that we want. We could be everything everything anything all right, y'all, so I'm obviously finished style in this wig, and this is what I got if you're interested in the details and space all those good things about this unit, then please continue to watch so do you know that I Am rocking wasn't to me by love me Hair Shop. You love me for sending me this unit and sponsoring this video. I truly do appreciate it now. I want to go ahead and preface this video with the fact that the model looks like she's wearing a pixie and I obviously have on a bob. So on the site it says the only available length is six inches. This is obviously not six inches. I would actually say this is maybe 10 to 12 inches, I'm not sure which just check the description box below but uh on this side it looks like the model, has a pixie cut, so it says, throw on and go Ultra natural lightweight, bouncy wig with bangs. It says six inches um but obviously like I said this is not six inches uh. The details is uh install and take off within two minutes. Very true, full and fluffy super easy to manage super. I mean truly glueless and protective cute bangs fits your face perfectly. So those are details that I see it says. 150 density is a natural hair, color uh. It has four cones an elastic band as well as the adjustable strap. They don't have that on here, but it is, and it says yes can be glue - can be glue loose. It is a glueless Wix, there's, no lace, okay. So as far as the um shed and tangling with this wig, I have not experienced any that's not to say at some point: oh girl won't do any other things. It'S just that straight out of the package and she's doing other things like this is really an easy throw on and go wig. The only lace part is this part right here, and so you have that little part space and that's just to take away from that super Wiggy feel that a lot of bang units have this unit does have that little parting space there. So I want you guys to keep that in mind as well. With this particular unit um, it does come with a total of four columns. There are three in the front one in the back with adjustable straps. It also has an elastic band for more security, because, like I stated, this is a glueless wig uh, there's no lace to even adhere this unit. If you wanted to now granted, you could use bobby pins. I have seen key Roshan use bobby pins with a lot of her units, especially when you're doing like that pin up method. You can just throw those Vibe pins in like she does and call it a day, but with this particular wig um, I just use the cones on the side, the cones in the back and just the plateau girl. That'S it that's all! Okay! It, like I said if you want to do a little more, you can use bobby pins. Personally, I feel like this wig is very big head friendly um. I do only have to have this on my show so girl. Do it what you want to do with that? Okay, I only have the hair dust on my shoulders uh. So in my opinion, it is big head friendly, uh idea how to adjust the straps, and I did have to use the elastic band. I uh would say that you could probably make it work if you have a smaller head, but in my opinion, it's geared more towards medium to big, head friendly, but honey. I only got to have this on my show so girl. Do it that what you want to do with it? Okay! Do with that! What you want to do with that, and that is pretty much it as far as the details and space go with this unit. Now, if you're interested in my pros and cons as well before 360, then please continue to watch okay. So you guys know I like to start with the concert, because I like to end on a high note, my con with this wig. I'M guessing. I'M gon na just say that the bangs are really long and you would need to just kind of um cut them and you know find them to your face. I don't know if that's necessarily a con. The only other kind I could think of is that on the picture it or on the site, it says six inches and obviously this is not a six inch wig, that's the only other kind I could think of girl. Okay, just bear with me, bear with me. Huh my Pros with this unit is, I actually really do like the length, the spike that is not uh. The fact that it's not the lint, that I thought I was going to get. I like this Bob lint um. I also like that they have that lace. Parting area there I love the beginner friendliness of that, because you know your girl is lazy. It was just super easy to throw on. I used my Nairobi uh mousse that uh Cynthia recommended and she had got that tip from kirashun. So I I love all the teams with this wig, so those are my Pros. Yes, I would recommend it, especially if you're looking for an affordable human hair wig, that's not a lot of work that is super beginner friendly. I think this is that perfect unit. For you now, I understand that Curly bangs can some sometimes come off a little Rick James, okay, but I feel like it's a whole vibe. I think it's a look in my personal opinion. I also feel like you can make it a really really cute hat wig and I may throw on a hat for the picture. So if you guys see that, then I've decided that I wanted to be one of my hat. Wigs it'll go with my little Ensemble today, okay, so yes, I personally would recommend this unit all right y'all. So I'm gon na give you guys a full 360., so we can wrap this thing all the way up. So this is obviously the unit in the front. This is it on the left side. This is it in the back, and this is it on the right side. So y'all, let me know down below what you guys think about this. You know, let me know if it's a look if it's a bye to y'all, I am interested in your thoughts and opinion sound off down below in the comments. Let your girl know how you feel about this particular wig and yeah once again shop. You love me. Four sentimentation and sponsoring this video - I truly do appreciate it and if you are interested in purchasing this wig, I will have a direct link to it down below in the description box for your convenience and yeah girl. That'S all that's all! So if you like this video, give me a thumbs up, tell me questions feel like I may have out feel free to comment down below. If you already subscribe, girl click the Subscribe button. It'S not touching on one red scent and if you're not ready to follow me on my social media platforms, I am disasters. Reading about the IG and Tick Tock, I'm having to see on Snapchat on Twitter and I'll see. You love us next time. Bye, Beauty change! I believe

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy there Chrissy! I love this wig! It's the ultimate throw on n go! I also love how that Nairobi wrap mousse defined the curls. It's absolutely beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

Linda Gibbs: Chrissy Brown you always manage to put a new spin on your look

Tamarra CS: Hey Chrissy! This is a very pretty unit and love a good throw on and go wig for sure. at Rick James

lneal2800: It's the whole look for me! And the red❤️❤️" Hat" just set it off!

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Beautiful and perfect for everyday❤❤❤

crysten brooks: Okayyyyyy to this little cutie!! I like all the things about it. And you paired her with a bomb hat and Turtle neck! You know you slayed fo sho! Thank you for this review!

Pamela Gordon: Happy Wednesday Chrissy love this wig❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love Yourself: Happy Wednesday This is really cute and a easy Slay. It looks really pretty with the hat. Have a Blessed Day But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.


patrice moore: This unit is already cute but that red hat make this unit pop !!!

Koren Lawrence: This is DEFINITELY a hat wig.

Linda Gibbs: How are the kids doing?

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