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Clean Bleached Frontal

Real HD Lace & Clean Hairline

100% Human Hair-Soft & Smooth

Yaki Straight HD Lace 360 Wig[TLW17]

Length: 20 inches

Density: 180%

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Come on everybody, everybody, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel. It'S naturally Mary here, y'all, don't even understand how excited I am about this new hair. So the unit that I'm going to show you all today is from Wow African and y'all their hair. Never disappoints it. Never disappoints so right now, I'm just showing you all a silk scarf that comes in the packaging, and I love when Brands include those because they're so good for setting your lace. This unit, right out of the package, looks so good y'all, it's in the Yaki straight texture and transparently. I feel like no other brand does Yaki straight, like while African theirs looks so much like a silk press, and I love how they do their hairline. Like do you all see how natural this looks, this looks insanely, natural and y'all know I could not wait to try it on so I'm gon na remove the wig cap that I had on. That was way too light. They actually sent some that were very natural. Color that match my skin tone much better. So I'm going to put this on and then I'm going to proceed to try on the unit y'all - and this is a 360 lace unit, so you're going to get lace around the entire circumference of the unit. So you can put this hair up and you can do so many different styles with it trying it on. I was like what, like I told, y'all about this hairline. It just looks phenomenal. This is one of those no work needed units. I did decide to pull my wig cap back though I wanted to see if that looked more natural and it actually did, and I'm going to show you guys how to make it look more seamless later on in the video. Now you can do the ball. Cap method, but honestly I try to avoid that at all costs, because it's so taxing but feel free to do that if you have the time, but on this channel I try to give you all easy methods in order to install your units. So this is going to be an easier method and it's going to look great and do you all see how long this hair looks it's actually in lint 20. But to me it looks so much longer and for those who may be wondering I did get an average cap size. I also selected HD clean lace. So if you want yours to look as natural as mine be sure to select that option, they do also have it in pre-plugged, but I believe the hairline won't look as good as this. If you were to go that route, I mean it'll, look good, but it won't look this good. So now I'm going to remove the unit and put it on my mannequin head so that you all can get a better view of what it looks like. I also like to show you all the units on a mannequin head so that you all can see it on a different skin tone. As you can see, my mannequin head is much lighter, and this unit looks so great on this skin tone as well. It also has six inches of parting space, which is going to look so much more. Like your natural scalp, I also selected the option to have all the knots bleached, so you don't have to worry about bleaching knots or anything for this unit. If you select that option, they also offer a two inch bleach knot option, but I recommend getting them all bleached so that it looks most like your real hair. Do you all see how good this looks already? This is one of the best units that I've worked with and y'all. Even the back looks really good. You could actually do like a flip over method. I was kind of thinking if you turned it over on the back side, you could do that which would be really cool, but right now, I'm going to tint the lace which isn't necessary for every skin tone, but because I have dark skin. I decided to add a little a little bit of the 3D face creator by Ruby kiss. So I'm going to add this all over the lace and then I'm also going to add it to my stocking cap, and this is going to help it blend. So much more right now, I'm going to start cutting the lace off in the back. I am going to also cut some in the front, but then I decided to stop to do it on my head, while installing - and you guys will see that in a moment. But I'm going to let you all watch that process and then I'll come back on in a moment this you want to be like this running running out of luck, I get ready, then I do it. Take it back and double love try to copy, but they never ever ever do enough. I can show you how it goes down. Go down cause. I got enough to go around go around How You Wan na Dance. Now, let me show you how to get it. You wan na be like this. You wan na be like this. Do you all notice what a difference that made pulling a soccer cap back and then adding some concealer to it as well as tinting the lace made it look so much more natural and eliminates you from having to do the ball cap method. I love how this turned out so now I'm gon na proceed to lay the unit down. At this point I was blown away because I could not believe how much this hairline looks like it could be mine, like it's growing out of my scalp at this point. So now I'm going to use my trusty Bed Head spray in order to lay the unit down, and this is really going to help to melt the lace really nicely so I'm gon na, let you guys watch that process and then I'll come back on it. Ain'T mean much, you don't know what it's like to fly till. You hide your wings. Do you hide your wings? After securing the unit down with bed headspray, I decided to use my Nairobi mousse in order to just make the edges look more natural. So I'm just applying a bit of that to the edges and then I'm going to proceed to apply my satin scarf from wild African. I'M gon na allow that to set for about 10 to 15 minutes, while I'm straightening the hair and then I'll proceed to remove it. Oh - and I also decided to do this because I don't desire a distinct baby hair, but if you desire to do baby hair, I'd recommend doing it before setting it at this point and then you can begin straightening the hair. But it's really up to you. Wait: everybody come on one two three. I plead the fifth work it out like America, and these are the finished results, guys foreign, but the side part is also looking fabulous as well. In order to blend out the part, I'm just adding some concealer to the start of the part, I'm also extending the concealer to where the start of the wig Cappy is to make everything look more seamless. Now, I'm going to show you all a quick style that you can do with the hair. That'S super cute y'all know I love a good half up half down hairstyle, so I'm going to show you all that hairstyle with the unit now, but because this is a 360 lace unit, The Styling options are endless. You can do so much with it. You can put it up in a ponytail, you can wear in a bun. You can even do the claw clip hairstyle that everybody Raves about on Tick Tock. This will be a very good unit to do that with I'm currently showing you all a cool ponytail hairstyle that you can do that. I'Ve seen on Pinterest and I've been wanting to try. It looks so cute. It is a little messy, but it looks gorgeous this. Will be a nice effortless hairstyle for a day for a brunch, even as a wedding guest? I think it would be nice or even a bride. I think it would be cute but yeah. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. This unit looks absolutely phenomenal and it was really making me want to wear straight hair. More often, I love all the styling options, and just how realistic this looks, it looks insanely good you all. Let me know what you think down in the comment section while African is having a spring sale currently, so you all should definitely check the description box, be sure to like comment and subscribe and right now, I'm just showing you all what it would look like. If you were to put it up, you can even use bobby pins in order to do so in the back, and that will be an easy alternative to secure it in place without having to add glue or gel. But that's the end of this tutorial. I look forward to your comments and feedback be sure to check the description for the discount code that I provided for you guys. I love y'all and I'll, see y'all in my next tutorial. Bye, guys,

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