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Heyy lovely people. I hope you are well. So I promised this alipearl 5x5 closure wig review a while back and I finally got round to doing it. I hope you enjoy it xx.

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.Body wave hair

.5x5 closure wig

.Medium cap size

.180 density

.24 inches originally (cut down to about 18)

.Human hair

.Pre plucked (needed to be plucked some more)

Link to initial review and install video:

Link to 5 x 5 Body Wave Hair :


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Foreign people, thank you so much for clicking on my video. My name is Liza Lam and welcome to my channel. So today I've come to you guys with a two-year Ali Pearl hair review. Um I did do. I did do an initial review and, like struggle um struggle in store, because at the time I still am learning, but at the time I was way worse than now, like the whole process was a bit mad, but I only set a little clip for you guys To see and what the wig looked like, when I initially got it and did the review fast forward 2022 now I've had this week for two years and I just feel like I've got so much to be able to tell you um to encourage you to buy It from them or not buy from them if yeah. So I was meant to do a one year review when I initially got the wig after I did the review, but I stopped making YouTube videos because I was studying and it was a bit a lot happening. And so I took a massive break and now that I'm back, I thought why not actually I did promise one person, somebody messaged me and I felt so bad that I never did that. I never go around to doing it, so I'm actually happy to do it. Now - and I don't know if this person is going to see the video, but if not, I hope whoever's watching this will learn something about ali Pearl. So this video is not sponsored. This video is definitely not sponsored, but I thought I like I let people know um. This was my first ever wig um, because before then I used to buy bundles and learn how to do my own wig and yeah. So that's like a backstory. Let me tell you guys the details about the hair to start with, so I got it in a 24 inches. It was body weight, hair, 5x5, closure, um, wig and um. It came pre-plugged 180 density, medium cup, size, human hair. I think I've covered everything. Then if you watched it the first video of me installing this wig, I never plucked it because they said it came pre-plugged, but obviously now fast for two years later on, I have plopped it and I feel like it looks way better when you pluck it. So, even though it comes pretty plucked, you do need to pluck it some more and which ideally isn't um good for beginners. So that's one um con. It'S not good for beginners who would want to just slap the wig on and just keep it moving. The general quality of the hair is so good if it wasn't for the fact that I have on my head I'll, be showing you guys what the lace looks like look at this lace like you can tell that it's old, but I've had this hair for two Years guys, I've had this hair two years plus, and this is what the lace is doing. I don't wear my wigs often like I would never wear my wig every single day for like a month or something, but it's been my rock. It'S been that one wig that I'll go to for, like you know, um so yeah, especially for the first two years like I literally, was wearing it quite often and um. Obviously, because there's four by four, it's a bit limited um in in styling, but you can definitely do um a side part. You can move the wig downwards or you can just do a part in here, because it's a five by five. So the the closure is like wide enough for you to be able to do your side. Part like right here. If you wanted to it's really easy to wash this hair, it doesn't tangle that much. I probably have a wig that I got about like the same around the same time. Look at this hair. Do you see how Tangled it is like it's crazy with this lace, I find that washing. It is easy. It doesn't tangle too bad um. So when you're like done and combing it out and everything it doesn't get, it doesn't ruin the lace which you get. It does tangle. No more! That'S that's normal, like when you sweat at the back, like, for instance, today, I've been to a wedding um. I wasn't doing too much, but there was a bit of like you know, tangling a little bit here, but literally I've just washed. I'Ve literally just brushed it and it's back to normal. The hair sheds a little bit just like standard, but the um positive things about it outweighs the negative things about it, and literally that was all the negative things I had to say anyways. So um yeah, like this hair, has been so good to me. Um. I forgot to mention the price, because that was the main thing. Isn'T it? Yes, I believe I've got it for about 200 pounds, but guys wait because a lot of people like 200 pounds for a week 200 pounds for a week. But guys can you see this? Like I've had this week for two years, two years and counting because I'm gon na have this week for another couple years, I'm sorry! But it's about time we started spending on good quality, wigs that we can rock for a while, rather than buying cheap ones, that the um lace is gon na die on us or like the quality, is just gon na get tangled then you're, just gon na need A new one again, unless you're, not in the business of wearing wigs, there's no point in buying cheap, wigs like buy a good one that will run its cause of time yeah. So I realized that after some time and the ends got really thin like because when you trim it, it gets quite thick and it looks a bit more healthy. So the ends was really thin. So I just streamed it like. I literally just trimmed the end and it was fine and then also I cut the front bit. So I don't know if you can see. I did film it when I was cutting it, revamping my old Vegas, what it would be. If I'm, if I do post it, and so I've cut this bit to layer it a little bit - and this is what it's looking like, it looks like brand new and I've had this hair for two years. I do not regret buying Aleppo hair. It'S amazing good quality like if you're, especially if it's going to be your first wig, because you're not used to or I'm like, special techniques for washing wigs or looking after wigs. This has been quite easy for me to look after compared to other wigs. I'Ve got and it's been quite manageable um this is body wave, but when I straight in there it takes the straining very well and when I curl it, as you can see, literally you guys are going to see the Vlog. I wore this hair to traditional wedding and it's now, it's literally seven past eight and I've had this hair all day during the wedding, well, not all day, but the weather was in the morning and I've had it all day. Okay, so I've had. I left my house for the wedding, like around 11, no around half eleven, but I curled I've curled his hair since morning, and it's now eight and look at the curls literally when you brush it out. The curls are back, like you think, I'm getting paid for this, I'm not getting paid for this. I'M just being honest. This has to be the best thing I've actually um ever bought and it's crazy because it was my first week but yeah. That'S all. I have to say that is my honest truth about ali Pearl hair. Make sure you guys go check them out. I will leave the link to the um to this hair down in my description box, and they do have a website that you guys can check out, but I think you can also get their hair directly on AliExpress as well. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you want to see more videos like this go ahead and hit the Subscribe button, like the video leave, your comment down in the comment section and hit the notification Bell so that you're notified every time I post a video. That'S it! Thank you guys so much for watching bye. Are you on your way?

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