Lets Leave $100 Synthetic Wigs In 2022 | 4 Wigs Under $40 | Bobbi Boss Denise Raela Lucca Zury Chill

Happy New Year, y’all !In 2023, I am leaving big ass baby hair and synthetic wigs that cost $100 in 2022! These are some of my favorite synthetic wigs all under $40! Did/do you own any of these? Do you have any other units that you recommend for the series? Let me know in the comments. ♥️♥️

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Links to Purchase from Divatress (but always google the names to find your best price) :





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I know every time: hey, boo, hey happy New Year, y'all 2023. You know we say that every year this is gon na be my year, but 2023 y'all. I got a lot of stuff planned. I'M super excited a lot of places. I want to go see so I'm super excited about 2023. I hope you've had an amazing start to the year. If not I'm about to give you something. Let'S go make your day a whole lot. Better. Y'All know these synthetic wigs on some of these websites y'all. They get up to like 70 80 and let's leave that in 2022.. Okay, so what I did is I went back and I looked for some of the wigs that I absolutely loved that are still under 40 and I picked them all up in the description box. I put um the links to like the old videos, the original videos uh as well. If you want to see my excitement about them, um I got all 40s from divatress insert receipt, so y'all know I'm not lying okay um, and these were for my most favorite wigs um. I got Denise from divatress and a 1B and Denise was only 15 at B butris. I also got Luca one of my most favorite short wigs. This week was slept on to me um, I got Luca from divatress and she was only 25. I got her in a 1B. I also got another wig that I absolutely love, but I forgot about it. Um I got rayella um from divatress. I got her in this beautiful color. One of the prettiest colors Bobby boss made uh tf1bl mocha and rayella was 27 at Diva dress and then finally, one of my most favorite weeks, still in my top five most favorite weeks of all time. This is the Zuri. I remember I got chilled by Zuri in that fft blonde, which I had I've had this wig, no less no exaggeration, I probably had this wig. I want to exaggerate 648 times uh chill I paid 35 for a chill. So all of these are Under the 40 Mark. I hope they bring you. Some Joy, like I said in the description box, I'll put a direct link to where you can go purchase these from Diva dress, as well as links to my old videos. In the comments in case, I don't see it on the outro, please if there were some older wigs under 40, that you really really liked - and you want to remind the people of how great they work drop them in the comments all right. I'M already I'm already two minutes and 30 seconds in and I ain't done that all right, let's jump into it and then I'll be right back with my final thoughts, y'all music video, I just wan na get away foreign music, video y'all. These four wigs really brought me back and what I mean by that hold on y'all know this. That'S something that's standing 2023. I never had my stuff together, but the reason why these wigs brought me back if you've been rocking me for a while y'all know that at one point Bobby boss and zuru were my most favorite weed companies. And when I sat down I looked, I was like three of these with my body boss. One of them was by Zuri and now that's completely flipped. Now my favorites are altering Sensational. This is the the Zuri that I miss y'all and I know y'all been thinking. I'Ve been giving Zuri a hard time. No, I'm just scorned, I'm like a builder ex lover like they used to give us stuff like chill and now we're getting that mess that that uh Cora and that Lua Zuri. If you listening bring this back y'all, it just dawned on me that I had chill in this fft blonde color multiple times, but I also had chill in that red I've had chill and black. I might even have old videos on them. These. This wig was just one of my favorites uh. The other thing is it's hard to rank these. As my most favorite Denise is Bomb Point beard period, Point Blank, the texture that Denise gives and then it's just that basic little. You know little blunt bob cut and y'all know I normally hate about. Denise is just bombed for 15 at divatress. You can't beat that um Luca. Now Luca is personally one of my most favorite short wigs. You got ta play around with Luca to make her work, but because you get that 4x4 parting space, there is so much that you could do with Luca um raylo by Bobby boss. Even if you take away the color, if you take away that mocha color and just make her a plain one, Luca is just bomb she's beautiful. That extra heavy vein vein, that you could push back y'all and chill this just reminded me. I need to go. Get chill in Black, because this wig is everything that I love about a wig. I love the texture on chill it's not too Yaki, not too silky uh y'all see I didn't put no baby hairs down. That'S something else, I'm leaving in 22.. I'M tired of these baby hairs some now they're starting to make them y'all. They look like bangs. They be coming all the way down here and thick right. You see, I didn't put no baby hairs down and chill is just as beautiful to me. These bangs is everything about. This is just gorgeous um, so if I had to rank them one to four y'all, that's really hard for me to do, but in the comments I would appreciate, if you tell me which ones you like, which ones you didn't did you have any of these? Are there any other uh throwback, y'all, wigs that you like Drop in the comments, so we can bring it to somebody else. I can go ahead and give you the heads up my next four for four that I'm doing it has Siri Gina, Vibe and Talia. All four of those are either Zuri or Bobby ball, see, that's your stuff switch up things change right, but I'm still rooting for Zuri y'all. I know y'all be like damn she's a hard time insert picture that we look at me. It don't even seem like the maker of this wig made, that wig or that one or that one, because I probably put like three or four right um. So I know I give him a hard time but, like like, I said, I'm Eric's girlfriend. That'S just angry bitter. This is what I missed the beginning relationship where you bought me flowers and chocolates. Can I sing to you for a minute that that's what I missed now now you just try flip you come on, throw them work boots by the dough dirt. All over my flow, like Siri, come back, come back to what we remember. I love y'all thank y'all for rocking with me this long, if you have, if you were here when I re originally reviewed chill, probably two three years ago and if you're here now, I cannot thank you enough for the support I give because y'all know. I really can't comb here and I'm just on here talking to my friends, so the fact that you've stayed this long means so much to me, those of you that are new here um. I promise I'm normally more professional and um. We normally have things together, like I was saying, maybe you're not into wigs. I don't know, maybe your cousin, who is this Toya, maybe she cousin Toya, maybe she'll, tell me, whichever one send them my way, we're all inclusive Channel, we'll get them right. Y'All talk to me in the comments I'm ready to talk to y'all. I'M excited about this video until next time. Would you be very soon? I don't work myself out. I know I ain't too active bye. Okay,

myybunny18: Happy New Year!! I am loving this series!! You look in them all. I just love your channel! Get the scoop and get to laugh. Thanks for being you Welllll just added Denise and chill to my cart lol

patrice moore: Chill, Denise, Raela, then Lucca... I honestly love them all !!!! I switched the order of Denise, Raela and Lucca about four times before coming to a conclusion of what order I ranked them in

👑 Queen Cam: Omg everytime I watch you I'm informed and entertained! Has anyone ever told you that you favor Janelle Monae? From looks to evergy! ✨ Thanks for appealing to Zury, I still have a hot pink purple ombre girl from them that has held up for YEARS! The quality has really gone down since then, so disappointed. Beautiful as always, thanks for the vid!

Utopia K.: Personally $100 for some amazing looking wigs ain’t bad , it’s pretty damn good!!! I have silicone spray leave in conditioner and all that cause imma get my moneys worth ya heard!!

E Shif: I almost broke my neck clicking on your vid lmao Why do you do this to us sis? Now let me add to cart Edited to add: I love Denise and surprisingly I love Lucca. I love shorter units, but I didn't think I'd like that one. Jokes on me because I'm gonna need that in red

DeChana Henley: Yes yes!! I love them all! Very gorgeous on you!

mzsouthernbelle: You are so correct the prices are getting ridiculous ., so I am here for this series !!!Keep them going sis . Also I need info on that wig grip you were wearing in this video. Thanks again !!!I love your videos

It's Me: Who was ever paying $100 for a synthetic wig in the 1st place? ‍♀️ Not I said the cat!

jamilajones86: Bobbi boss lavender mlf18 (discontinued) was my go to they was in my top with Pearl in the oil slick Sylvanna and Candis

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Jessica! All 4 of these are still great wigs! My favorites of this bunch are Denise and Raela. I love the colors you got them both in. One wig that's an oldie but a goodie is Freetress Equal- Valentino in that hot choco color. My only con with it is that it tangles. I still have a new one in the box waiting on standby. Lol

Monica Davis: Chill and Denise are my favorites. ❤️ Oldie but goodie ❤️

Kiisha Velasquez: Wow!!! They are all soooooooo pretty!! Thank you so much!

Breeski Love: Great series. I’m not paying $100 for synthetic hair! I’m watching you for the reach back & I am shopping my own stash. I don’t have to have the new if it looks good. Thanks again Jessica

Louise Merlyn: Oooh that Raela - I had her in that same color (thanks to you of course!) and just loved her. I also really loved Meloni from that same Soft Wave series. That was the bomb in TT1B/F.HBL - I got so many compliments. You can still pick her up for under $30, under $25 at some sites!! Love this series, love you!!

Paige Houston: Happy New Year! My favorite of the 4 is that straight black one . Love your reviews and watching your channel!!!!

kaneatha hargrove: yes !! we almost got our wigs in review !!!!!! i need 5 more of ur favs from 2022. I need some long ones or medium ones

Bernice B: Hi Jessica! I love the 1st hair the best! Third hair, last hair then 2nd hair the best. Great video!

Tina BlackberryRose: All of these are and You look Gorgeous in them all Tyfs✨

T Henderson: Good video I been looking at CHILL on and off I always wanted the rainbow one. I definitely do not mess with baby hair and yes it is getting ridiculous with them. Zury used to be hitter. Never really been a bobbi boss fan they wigs just be too thick for me and kind of overpriced also they do not show the colors they offer with special color so you gotta guess what you buying.

CALLINDA KNOX: Love them all! You wear all of your units well… they all look very pretty!

Angel Clarke: I ain't paying $100 for no plastic hair that gonna tangle & shed within 10 mins of putting it on

SPARKLEQUEEN NOLEN-MOON: Hey BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy New Year! I've been a Sub for quite some time now... I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!! My favorite wig by Zury was Ari 24 SOM RT 27/30!!! Sparkle

dcameron1213: Happy New Year! I refuse to pay $100 for anybody's synthetic unit. Miss me with it!

Shirley Broussard: Thanks for sharing, love the last one, you're on point about the hair prices

T: Love this review. All of your choices are spot on. Can I give a shout out to Trissa by Sensationnel? She is never fail at a great price point.

Robin Perryman: They all look fabulous on you but my favs are 1&2.

Diane Smith: I love your channel girl you look fabulous beautiful and thanks for the humor as your down to earth

Juliana Walker: Happy New Year....I hope this new year gives you all your heart desires and keep up the fabulous work and making me smile

Jae lovely karmachand: I appreciate you for your honesty and silliness lol we are cousins on my YouTube side too. See you didn’t know that. Btw: miss the old intro but this one is starting to make me bop

TheeMoniiByrd: I remember your review for chill and raela ☺️☺️☺️ yessss my faves

edwina crenshaw: Happy New Year my friend,I loved the first two.

Connie Rogers: Remember Valentino… was so but tangled like crazy

CompleXxcutie68: Happy New Year!!!! please revist Freetress Valentino..I loved that wig...I have it in every color!!!!

TheQueenMakeup: I look forward to your videos!!

D- Jay: Nah imma have to get Denise.

Queen-lee Mi...: If you can find it try samala by janet collection i still have my original one and my Otto wig in blue its called mane attraction now or something I'll have to look it up they had some good wigs. And try noel by janet collection.

Sharise Chatfield: Chill is

Mary Redd: Why did they raise the price so fast, they new your followers/friends were coming for those wigs SMH. Denise 29.99 now

Jackie Betton: Happy new year Jessica

Kim's Korner: All are cute though

DEBRA DICKERSON: What’s the one in thumbnail near the end?

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