Ez Lace Front (Gabriel) Wig Review

Hey YouTube, I'm back so yeah. I changed it up again. This is the new hair um. So this one is actually a wig. So the idea behind it is, I actually decided to do a wig, because this is summertime. Coming up. My last style was a crochet and I figured like if I do, that, with synthetic hair, you know I can't take it off you're not supposed to get it wet, especially if you want to go to the beach. That'S just gon na be a mess like it's not really recommended um. I know people do have their methods so being able to get that wet, but it was a month out anyway, and I just didn't want to deal with it, so I switched it up um. It'S a week that I got was from my local Beauty: Supply called Bella's Beauty Supply. It was the easy lace front, wig and Gabrielle, I'm giving you guys a closer. I got a number one beat so it's black. I do have it like. You know. I mean you work with how you want, like I like to have it like a little bit behind my ear. That'S just how I like to wear. This is more natural when you date things like that and the front part um I did like this is like my eye just showing I did kind of like you know like leave it out a bit like you know not too much Dyke. I just gelled it down, but I'm sure it's fine, if you don't want to. I didn't, have my little tooth brush, so it's not like the best thing in the world, but it looks good, looks natural and that's part of it um. For this part, I don't know I didn't, I was planning to go to it, but I got too eager. I just got it today: um, the part I put some concealer on, I put a NYX consoler you get whatever concealer is closest to your color or, like your scalp color, my scalp, it's pretty much this color, so I put a little bit like so, although this Is the wig and then this part here is my skull. I know, if you be really close, then you can kind of tell about it, but you know like from afar. Not really. I don't think so. I mean it's not shiny on you. I really like this style. This is my first time having um such short hair. I just don't have the box now it doesn't look exactly like the box person. Maybe I mean like one it's up short. I feel like it's still shorter on me. So look. This is how hers look good to me. It'S not this thick. You know, you see how hers is kind of thick and I'm sure you guys the back. Oh it I mean. I love, that's all on her. But to me this just is not you know. It'S not exactly like fat yeah and the part as you can flat iron it. If you want to the color that's shown, is a 3t slash, 7080 right of it but yeah. I really do I really fought for the hair, I'm sure I paid a bit more. You know it's always more expensive. When you supply happy at 47, 99 plus tax, you know returns, please. I really love the hair, it's perfect for the summer. It'S beautiful, I love it shedding like. I don't really have any shiny. It'S soft. I can run my fingers through it like no hair comes out, which I love. It'S really soft and manageable and, like I said it's kind of like to me kind of been, but it doesn't really like. I don't know, okay judge how it looks, but it's really. I really like the hair, so yeah and I could put it up. You know to like if I want to, if I put it up and it'll look very natural, it looks to me looks very very natural. I love it so anyways, that's about it. I know you guys have any questions or comments. You want to know any more about the hair I'll, let you know, but that's about it. Thanks.

myah bee: THANKS! for the review I just purchased this (drunken love yonce wig)

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