Waist Length Hair!! Like Scalp Clean Hairline Skin Melt Straight Hair No Damage + 26" Wig!!

Hi Precious Squad!! Looking for FAST long hair results!!? In today's video, I'm sharing this beginner-friendly skin melt wig. #SCALP like appearance that gives the most #realisticwig look on a 26-inch wig you will ever apply!

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Lace Type: HD Lace/Swiss Lace

Knots: HD Knots

Hairline: Upgraded pre-plucked hairline

Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

Wig Type: 6 inches Lace

Density: 150% 180%

♡ Products Mentioned:

Slay Band https://bit.ly/3CMaF8Y

Color Wow Shampoo & Conditioner https://amzn.to/3oKFeHF

Revlon Dryer https://amzn.to/3Bnc0C7

Makeup Palette https://amzn.to/3ajXVJX

Wig Caps https://amzn.to/306YkNZ

2nd Revlon Dryer https://amzn.to/3DpWlmp

Claw Clips https://amzn.to/3DpWFS9

Ebin Wig Adhesive https://amzn.to/3adfqM1

ORS Fix It https://amzn.to/3AjOt3B

Ebin Edge Tamer https://amzn.to/3iGmFAt

Small curler https://amzn.to/3AjVhyu

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00:00 INTRO WAIST-LENGTH HAIR‼️ Like SCALP CLEAN HAIRLINE Skin Melt Straight Hair No Damage + 26" Wig!!

00:59 Unboxing 26 inch pre-plucked hairline clear lace wig

2:23 Shampoo & Conditioner Recommend for wigs

2:44 Blow-dry Straight hair Frizz-free Results

3:56 Tinting the lace

4:49 Doing the Bald Cap Method

5:20 Cutting Ear Tab Area Wig

6:28 Tips for applying lace before cutting

7:28 Installing the wig with Ebin Wonderlace Bond Adhesive

9:29 Extra Lace removal

10:05 Tips for Melting the lace

11:26 Hair & Hairline Finishes

12:45 Final review of pre-picked 26-inch lace wig

Tech Info:

Camera used: https://amzn.to/39yd6Pg

Lens: https://amzn.to/3u767WO

Editor: Final Cut Pro

Music https://bit.ly/3ireQyM


*Hair or products shared are my OWN personal and honest experience. This video may contain sponsored content and affiliate links which I get a small percentage that helps invest back in my channel to continue to bring great content! Thank you for your support!*

Uh, hey, let's be honest sitting in the salon all day, waiting on your hair to go from curly to straight is a hassle. Today'S video, i want to share with you how you can easily get those lengths that you want without having to wait for the growth process or save the salon to go from curly straight. Today'S video is a 26 inch wig, let's jump right in i'm super excited to share this style with you guys, so this fall. I want you guys to take a moment and consider wearing a wig if you've never worn one before the reason being is because you can get whatever style. You want out of a wig. While you work towards your waist length goals or whatever your goals, you have for your natural hair, so this wig is a 26 inch. As you can see, the ends are gorgeous. The hair is smooth. This is the wig straight out the box. Now the one thing i love about the 13x6 wig is, you can wear it glueless or you can wear it with glue. It comes with the combs. It comes with the adjustable straps in the back, so you can take this wig and do what you please. If you're new to my channel, if you never see me, lay down a wig like this, wig is different from any wig that you are going to get out of a beauty supply. It has that natural hairline. You can part it anywhere. You want to around the lace, and you can just style this wig. However, you feel comfortable straight. You can pull it up, you can do whatever you want with it and, to be honest, i feel like clipping extensions, can't even give you this type of versatility. Now, before i installed this wig, i made sure to wash it because i feel like you have to wash your wigs prior. Otherwise, it's just i don't know it's not sanitary, but i'm going to go ahead and shampoo and conditioner wash it with this color, while shampoo and conditioner. I love this because it's very gentle on the hair. So if you are looking for a really good, shampoo and conditioner definitely try this out now. I would recommend air drying your wigs at least 75 to 85 percent before you dry it, but if you're going to use a dryer, definitely use one that is good quality. It'S so crazy, because when i was drawing this wig, i wasn't expecting it to go as smoothly. The hair is just absolutely gorgeous on this wig and normally i don't go section by section. I kind of just take the hair and dry it all at once, but if you want dry time to be fast, make sure you go section by section, and i know it's crazy because it seemed like doing it. That way would take longer, but it actually helps to speed up the process. Now, let's talk about the pricing because i know some of you don't like to pay a lot for your wigs. I know prices are crazy right now, with a 26 inch. You are gon na expect at least pay three something for a wig like this, but the good news is that you can go for a shorter length. Some people don't want that long length anyway. So go for a shorter length between 16 to 18 and i will also drop a discount code where you can at least save 10 off of your order. If you decide to now, i know you guys like marie. What are you doing? I thought you was using your lace tint well not today. I wanted to switch it up because i wanted to give you guys more options. This palette is just a makeup palette that i've had for a very long time and it's just been sitting around. However, i wanted to show you guys that if you wanted to cover your knots on your wig, you can get just some foundation and go over the inside of the cap and it works just as good. However, for me, like a lot of times, i use my makeup so only time i'm able to do this is if i have a product that just didn't work and not all foundations, work well to do this, so i will link this below. So let me show you how i install first thing you want to do, of course, is to make sure your hair is nice and flat. I'Ve already flattened my hair down, i put on my wig cap, and now i am doing the ball cap method. All right. Now, just that wig in the back, get that strap nice and tight go ahead and apply it, and i'm going to show you how i installed this wig to look as amazing, as it does now, with this wig being long like this, you want to make sure You pin that hair out of the way you don't want it to go to the hairline, i'm going to go ahead and cut away the ear tabs. Now, if you're still having trouble with this, i just don't know any other way to explain, except for to go check out my ear tab. Cutting video, it's just so simple, just take the scissors and go around the ear and cut off the extra lace that you don't need. That'S the most simplest way. I can explain for you guys now looking at this lace, as you can see it matches so well. This is the new, clear lace, so it's not going to be detectable. This is the most undetectable lace that you can have on a wig. Keep that in mind. If you want a really natural look, i absolutely love the way the hairline is. I did not have to tweeze it okay. This right here is the most important part of your install. So i find that cutting slits right here on each like temple of your head is going to be a blessing when it comes to gluing down your wig with the lace still attached. Let me explain a lot of times when you don't you go to remove that lace and what happens is it pulls on your wig application? But when you add these slits at the temple areas and put like a three, it's like three pieces of lace. I promise you, you can work section by section which makes it easier and it will not pull up your wig application when you go to remove the lace. So if you had a problem getting it right girl, this may be it for you fyi. The reason you want to leave that lace before you apply your wig is because you can shape out the hairline better when it's on your head to match your hair. This is going to be the most neat install you've ever done. If you do it this way, i promise you now. Normally i would let the adhesive dry a little bit and then press the lace. So what i did is just went on and pressed the lace down and dried it at the same time using a brush. If you use your fingers, it's going to pull up and turn white do not use your fingers. You guys make sure you use like the end of a brush makeup. Stick popsicle! Stick whatever you have on hand. Okay, so i use my hand to smear the adhesive when it's wet, but once it starts drying, do not touch it because it will turn white to use something. So, as you guys can see, i'm using my blow dryer and it's on a cool setting right now. The hot settings tend to dry it too fast, and that could create problems so make sure you just take your time with the cool setting and just have some patience and let it dry completely. I will put this wig adhesive in the description box. You guys make sure to check that description box below it will have everything that i'm using in today's video linked down there ready for you. The way that lace is blowing is like skin lifted, because this wig is no longer lace. It is now scalp like honey. Do you see how good this looks like? I was amazed just applying this wig. I was just blown away you guys like when i tell you that this wig with this hairline is oh, it only takes a good 10 to 30 minutes just depending on dry time, but we'll get into that in a second. Let'S go ahead and remove this lace. I'M using a razor to do this. I am following the natural hairline of the wig. I'M not going straight across so get your razor instead of the scissors, because it's going to make a huge difference. I find that if you use a scissors, it's going to give like that clean tape line kind of cut. We don't want that. We don't want a tape line like our husbands or boyfriends. Have we want a natural hairline, so use your razor, be very careful and start where the slits are so we're just going to use this orange spray for what it says. It'S a fix-it and i'm using it to fix any areas that i feel like did not lay down the sideburn area, always lifts for me. So i did have to go back with the adhesive spray just to go over there, but i made sure at the same time i'm doing this. I am using that dryer so that i won't get any lifting, because i want this to dry instantly, so they won't lift the parts that are adhered and then i'm going to take my slave band tie it down. Let that sit and when i say let it sit honey dry it for two minutes with the dryer and then find something else to do. Okay, while you wait for your hairline at least 20 minutes, okay, give it 20 minutes and let that glue just adhere. Let that lace dry or you can go over it again with the dryer. If you want to - or you can just let it be for 20 minutes, just let it sit at least 20 minutes. Okay, i decided to whiten my teeth and do my makeup. While i wait, makeup is done, teeth is white, hairline is slayed all right. Let'S move into just cleaning up that hairline setting my parting and just sharing my thoughts. So this hair, i'm gon na keep straight. I'M not gon na try to curl it, because we all know that straight hair does not hold a curl. If you didn't know that girl, where have you been wear it for what it is and call it that? But if you want to add a curl, you can try a wand curler. I find that that particular type of curler definitely gets the job done and when it comes to your curls, but i'm just going to straighten this hair out. Really, i don't need to, but hey i'm being extra today and then i'm going to touch up these edges not creating baby hairs. However, i'm creating a natural hairline, like i said, no shape up tape line whatever you want to call it we're not doing that in today's video. Okay, again, all these products will be linked below. I just am so in love with this wig. I can't even describe in words like how beautiful this turned out. We all know that 26 inches is a lot of hair the longer the hair, the more snags you're gon na get is dry like right at the ends and the back. However, it wasn't to the point where it was like ridiculous trying to comb it out. So i did a simple style because i just wanted to see like how it would look pull it back a little bit, so you guys can see the hairline. But if you wanted to wear it down, you can definitely do that. I would recommend probably adding some layers hairline on this wig is amazing. I am so in love with the new hairlines. I think this texture is so natural. It almost reminds me of of african-american hair. That'S been like relaxed like this looks like my hair, it just looks like i have really long beautiful hair. It doesn't even look like a wig, it's giving what it's supposed to give now, i'm going to link you guys to this video right here, because if you want to know how to style it, i do have some hair styling videos. It will also be linked below in the description box. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and i will see you all back in my next video

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