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~Extended Part Deep Swiss MICHELLE & LEAH Lace Front Wig.

~Heat resistant fiber.

~Colors shown: SANDY BLONDE

~28" loose wave style lace wig.

~Hand-tied lace based part.

~Extremely deep part swiss lace wig.

~Hair is safe to curl or flat iron up to 400F.

~Comes with average size cap and adjustable straps.

~Cap comes with front and back combs.


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Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel. I look crazy as hell right now. I'Ve got my wig cap on I'm ready to go. I'Ve been waiting for this week. Oh ages, not just one day of the same one: okay they're, not the same there bro from the genic collection, but once straight, which this one's the straight one, and this is initially so excited. I mean dying to get these for the longest time. I just said like it: let's get it leg, so I'm ready to just chuck this on my head and just see how it is so. This is how she comes and there's a stock had at the front as well. Look at that color, okay, calm down! Okay! She is soft and sorry long journey, okay, um yeah. I got some tangling in there, which is expected because she's long as hell, she is okay, we'll check it out after. Let me get these little little rice things in. He is okay, I'll show you the inside! The construction inside - and that is the front, there's the front so she's, only a middle parting, so yeah just the middle parting there, which I'm all about the middle part. That is my thing. So she's got the two books at the front, one at the back and the adjustable straps right there as well. So I'll just address them to my lunch, all right, I'm just going to go run without cutting no Lisa. This is okay, so right. So this definitely let the cap is really comfortable. If it's a face on my head, I would say I have a big head, so big head friendly all the way to my ears. Okay, let's give her a brush, we'll see how much she shed. I feel like it's gon na be heinous. Oh, do you hear that maybe, if I just brush she'll, be okay, if I was by myself I'd be going stupid right now, but like this is this is what I've been wanting to get. But I've been getting the foot it's at the eighty six one four! It'S too yellow, but this is like perfect. It'S like it just blends so nicely with my skin and look at that. You can't even see the full line from Young okay. So far, I'm loving how it looks. I'M gon na go and cut a place and I'll be right back again. Okay, so I cut off the lace and then I gave her another brush through. It did shed quite a bit more and see that, but I think that's because I cut a little bit too close to the hairline and it might may have cut off so I'm here, but it's on that bad! It'S really not that bad. Okay, I feel like for puns. Oh okay, this is Rapunzel in the air right now, yokel! Oh, ok enough! Let'S get into the specifics now so quickly go through this. Like I said from the beginning, this is from the Janik collection and her name is Lea. I said this is the Lea wig. She comes in multiple different colors, not as many as like any other ones too. So what is this 8? She comes in 8, different colors, it's okay and the price okay. So I got this unit for $ 27.50 and I did get her with the other one, of course, because I'm not about to spend like 15 20 bucks on shipping for one week. So I ended up just getting three, so it came out pretty reasonable is about like $ 15 u.s. or something like that for the shipping. So it's not too bad and again it came really quick. It actually came. I think it was less than a week. This time, I think it was maybe six or five days, so it's really fast. That'S why I freaking love this company um, my next okay, it's not gon na! Be my next one, because I have a few of the wigs that I need a review, but my next purchase I'm going to buy from a different website because I kind of want it. You know try and a little bit um. Some suggestions would be really good. Actually yeah, if you guys know a good website, that's quality. Please tell me like. I would love to know if you can just put the link in the comments or something that would be great I'll, actually look through it. Sorry, details extended pas deep space, Lia lace, front, wig tape, resistant fiber, so this is a 28 inch or wig si look. This does not feel like 28. This is what 30 to me, but anyways, it's 28 inches hand. Tight Lakes based pod, extremely deep pocket slicer. It does have a and they hit the hairline the bed um, that's actually pretty good. I like that. I don't even think I need to go in there and pluck it. That'S actually really good and it's it really fits comfortably like. I don't even think I need to glue it down. It'S honestly, like perfect fit for me. Okay areas, um and, like I haven't literally, haven't done anything but brusha and look how flat she lays already like. Don'T even have to straight me nothing okay, but can we all say appreciate the roots to you like. Look at this blend, it's not like a harsh line or anything. It literally blends. Sorry nicely together, love it! Okay! Thank you so yeah deep cut lace, a hair is safe to kill the button flat iron up to 400 degrees. Fahrenheit comes with average-size caps and adjustable straps and comes with front and back combs yeah. So that is it. I just want to appreciate her a little bit more she's bit shiny. It looks a little bit shiny in the camera, but in person it doesn't it really doesn't. Look like that shiny. I don't know why it stood next to me, but that could easily be fixed with some dry shampoo. You just like, I feel like these ends, will probably give me some grief, but I will definitely be bringing a little kind with me because yeah this is official gon na get tangled the longer the bloody units are the tangley up. Tangley, oh, is that a wig. I don't know they will be so the reason why I got two weeks, which is the other one right here. So this isn't a show. I got two weeks because I really want to kind of trick people into thinking that it's all just one week. So that's why I got them both in the exact same color as well, so this one is just dead straight. I mean this. One is waves, so I could just be like hey. I'Ve got my hair straight today and then tomorrow, I'll just be like wanted to care like a little bit so see you all right. Sorry I'll continue. I'M gon na put my show on now, sir. This is how she comes. This is really soft. Okay, here is the struck card as well oops. There is the stuck card me show. Oh my god, I didn't even tell you the color. Both of these are in sandy blonde, okay, so she's more of like that beachy, you know you just went to the beach and it's dried out and it's just you've. Let it just take its natural course, and it's tending to this. So that's what I'm going balls like! Oh my god! It'S politically put! Beads! Okay, all right nice! So now I'm just gon na give her a quick. Oh yes, I'm just gon na cue it and give her a quick blush through hmm onami, so kind of it. Not as like wet-looking, this one doesn't seem to really have these much changes like the other ones it. Actually. This was gon na be like fest, but nothing. It'S got a little bit tingling a little bit of shine same as the other there. It'S nothing nothing! You can't handle sorry here. It is, I haven't done anything but cut them, they soft. So this is how she looks straight out of the pack with a little brush dude, oh my god. So here is another look say: you took a shower and blow-dried your hair, and this is how it came out. So I love this. This is such. I think this actually goes better with this outfit too. I don't know like this little preppy girl like okay. I am very happy I got these, I'm not gon na lie. I mean I'm saying that right now, because they bring you and looking dope as, but we will see when I actually wear them out. If I love them anymore. Yes, we're not winner chicken dinner. This is it all right. Okay, so got nothing more really to say um. This is definitely worth the price I'd say please uncle or some wigs. I actually really love this and the color just is perfect, just perfect Bobby. So, if you're looking for something similar, I would definitely recommend this definitely would recommend them both um, maybe the other one. Maybe if you just cut her a little bit, she'll be cause it's a bit too long, especially I'm 5-2. So I'm quite short already so when I have long hair I feel like it makes me look even shorter, so I might cut the other one a little a little bit shorter, but I still want them here anyway, good stuff. So that's it for this review guys. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you like the birth layout in Michelle, don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe I'll, be posting more regularly in the next week. Make sure you click on that notification belt as well, if you'd like to see more VD and gear reviews I'll be posting more up shortly, but I'll see you guys on my next video

Chris: i like the last one when is the next video?

★Sexy Hair: Thx for posting this review. U look like a young Priscilla Barnes from Three's Company (Google her).

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