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In the kitchen, what's good Tessa Gang welcome back to my Channel today I wasn't gon na. Do this video, but I figured mine is well my life. Convinced me to do it say: hi guys say hi to the Vlog: hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! This will be up on my beauty Channel, since it's a beauty related since I'm getting my hair done until guess who's here, to help me as per usual she's, literally like my hairstyles at this point, because she always helps me touching my hair and I don't mess It up it's well, but I have a lot of stuff to do. I'M going to straighten my hair for the first time, but Reviving online and we're being cracked kids, because I'm gon na pull it all nighter and I'm trying to find her to do the same. Mine as well, mine is so we're just gon na be crackheads all night mini tripod in my car, so I have to finesse. What happened did that I have a ring light which has a clip, but I don't think I need it. This is gon na need. More light yeah, oh yeah, that looks way better, so yeah, it's gon na be literation. I had coffee, you can't have a coffee here, because I took all of the creamer, so you would have to go downstairs and try to do the coffee. You want to go right now, because once we start you can probably tired yeah and I'm not trying to go downstairs with my hair red. Where is it most likely in the lobby? I'M gon na come we're coming foreign you're. What how you gon na do it like? What'S up? What'S up bro all right? Damn I look dead as hell foreign, okay, it's literally the next day. I was so upset and ended up having to do a completely different video. I actually did trolls makeup upon requests of the live. I ended up, leaving this at the house and Sally's was closed, so I had no choice but to do today. So I have literally like 20 things on my list to do, and it all starts with getting my hair together. So we're about to start get this together. I'M gon na go live again because is that's where we're at nowadays foreign. So this is some so Confusion by Chi, it's supposed to make your hair like super silky, and then I also have the cheese Iron Guard. So this is supposed to help with the heat. We definitely want to protect our hair as much as possible. So I'm going to use the balls that'll go a long ways and my hair is already thin so for referral it'll go a long way, all right spray. It all right done with my makeup, but now I'm about to do my hair, I'm about to blow dry. It and then I'm gon na straighten it and everybody's excited. I'M on live of course together. So the heat right now is on 360.. It goes all the way up to 450, but we're trying to find my hair, I'm really nervous about this, and I'm really already regretting it, but we're gon na do what we got to do, because we already made it this far: okay, it's so flat. Okay, the last time that I did this was two years ago with a Dyson and I had to pass through it like six times. It was not giving what I need to be gay. This is the first strand with the comb, I'm so scared. Okay, we're doing good thanks my heart, you got heat, protecting yeah, he's ready to escalated with heat protectant, and this silk Fusion by she sucking piece will be looking like what you looking for. We got what you looking for, how long were your hair? So straight stay straight: when you do it, I don't know because I don't straighten my hair. I don't remember what it was like when I straightened my hair, but it probably didn't last long because humidity and stuff like that, I don't know it's gon na be cute. I think this time I hope this don't take forever. I don't think it is because I blow dry, my hair, so that's the last name with cut in it. You did your own makeup, it's so good! Thank you, but I am so anxious right now. Y'All, don't understand it's coming out cute. The length is blowing me, but you know what's good. Thank you. Thank you. Sunday practice foreign foreign, foreign, foreign foreign. Thank you, wow wow, it's different because I've never seen your hair like that before I don't even know what to say it's ugly. No, it's actually really cute come on period. It'S giving Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj. I got you oh yeah yeah. How are we feeling the light is hyping me up, say: hi, guys, wait, wait, wait! It'S trying to focus anyways, we're saying hi. I need a little bit to get used to this um. The ends are dry. I didn't want to keep passing them, but I do need to trim some of the ends, but it's honestly not that bad, that's good we're good! That means I'm doing what I need to do. While it's curly. She said she don't even know what to say, because it's so different, meaning AKA is ugly. Where are you riding it? I really tempted to watch it. I'M not even gon na lie to you. I love it. I love it. I love it. Okay, let me do the side part, even though I think it's gon na look crazy, but I, like the middle part period, only have to style it perfectly I'm going to sleep, so I'm not gon na do that, but I do think with some edges. It looks a little bit better, so this is the next day. Actually it's two days later by having a ponytail, because I never have it in a ponytail and I actually kind of liked it. It was cute, it's cute. These are my bangs, so they're, it's been annoying, it's been like coming out, but I did have a lot more splins than I thought I was gon na have first of all shout out to everybody. Who'S made it this far. Y'All are the go. If you made it, this far drop a red heart in the comments to let your girl know that you'll be watching you'll, be paying attention because it took me forever to edit these videos um, I kind of feeling them. I had a lot of split ends, but I didn't know how bad they were until I straightened it. So I feel like instead of waiting two to five years to straighten my hair. Maybe I can do it once every six months, so I couldn't be able to see since I do plan on doing my hair by myself moving forward. I just had too many like bad experiences with hair stylists. My hair hasn't fallen out or anything, but I feel like they cut way more than they need to, and now I have professional shears near 600, so I need to put it to use. I'Ve used it so much already, I feel, like I already got my money's worth, which is amazing, if you guys can invest. I don't know if you need this necessarily, but I just like getting like the best in the most expensive thing that there is just to make sure that everything is good in the hood. So this is actually three days later because I took the last two days to literally go strand by strand section by section to cut off the dead ends. I could honestly went through another time, because I am seeing a few more now that I'm in this lighting that I have right now like it's like make, making them stand out more. But what I realized is that what I already knew, but I'm really realizing that when you do not have split ends, your hair is easier to manage. When I was brushing my hair, it was sounding really rough, like a chalkboard and then when I went through sections that I had already cut like all of the split ends off, I didn't hear anything like it was super smooth. It felt smooth to the touch it felt like the comb and the brush was gliding very easily when I cut them off and I feel like I didn't - lose any length either. So it's like literally a win-win-win. The only problem is that it literally takes forever. I did this for a period of time on my live and everyone's like, oh, my God, just do a big chop like no. I wear my hair curly most of the time and you can't tell I really care about the length of my hair. I just rather not, I absolutely could not stand my hair the day of, but, as I was editing I was like I'm tripping like it was actually really cute, but I didn't like my makeup and I was just being like a little bit harsh on myself. I still don't like my here flat, like I don't like my hair down now I do like it pulled back. I like it in a style. I feel like it's cute, it's just way too flat for me, I would prefer just wearing straight wigs. Look. I literally. I literally once I start it's so hard for me to stop it's very therapeutic as well just to find them, but my neck be hurting from looking down trying to squint to see what is split and what is not foreign, oh crap. I just realized that I was still recording. Let me know your guys's thoughts. Let me know how you feel. I don't know how long this is gon na last, but if you have tips to make it last long, let me know I'm debating on tearing up one of my blonde wigs for the wefts and dyeing it this color, so that it's perfect and putting it in My hair, so that it's like super long. Let me know what you think about that. If I should do that, if I should try it because I like really really long hair and my hair is long already, but who have you seen with super long bright red inches, I have it so maybe I'll do that anyway, the lemon is again. Thank you. So much for watching! Thank you so much for tuning in again shout out to everybody who made it to the end. Y'All can find me quicker on Tick. Tock. I'Ve been going live almost every day if I'm not on my main Channel Vanessa Lynn, I'm on my backup page, which is Vanessa Lynn, Beauty, follow you guys,

Vanessa Lynn Beauty: CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS BEEN 3 WHOLE YEARS?! Check the description for proof!! Also, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to drop some hair style recommendations that look great with straight hair ♡ Don't forget to stop by my main channel to watch my most recent video because the next one drops in a few days!! xoxo

Evelyn A: Omg that’s crazy. I haven’t straightened my hair in 2 years & was thinking about doing it just for fun & now that I see this ima take it as a sign love youuuuuuu ❤

Mercedez Walker: May we get a video about how you were able to achieve so much length right before straightening your hair? Just watched your YouTube video of you straightening your hair and was curious if you had a good amount of length because of wigs or products❤️❤️

Sydnee Cottrell: I love it!!! Also, stop being hard on yourself. Your hair and makeup is beautiful.

Pearl Ndlovu: So excited . Can't wait to see the results ❤

Jenni: I LOVE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUR HAIR ISSS i wish my hair was as defined as yoursss.

shay gordon: Length doesn’t matter if your hair isn’t healthy mama your hair will literally grow so much long and fuller your curls will even pop more without looking so stringy and Barbie dollish

Vanessa Lynn: WHEW, glad we got that out the way!

December Letts29: I love watching your YouTube channel been watching since day one

Salena Makin Moves: Uploading on the beauty channel and your other page. That’s what I’m talking about Vanessa. Keep grinding. Btw I love when your hair is straight

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shay gordon: Hey gorgeous question one day you should go to a salon get your ends cut off with a cute blow out I know your probably scared because of your length but just imagine how long and thick your hair will grow you wear wigs and braids most of the time anyone so why not just leave the color alone I just don’t want your hair falling out but them colors is really frying your hair go look at jasmine brown hair

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