The Ultimate Melt From Start To Finish | Hd Lace Wig Install| Alipearl Hair

Hello beautiful people todays wig was sent to me from Ali Pearl to review and show & tell.


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Hair Info: 18inch body wave 13*4 lace frontal wig 180% density

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

0:00 / Intro

0:16 / Who the wig is from?

1:00 / Cap construction

1:25 / Wig Straight out the box

1:58 / How my bleached knots came out

2:06 / I plucked the hairline/ comparison

2:18 / Cutting the extra lace off in the front

3:25 / Installing the wig on Tanika

3:46 / How to cut off the ear tabs on frontal

4:53 / Applying Glue to the hairline

7:35 / Hairline with no baby hairs

7:41 / Taking out the baby hairs

7:59 / Straightening the hair

8:48 / Styling the baby hairs

11:23 / END RESULTS / Final Thoughts

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How I pluck my synthetic wigs 13 x 4 hair line:

How I pluck my 5x5 frontal wigs:

How I pluck my Virgin Hair 13x4 wigs:


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Andis hot comb: Andis 38300 Professional 450ºF High Heat Ceramic Press Comb with Dual Voltage and Auto Shut-off, Gold

Kenra DRY SHAMPOO: Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo

Tripod for wig block:

Elastic band:

Maybelline fit me powder shade 355:

Block head: GEX 20"-24" Cork Canvas Block...

T pins: Salon Care Steel Wig T Pins

Brown Colored stocking cap: 12 Pack Dreamlover Brown Stocking...

ORS Olive Oil FIX-IT Super Hold...

❣️A little about me❣️

Height: 5’6

Born and raised in New York

I was born in America My mother was born in Jamaica & my father Born in South Carolina

B Day 4/20/95

Head circumference size: 22 inches

Started YouTube 2014


Camera: IPhone 12 Pro Max

Editing App: IMovie







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Hello, queens and kings. Thank you so much for clicking my video and in today's video, i'm doing a wig show on top for anybody. That'S interested on what this wig looked like from the ally pearl hair website. This wig was sent to me from ali pearl hair. When you ordered this, would you get some goodies in the bag? I got a ally, pearl, silk edge band, two wig caps, eyelashes a edge brush, slash comb and a alley pro edge band. The wig comes stored in that long, clear, plastic baggie. So the wig that i have today is hd lace. The cap size is medium, the hair density is 180 and it's a 13 by 4 lace. Front wig here is a close-up of what the inside of the wig looked like. So, like i said before, you get a 13 by 4 parting space behind the parting space. You get two combs another comb in a nape area with adjustable straps and as for the cap material, i would say it's a stretch fit material and the lace is coming off gray on my skin. But you all already know i'm going to try my best to tint it to my client's skin color. This is what the wig looked like straight out of the package. It'S a body wave wig and as for the hair texture, i would say it's on the silky side and the hair color is a natural black. This is a virgin hair wig, so you could go in and dye the hair jet black. You could even go in and bleach. The hair here is a close-up on how the hairline comes. The hairline comes lightly pre-plucked, but the knots do not come bleach, so off-camera might go in and bleach the natto 40 volume developer and bw2 bleaching powder, and i left the wig to air dry, and this is what it looks like the next day. The left side of your screen is how the hairline comes, and the right side is how i pluck the hairline. I do have a video on how i pluck my wig hairline, so if you're interested in that i'm going to leave that in the description box. So now it's time for me to cut off the extra lace and i'm going in with eyebrow scissors and i'm just taking my time and cutting right along the hairline and little zigzag motions. This was the amount of hair i plucked from the hairline. Hey you guys. So i won't be installing the wig on myself. I know i said i have a client, but this is really one of my best friend's named tanika she's, going to be my model for today. Right now, i'm just trying the wig on her head to see how the hairline fits with her hairline. The hairline on the wig is a bit longer than her hairline. So i'm just going to cut off some of the ear tabs in the shape of her ear. So it can lay nice and flat. The lace is coming off really light on her skin. So on top of the lace on the hairline, i'm just applying some liquid foundation. Now i'm going to go in with this bolt hold active, burst, glue, love. This glue smells like lemons and i'm applying it on her hairline. I'M only going to apply two layers, because this is for a wig show and tell so to help have more control on how i apply the glue i'm going in with my point finger now. I'M just lining up the wig hairline, with the glue and just gently applying it down on the glue in the front of her hairline, i'm going to add a few swoops of baby hairs or edges whatever y'all want to call it and i'm using the hot comb To help lay the baby hairs in that direction, i'm not going to show you guys how i flat ironed the whole wig, but this hair takes heat very well and i don't have any product on the hair right here. The hair that i took out for the baby hairs, i'm just cutting them down a little shorter. I brought this hot comb off of amazon a few days ago and i love it. I specifically bought it, so i could do baby hair edges. So when i swoop the baby hairs, it already will have that nice little curve and if you guys are interested in it, the link will be in the description box to style her edges, i'm going in with the echo styling professional gel. Sorry that my hand was in the way when i was styling the edges, i'm still working on my angles when i'm recording my clients, when i apply the gel on the edges, i mostly apply it towards the roots. I don't really run the gel on the edges of the hair, because it's going to take that curved swoop away, so you know just letting you know so again. This wig is from ally, pearl, hair, aka, ally, pearl and right here is the end results, and i really hope you like it installing this wig was very easy. The only part i would say was a lot of work is going in and bleaching the knots plus plucking the hairline, but y'all already know. I love to try to get my wigs to perfection or just get it to look really realistic. So sorry, if i did too much extra work, tanika height is 5 1 and the length of the wig is 18 inches and it definitely fall about 18 inches. On her. When i was styling the wig, i didn't get any tangling at all, but i did get shedding and shedding was low, which actually surprised me because i plucked a lot of hair from the hairline. So i'm glad the shedding did lay up. I do have a few lumps and bumps on the forehead of the lace, but i'm just doing a wig show and tell so you guys could get the hint of what this wig looked like from the alley pearl hair website tanika head is pretty small. I would say her head: circumference is about 21 inches, so i had to crisscross the adjustable straps. If i am correct, this wig come in one size only so if you do have a bigger head at least 23 inches of circumference, i honestly feel like you are in for the clear the hair feels very soft and silky smooth when i was washing the hair. I didn't see any running dye and when i received the wig it didn't come with no foul odor. This hair is really nice. I feel like it's good for every day, the hair density is 180, so it's not too thick, not too thin. I personally love it. I recommend but definitely check out other reviews just in case, so you could get a second opinion if you guys have any questions, feel free to comment below and i'll get back to them as soon as possible. If it helped, please hit the like button before you go, and i hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day. Please be safe out. There see you guys later

Choco Mi: I want a lower lip lash tutorial and loved this install sis you killed it as usual ❣❣❣❣❣

Tina BlackberryRose: So Gorgeous. Great install. This wig is so . Tyfs

Caramel Kisses: The wig was soon beautiful when you first took it out but I'm mad that when you washed it the body waves became straight. It was still gorgeous but they have to step it up! Paying that much, while other companies are bleaching and plucking with clear or HD lace for the same price or just a few dollars more.

MrsToyah: Oooooh! You did that!

charmian baldwin: Yall look alike. Beautiful

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