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Hair Info: 26 inch reddish brown body wave air glueless wig with breathable cap

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Today, if it is sponsored by Eunice here and in the packaging, I received these goodies that I'm showing you right now. The wig that I'm working with is a 26 inch reddish brown body wave wig with a density of 180, so the fullness is there. So I need you guys to take a good look at the construction of the wig. Like the wig cap. It is breathable, as in you can literally touch your hair. Your scalp, which you know, allows your hair to breathe freely around the back area and you're. Also getting that extra security hold with adjustable straps with Combs and the silicone grips, and it also came with the leaves being cut off, which that is a first and the hairline. It is not so much of a pre-plot airline. Now I'm fitting it up on my head, I'm making sure everything is in line and while I'm doing that, I'm gon na apply a little oil to give it a little Sheen. Because I need to revive the curls, because I'm telling you I had this wig put down for a while, so you have two choices with this wig you can put it on then position it the right way on your head and go, and that will be right Out of the box, which is a quick and easy fix, or you want to be more technical, as in just laying it all the way which I'm about to show you so right now, I'm gon na be fixing it my way, giving it some curls and laying It down doing all the sheban to make the thing pop foreign foreign shape is different from the wig shape. So what I'm going to be doing is using the urban air spray to lay the wig down, and when I reach my airline that is peeking out way too much. I'M gon na be pulling it down in order to cover my natural hairline, especially that the hair color is different from my one. You feel me, foreign foreign, because the density is a little bit too thick and I need it to be given natural, so I will be taking out a couple here from the front foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign. So this is a completed look and I try to give you guys option if you're thinking about purchasing this week, you can at least have an idea of what you want and what not to expect it the year overall is a decent quality like it doesn't run And it has body, you know no Circle aims, and I love that and I even do different curls as in tight curls and loose curls anyway, you guys, I will link all the information down below. It will be a direct link anyway later and I will catch you on the next one. Yeah

Julie B Styles: Beautiful work my girl!!! I’ll be tuning in soon and working with you!

Dainty Sam (samiesamz): Wow I love this hairrrr & they video. Very detailed. I gotta go get me 1.

Stephanie Fashionn: The hair color looks great on you

Paulette Drysdale: Like this hair ❤

Julie B Styles: Unice is a scam though they been stealing my work

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