Estetica Finn In Sunlit Blonde (Wig Review)

Wig review of „Finn“ by Estetica Designs in the color „Sunlit Blonde“

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My measurements:

○ Circumference: 22" (average)

○ Hairline front to nape (over top of head): 12" (average is 14.25")

○ Ear to ear over top of head: 12.5" (average is 13.5)

○ Hairline to bottom of chin: 8"


Music used:

„Tiptoe out the back“ (Dan Lebowitz)

courtesy of the Youtube Audio Library

Hi welcome to my channel. My name is Sarah, and today I would love to review this wig for you, which is called Finn by aesthetica in the color sunlit blonde. Now, if you'd like to know how long she is how the color is composed, what special features she has how the cap looks from the inside and how I like her then stick around and let's get started. So this style is called Finn by Estetica and I think it was one of the original styles that were available in that gorgeous color sunlit blonde right from the beginning when they launched that color, it's one of their newer, colors or latest color, and the lightest rooted Blonde in the Estetica line, it's definitely my favorite blonde and my favorite color by Estetica, and this style has been on my wishes for a while, and I just recently received it and I haven't even been wearing her just for a couple of hours once and all I did after taking her out of the box, was that I sprayed her with dry shampoo, because she's really very shiny. When you take her out of the box. The aesthetic of fibers are definitely very, very shiny but of course um with a little dry shampoo or with a silk in cold water um or if you wash her or just let her sit in some cold water for 15 to 30 minutes and let her dry Most of the shine should be gone and another plus, if you use dry shampoo and you let her hang upside down while you spray her, is that you get a lot of extra volume with the dry shampoo and if you love big, hair, curls and also permatease, Like me, I'm pretty sure this must be your cup of tea um. I think it's a gorgeous curly style that looks really natural. It doesn't have beachy waves like many of the beltres Styles and other styles, that are very modern. I would even say this. One has a more retro look. It looks like from the 80s or 90s when big hair was in and I really love the style. I love big hair and curls, so this style is right up my alley, although I must say I'm not feeling very much myself with this hairdo. So I'm not sure if I'm going to keep her and since it's almost impossible to return a style from Europe to the US, it's so costly and you can't get back the duties and taxes you paid and everything I'll probably sell her in Germany or Europe. So in case you're interested in Finn, um have a look at my website. If you haven't been there, you'll find all the Styles there that I've ever reviewed or that I've ever worn or had the chance to try on. I have a gallery with all the Styles and alphabetical order and if there is a review that I have filmed, it will be there even if it's not published on YouTube. Yet you'll find all my reviews online on my website and apart from some product recommendations and other, hopefully helpful tips. I also have a page there that is called sale where I'm selling wigs from my Personal Collection. So if you're interested in this or another Style just have a look at my website now, a static card doesn't give us any color code for the sanded blonde. It'S just called it's a light blonde. I think, with the medium brown Roots, I think, dark blonde to medium brown. It'S not a Dark Root. I just think the color is gorgeous. It'S really. It'S a creamy blonde. It'S a neutral color! It'S not really warm and not too cool either it's just in between. It'S definitely my favorite aesthetica color and since this style doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles um, the price point is also quite good in comparison to other styles that have more special features. Um, I think Finn, is still quite affordable. Now um she has a very wide lace front and the rest of the cap is open wefted, so it doesn't have any monofilament features which of course keeps the price point down now. Let me show you this lace front from up close. I really like this lace front: it's not too densely knotted and the knotting is really fine. You don't really see knots and here on the part I hope you can see through it goes back up to here. I think so. It really gives that illusion of a monofilament, although there isn't any, but I think this extra wide lace front really is enough for for a very curly sign like this, and you can still see through to the scalp or the illusion of scalp and give this a Very natural, realistic, look now. What I have to tell you is that the cap of fin is huge. I mean aesthetica runs rather large, but especially this one, since I've also had other styles by Estetica. This one is so big. I really had to crisscross the adjusters to make her fit and not slip off my head or something or move around. I'Ve never had to do that with any other style. So in case you have a large head or a large circumference. You should check out Finn and I think it will probably fit you very well now. As always, I will show you the links all around the screen, so I won't have to bore you with any numbers and you can guess we can talk about permatease next and I can tell you - and I'm probably sure you can guess without me - telling you that This wig has loads of committees, no matter where you try. You can feel that really heavy pillowy permatease all around, which is of course needed for these curls and hide the wefts on the one hand, and to give it volume I mean if you love big, hair and curls and volume like me, I'm sure you don't mind. Primitives, either because as long as it's not visible, that is something I don't like either and this one doesn't have visible priorities. Um, it's really great. To give you a lot of volume and well, you know, like I said, with some dry shampoo. That is that it helps with the shine you can get even more volume out of the style. It definitely has a lot of properties, and I just love the volume of this of this wig. But although there is a lot of volume, I can tell you this is so lightweight, I'm not sure about the exact weight, but it's really very airy and light. You don't really feel that you have such a mid-length, very big, curly style. It'S like the Ellen Villa Styles, um that have a lot of volume. There aren't so many, but the ones that there are they're also very light, and so is this. Now the fibers are regular synthetic. They are not heat defiant, so you can't really do anything uh with your heat tools. You can straighten it unless you are using the heat tools that are specially made for the regular synthetic fibers. But apart from that, you can't change the curl pattern, but who would want to change these beautiful curls anyway, but before I go ahead and talk about these gorgeous curls any longer? Let me show her to you from outside, so you can see what I'm talking about foreign these cars just gorgeous. I think they look so natural, it's incredible and what you've probably also seen when I was looking down and coming back up it. This style is no face, Flopper at all, which is so important. I hate when I have hair in my face all the time and have to get the hair out of my face all the time, and you really don't have to do this. This stays out of your face perfectly. Is that important to you as well to me it's so important, and this style is just perfect if you hate face flockers. Like me, I've sold many styles that I really loved uh just because they were so terrible face floppers. I just couldn't stand it and I don't like clipping back the hair. You know that really can look cute, of course, there's nothing wrong with clipping your hair back. I just prefer to wear them just down, naturally, and if the style doesn't stay out of my face like many Raquel Welch styles that are perfect and don't fall into your face, I just don't like wearing them so um. This one is really great when it comes to not face Plumbing all right now. Let'S have a look at this gorgeous color outside in natural daylight. Although there is no sun today - and I think it's even raining - well it's winter, but nevertheless I think you get a much better impression if you see the color in natural daylight. So let's go outside for that, isn't the color just gorgeous! Now, let's try her with glasses and although she has quite some Primitives um, that's not a problem. You still have enough room between the ears and the ear Taps to fit glasses. Well, when it comes to styling, of course, you can clip her up. You know and take her back in a ponytail, but I don't know you can probably do some nice updos with her as well, but you know me: I just prefer to wear her down just like that with lots of volume. Okay, now, last but not least, let's have a look at the cap and the special features from the inside. So here's the cap from the inside here you can see that very wide lace front. It'S not extended um, but it's really wide, especially in the center um. So you can part her wherever you like on the right on the left or in the middle, and you will always see through to your scalp, and this really looks very natural. Then here's the big part with the that's covered with rose, lace and there's a lot of permatease behind. You can also see here there's a lot of permatease and what you can also see is that she has loads of rafts. There are so many wefts much more than on other styles, which really gives her a lot of volume. Now the ear taps with the metal stays inside they're not covered with felt as usual, and also the nape is, I would say, extended, but also doesn't have that typical cover ring. That is very soft and also the adjustable straps. Have these hooks. They are not the velcro ones, so all these features are typical for a very inexpensive cap, but nevertheless this is really a very beautiful Style all right now. That was my review of Finn. I hope it's helpful and you liked it if you haven't done so yet. Please subscribe to my channel, so you won't miss my future videos and there's a new one coming out each Friday, at least. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below and I will gladly reply now. Thank you all so much for being here. I really appreciate it. I hope you're well stay that way, and I will see you again soon in my next video take care bye, bye, foreign, it's definitely my favorite beltress, no, but uh, but but uh yeah, many styles that are really it, but on the same height. But on the same hand, but at once for the same side, on the other hand, from the same head, placing on the same hand. Thank you all so much

#Tonya’s Wig World: Another GREAT REVIEW! Finn is lovely on you! ❤

Dan C: I like the lighter roots.

WhammyWhammy: The curls are very pretty on this one.

Clara: Very pretty I would like her a longer and less dense why are you thinking of selling her? You seem to really like Finn

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