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Hello everyone, today's wig is on this beautiful Zury Sis hair name Jill. This one is so pretty and perfect for this super fun summertime colorful hair trend. Please like, comment, subscribe and share this video.

Zury Sis Synthetic 360° Free Parting Lace Front Wig – Jill


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Welcome back to my channel, I'm back today with another week review and today is going to be on this wig right here, but first I would like to give a huge shout out to Deva trust icon for sending me this wig. Thank you very much. It is highly appreciated, so let's just get into this wig review. This one is from Zuri sis and the name of this wig is Jim. It says 360 least 3.13 by for deep and wide lace. I have this in the color tint tip orange. So, let's see what Jill is looking like, Jill comes in a lot of different colors, so I mean I'm not gon na name all these colors, you know out loud y'all can stand right here. That blue one does look interesting to me so that tint tip blue. That won't look interesting to me, so I don't know I may have to try that one, but first this is the color that I have. It looks really really pretty it's very different from what I've ever worn. It has some blonde edge. I can see in this wig which frames me just a little bit, I'm a little bit. You know, like afraid of blondes, especially you know against Brown skin tones. I mean, I think in my opinion, we have to be careful just a little bit with some of the lighter colors because it may clash with our skin tone. But that's just my personal thing, but I do love some blondes um. This one and uh can see. Is orange at the root which I do like that is darker at the root zone and orange at the tip? It looks like some fun colors perfect for this colorful summer trend. We have going on with the colorful hair and, as you can see in the back, we have some lace and it also has that dark orange at the bottom. We do have that in the one coming to base just withdraw straps and we got all this free party lace here in the two combs in the front. So yeah I'm gon na go ahead and take this wig off and put this one on and let's see what we are looking like with this one on so I'll, be right back. This is what she was looking like straight out of the pack into my head. First impression, I am loving the way she feels on my skin edge. Obviously, I have a heart to talk and I can't stand it she hair. So this feels really really good, really soft, and I think I am liking her because I mean she is definitely perfect for our trendy summertime colors right now and she looks kind of good on camera to me against my skin tone. She'S not too loud, not too bright of a blond color and I'm loving the orange yeah. This is different. I am loving it, so let me give you a close-up of what the hairline looks like ya'll concede them. Laurens color is from ear to ear, which I love. We don't have to worry about people clocking our wig and this right here we have some baby hairs more like adolescent hair, but not too much here by I'm gon na cut them and ya know. I love when the baby hair is already there for me just clip on and I get to just lay them down. So that's good. So, let's see what the part of space looks like and, as you can see, it looks pretty good. I have a light. Color wig cap off, so that's probably what y'all see imma, probably change it, or at least you know, moving up a little bit higher, so it won't go from. You know my cap to my actual skin, so I probably will fix that see. I can get a very good view of what it really looks like so go with the pod on the left side and I need to fix my wig out. Okay yeah, and this is what she is looking like, and I am definitely a fan of this way. Let me give you a 360 of what she looks like this is all of the handed back. I am five three yeah. I do really love this wig. I was a little afraid, but I'm pleasantly surprised that she came out looking just like this, so I am very happy about this one. Let'S talk about the price like I said before, I did receive this one from David Transcom. I looked on the website and it is $ 57.99 one I'll go ahead because she is really pretty she's. Very very soft, like I said earlier, don't have a problem with her inching all over my skin um. As for tangos, it's angled just a little bit as you can see, but for the most part I can run my fingers straight through it without any problems so really pretty and the tangles are not spend as most of my colored wig. So I'm very happy about that. As you can see, so I'm running my finger straight through it, I'm not getting stuck. So I'm thinking, she's gon na be good on tango job, so um I probably didn't mention to y'all but um. It is a straight. It'S not so silky. It has a light. Yakky text it to this way, so um not straight silky, light yeah Q. So, if you're interested go ahead and check it out, I'm gon na go ahead and in this video please like subscribe comment and let me know what y'all think of miss Jill see you in my next video

Sam I Am The Superhero: I like the first wig that you started off wearing as it compliments you so nicely. You can totally get away with the 2nd one as you're right, we are in summer and lighter colors pop extra hard. I like the orange hairline and tips too. Cheers to being amazing!! <3 <3 <3

Gabby's Hauls & All: I'm loving these two colors together! The color is bomb on you!

Bella Janae Beauty: This wig gave you some extra glow honey yasss it’s so pretty. My wishlist keeps getter bigger and bigger with your wig reviews ☺️

Read Love Listen: The color compliments your skin tone. I’m loving these vibrant shades that they have. Zury Sis comes through with all the colors.

Kay Vlog: The wig looks great with your skin tone and your makeup is flawless as usual

Silky Saks: This wig is cute. You can truly wear any wig in any color or style.

Bella DaKid: Love this. Love the way she looks on you. I love the Tin Tip styles. Really pretty color mixes

Keona Michelle: Yes to the blond wig. Love the color on you. The brown one you had on in the beginning is cute too. Love the color. You are the freaking wig queen. Thanks so much for sharing.

Michelle H: Woah! Honey honey! You can throw all of your other wigs away! This is the unit for you! Your entire face, skin tone and everything came alive!

Naturally_Tanya89: I was afraid when I first saw it out the box but looks really nice! I didn’t think I would like the color pattern (dark light dark) but it looks really nice

Diamond Janay: This hair is so bomb I love the little tints of yellow in there. Makes it really unique

버디Birdie Liau: This wig is so stunning x looks so eye-catching

Nikki Laniece: This is cute on you! The color looks nice & good thing it doesn't tangle too bad!

David & Jody: You always slay those wigs boo I love this blonde look on you yesss haven’t tried a blonde before but this gives me the go ahead

Taneaka Tillman: I love the way you styled it..... it is a nice trendy color for the Summer great review hun.

NathanXSavage: Oohhh yesss! I need this wig, so pretty! Liked the subtle change of colours at the tips! Deffo be checking this one out!

JackieNaturals: I love the wig your wearing & the one featured in this video. The color is very pretty & I like the darker roots too. I don’t think it’s too bright either & the orange is a nice color. Also that is a good amount of parting space. Really pretty & I love how you touched her up with the side part & baby hairs.

Valerie: Cute wig! I love how the baby hairs are already cut

SandraLynette 54: She turned out to be Absolutely Gorgeous on you. Gives you a radiant glow. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a Happy and Blessed day❣

Uniquely Vickie: I love it. Reminds me of an orange creamsicle!

Claudia Moss: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! This color pops on you!! Just one of a kind!

LaSean Sings: Magnificent Jill Unit sis!!I love the Color!!Incredible Job Always sis!!!Awesome

Keeping it Simple with Bridget: Ok so this has got to be one of my favorites!! The color is beautiful!!

MsEbonyVee: I think this color suits you well! I’d personally like to try some of the other fun colors! Lol. She’s really pretty! Great review!

Ny_beauty: Girl every wig you wear is always bomb asf

Kimira Jewels: This is . This is the sister wig to Jalyn that I reviewed

Modelglamher_: I love this sis....the color is bomb... I will have to add her to the list

Stacey Davis: Beautiful it looks nice on you ❤️

Megan Kathleen: She is different, I love it!! okay, once you do everything to it!! Oh my gosh I'm in love! Super pretty!

Shay Slays Official: This unit and you are both beautiful

Samantha X: This orange on the crown is so gorgeous on this unit and she looks nice on you

R and D Abstract Gallery LLC: I am loving this unit

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patrice moore: This is so gorgeous on you !!!!! Yassssss !!! I love it !!!!!!!!!

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ZOOM IN ASMR: You are always beautiful using any wig, beautiful Sis :D

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Sarah Jalees: It looks good on you!!! Makeup is

IsThatYourHairrr: #notificationgang this looks bomb, babe! I’ll be back to tune in

ThruMyLensByJG: wow beautiful wig! I love the blonde on you, so pretty!

Prettygirlchaz: WHY YOU DOING US LIKE THIS✨ I have to steal this wig and try it for myself

jewelzofthasea: Wow that parting space sis! as u were parting i was like what!lol n this wig came out too cute on u! U be working it

Lorna Thomson: You look amazing blonde!

Tashina Beauty: I love love the amber two tone color on this wig

TaraLee: it looks so good on you! I think you look good blonde!

Ryan Wooldridge: Stunntin all over

Bsugar V: Yessss....i really love this wig it's really beautiful on you that color is cute

Greens & Things: So many prettie colors!! I love the blonde & you always look so pretty in every wig boo

Glammed Butterfly70: Oohh snap perfect for summer. I love it on you.

Alyssa Baladez: I love this style side part on you also the color

Deva19xx Dee Jones: This is the color I have and I love it. I'm also interested in the blue. If u get it can u pls do a review on it? This tt orange looks gorgeous on you

Nizzy Mac: yaassss this wig is so cute i like the tips colors this wig is bomb!

K.myyaaa: Love the blonde/orange on you

LittleMakeupChannel: You'll be turning heads with this one

G’Renee: I love the two color combination

JazzyDiva44: Beautiful!

Tez's Gino: Slow down the Earth!!! I actually like this! I think the color looks beautiful with your skin tone. Thanks, Lil Sis!

Illusionz XNine: Great video/review...keep the momentum going

Shelita Marieee: Amazing

Ozone Channel โอโซน แชนเนล: So beautiful

NDISA’S WORLD: Omfg that colour is everything

Theladynicole: I will take that and the attire. You look good in it. Gorgeous.

Zippi Brown: The color looks so good..and you are beautiful..I'm yet to learn on how to install lace wigs.

Christie’s Makeup Vlogs & FunTimes With Us: Pretty Gorgeous ✨✨

Dangela: I love blonde on you! I kinda wana see the blonde straight through like all blonde I think you can honestly rock anything sis. You should order a ugly wig on purpose and make your husband rate the wigs. Or do a prank acting like your going to wear a ugly wig out in public.

YBTamoi: Love this!! you fire AF!

Lotti Dotti63: Blonde is your color....you look marvelous..love it!!!

AGENT#007: Looks beautiful on u sis

N E: So different on you but I really love it

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sdooot x: this wig is a fav!!

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janice so loved: Very cute color

Tabitha Marie: Sexy you look good with blonde hair makeup looks beautiful as usual. I really like this wig!

Amanda Glamladybug Studio: WoW she so pretty on you Would've never thought those Colours would go so well together but you are Gorgeous Honey...only thing is ...I want one Too

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