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Hair info: 130% Density 360 Lace Frontal Wig Cambodian Deep Wave 20 inches Cap M 100% Human Hair

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We'Re getting into the curls, oh we just give exotic. Today we are reviewing hair spells 130 density, 360 lace, frontal Cambodian deep wave wig is 20 inches long 100 human hair guys the quality is great. They are really good communication and I was obsessed with the curls. It gives what it's supposed to Gabe. The lace was a Swiss lace, which I needed an HD or transparent, but I did not communicate that so next time. I know for sure that I will - and I didn't know - and they were very nice about it. So yeah watch this video and watch How I installed this wig and let's get into it foreign. Thank you, foreign. Thank you, boy, foreign. I love this hair so bad like I love the curl pattern. Like the you know, it's just getting exotic. It'S so cute. This hair is my hair, spells it's their Cambodian deep wave hair is 130 density and forced to be 130 density baby. This is full like real, real full. It'S 20 inches, it's so cute. The lace was a little darker than my um skin complexion, because it's a Swiss lace. It makes it really really really thin, so it just melts so perfectly look at it get into the curls. Oh, let's just give exotic mommy everything I need for this week will be in the description down below make sure you guys use ml 10 to get some money off because I mean hold on what they coins off. Oh, the chunk is so fine. I don't want to take it out and the quality is so good minimum shedding really handy shopping and tangle, free, baby, tangle free fingers running right through it yeah it's. My fingers get knotted up, yeah, yeah, okay, stop stop playing y'all! Don'T back! Leave the curly hair! Always gon na give stop playing with me. I think I like Cambodian deep wave, though like it's like a mixture of like deep waving water wave, I think like it's just it just sits up, make sure that I shop everything will be in the description down below. Thank you guys so much for watching me. Install this wig and I'll see you guys in the next video hey y'all, so I wanted to show y'all really quick the process of getting it to look like this. Let'S see how this side is really poofy and this side is really really curly. This beautiful, deep wave. All you need is a spray bottle. It starts from the bottom, the spray spray spray. I always do this to my curly hairs for curls can be more defined. You know - and I start from underneath the majority of the time in my spray bottle. I have conditioner and I have some water pretty. I love this hair. So much y'all see how to find these curls are. The girls are so beautiful, like literally so beautiful. I was thinking about doing a half a pack down, but I don't know I mean because it is a 360 frontal, two ponytails two too cute. Let'S try to. I love a good 360 Frontier. Okay, with my baby hairs over on this side, it's good ponytails, I'm gon na hop on a little bit more yeah. Ah, the 360 frontal just touch it because I hate when you can see that like tracks in the back, but you can't because it's a whole 360 front door. They got the lace in the back as well. I hope I can see it but yeah, thank God for watching once again, this is the next morning and yeah. It makes you guys shop with hair, spells on the good quality Cambodian deep wave hair Depot.

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